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CMTA Feature Articles
Last chance to fix climate change policy for manufacturers
by Jack Stewart
 July 14, 2013
Ran in the Sacramento Bee on July 14 under "Energy Time Bomb is Ticking"

A final round of regulations to put finishing touches on ... More »

Potential is great for oil from Monterey Shale
by Jack Stewart
 March 26, 2013
As posted in Capitol Weekly

Alternative fuels play an important role in meeting California’s growing energy needs. Our state is the leader ... More »

Disputed oil technology is safe - and vital
by Jack Stewart
 June 16, 2012
Other states are climbing out of the recession and creating high-wage manufacturing jobs by encouraging production of a natural resource that's ... More »

Another view: ARB twisted cap-and-trade into a job killer
by Jack Stewart
 April 15, 2012
The line is now forming for those who want a say in how to spend billions of dollars from the Assembly Bill 32 cap-and-trade program.

But ... More »

Letter to the Los Angeles Times Editor: Balanced regulations and green chemistry
by Jack M. Stewart
 Feb. 7, 2012
Dear editor,

Governor Brown's Feb. 2 letter to the Los Angeles Times reiterated his dedication to government regulations that are sensible ... More »

Got Manufacturing?
A skilled workforce grows manufacturing

by Jack Stewart, President CMTA & Art Pulaski, Executive-Secretary Treasurer and Chief Officer, California Labor Federation
 Aug. 20, 2011
Cross-posted in the Press Enterprise

For many years, we didn't worry much about losing manufacturing investment and jobs in California. ... More »

Career tech ed must be in the mix of options for all students
by Jack Stewart
 Feb. 11, 2011
Posted at

College is not a career; college is just one of many pathways to a successful life.

California’s post ... More »

Brown should lead on regulatory reform
by Jack M. Stewart
 Jan. 27, 2011

This week President Obama said he wants regulations on business to be more effective and less burdensome. He ordered federal agencies to ... More »

Putting Politics Before Science
by Jack Stewart
 Sept. 19, 2010
As the dust settles on the just-finished 2010 legislative session, much attention has been paid to the failure to pass bills restricting the use of ... More »

For the first time ever, we've endorsed a federal candidate: Carly Fiorina -- It's that important
by Jack Stewart
 Aug. 13, 2010
As published in FlashReport

This election year is a historic time for the California Manufacturers and Technology Association. For ... More »

Legislature needs to understand why a solar company chose Oregon
by Dorothy Rothrock
 March 29, 2010
As printed in the North Bay Business Journal on March 29, 2010 (More »

The Conversation: Employment debate focuses on creaky wheels of industry Factory jobs critcal to growth
by Jack M. Stewart
 Aug. 9, 2009
As seen in the Sacramento Bee

Since the latest budget revision was ... More »

Situation Would Prove Too Taxing
by Jack Stewart
 July 20, 2009
(as posted in the LA Business Journal on July 20, 2009)

New taxpayers, not new taxes, will pull Los Angeles and the rest of the country out ... More »

Preparing the next generation for success
by Jack M. Stewart
 Jan. 13, 2009
Ran in the Fresno Bee

California employers are finding it ... More »

Do the math: Algebra mandate's a formula for failure
by Jack Stewart and Bob Balgenorth
 July 24, 2008
By Jack Stewart and Bob Balgenorth - Special to The Sacramento Bee
Published 12:00 am PDT Thursday, July 24, 2008

California ... More »

Offshore energy development offers California an opportunity
by Jack M. Stewart
 April 15, 2008
Special to the San Jose Mercury News

California needs help. Statewide, 10 percent of workers are seeking jobs, and in communities like ... More »

Unions, business join hands over vocational education
by Jack Stewart and Bob Balgenorth
 Dec. 15, 2007
For every 10 California high school freshmen, three will drop out of high school, four will enter college and two will graduate with a four-year ... More »

Proposition 93's Fatal Flaw
by Tony Quinn
 Nov. 30, 2007
Proposition 93, the term limits initiative, took a hit earlier this month when billionaire State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner announced he ... More »

First Peek at 2008
by Tony Quinn
 Aug. 21, 2007
The dog days of summer are providing Californians their first peek at the issues that voters will confront in our two primary elections in 2008. For ... More »

College not the only way to win (As featured in Capitol Weekly)
by Jack Stewart, Bob Balgnorth, Barbara Nemko
 May 3, 2007
It's the closest thing Sacramento's seen to a détente in recent memory: Business, labor and education leaders publicly aligned on an important issue. ... More »

4-Year College Not the Only Way To Win
by Jack Stewart
 April 15, 2007
6.5 Million Retiring Baby Boomers to Pass Along High-Paying CTE Jobs to CA Youth
By Jack M. Stewart, Bob Balgenorth and Barbara ... More »

Schools should prepare students for real-world jobs
by Jack M. Stewart
 Oct. 15, 2006
The numbers are striking. Thirty percent of California high school students drop out prior to graduating, most of them citing school's irrelevance to ... More »

LA suffers from Capitol’s Failure on Industrial Innovation
Legislation would help save manufacturing jobs and middle class

by Jack Stewart
 Aug. 27, 2006
There are few economic necessities upon which capitalist Adam Smith and communist Friedrich Engels would agree. However, one keystone maxim advanced ... More »

Labor Day a Tribute to the Backbone of our Economy
CA Schools Fail to Prep Youth for New High-Paying, Skilled-Labor Jobs

by Jack M. Stewart
 Aug. 5, 2006
Americans first honored labor with its own holiday 124 years ago in New York City. Labor Day was then, as it is today, a reflection upon the ... More »

Proposition 89 - Hypocrisy with a capital "H"
by Tony Quinn
 Aug. 3, 2006
Sometime hypocrisy is not too strong a word in politics, and Proposition 89 on the November ballot is just such an example. This measure is titled ... More »

Greenhouse gas emissions cap will cap California's economy
by Jack M. Stewart
 June 8, 2006
California has a burgeoning population that will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. The California Department of Finance projects that the ... More »

The Independent Expenditure Fraud
by Tony Quinn
 May 1, 2006

Nothing is worse than the reformer when the reforms catch up with him. Gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides is running as the great liberal; ... More »

Don't turn off the gas that fuels California's economy
by Dorothy Rothrock
 March 16, 2006
Last one out of California turn off the gas.
That little twist on an old joke won’t get a laugh out of California businesses this ... More »

Arnold escapes from his 2005 defeat – and comes back as a new kind of Governor
by Tony Quinn
 Feb. 5, 2006
They say that when news of the battle of Gettysburg reached President Lincoln in 1863 he was furious. The Union had won the battle all right, but ... More »

Asbestos litigation is threatening to bankrupt California's small businesses while doing virtually nothing for sick victims of asbestos-related diseases.
by Jack M. Stewart
 Jan. 24, 2006
An estimated 8,400 companies have been sued, and asbestos litigation has already bankrupted at least 75 companies. It’s clear the system is broken. ... More »

Letter to the Sacramento Bee Editor: Natural gas importing
by Jack Stewart
 Nov. 10, 2005
Re "Importing natural gas," editorial, Nov. 2: In order to meet future energy needs, California must increase its natural gas supply. The most ... More »

Why Business Has a Stake in Props 78 & 79
by Jack Stewart
 Oct. 17, 2005
On this November’s special election ballot, California’s business community and its employees should support Proposition 78 and oppose Proposition 79 ... More »

A First Look at 2006 – Will There Be Changes in Congress?
by Tony Quinn
 Aug. 11, 2005
Who cares about the 2nd Congressional District of Ohio? Nobody, probably, except the people who live there, and most of them don’t care. But ... More »

Time To End The Permanent Campaign
by Tony Quinn
 April 19, 2005
Californians are tired of the permanent campaign. That’s the clearest message from the general lack of enthusiasm for a November 2005 statewide ... More »

Wireless Industry Is Not Calling for Added Regulation
by Jack Stewart & Rusty Hammer (Published in the LA Business Journal)
 March 21, 2005
There are some basic misconceptions about the right place and the wrong place for regulation.

Does regulation make things better? Sometimes ... More »

Energizing California’s Economic Recovery
by Jack Stewart
 March 4, 2005
The worst of the recession is behind us, and we are now seeing modest economic growth in California. This is good news for employees and state tax ... More »

Arnold's War on the Establishment
by Tony Quinn
 Feb. 5, 2005
Initiative war has been declared! The armies are mobilizing. Already Arnold has moved four divisions to the frontier. The unions are massing at ... More »

Redistricting Reform: Reality or a pipedream?
by Tony Quinn
 Nov. 28, 2004
The results of the 2004 election may well spawn an election in 2005. If rumors are to be believed, Gov. Schwarzenegger is seriously exploring one or ... More »

How Partisan will Arnold be this fall?
by Tony Quinn
 Aug. 27, 2004
It’s now choosing time for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Since his inauguration last November there have been two Arnolds: the ... More »

Biotechnology: Strengthening California's strained economy
by Jack Stewart
 Aug. 23, 2004
In a matter of just a few years, the state of California's fiscal health has plunged dramatically. Time and again, rather than suggesting legislation ... More »

It's Going to Cost Cell Phone Users
by Jack Stewart
 June 1, 2004
Under the guise of doing something for you, the California Public Utilities Commission is about to pick your pocket. Unfortunately, it's actions will ... More »

The Real Election in California this Year: The Battle Over Ballot Measures
by Tony Quinn
 May 1, 2004
Well, here it is the warm days of summer and already millions of Americans are bored to tears by a presidential election that will not occur for ... More »

How to Spot Real Workers' Comp Reform: Lawyers Hate It
by Jack Stewart
 March 1, 2004
Having succeeded in his campaign for voter approval of the debt relief bond measure, Governor Schwarzenegger can now turn his attention to ... More »

2004 - A Republican Year? (Well, Maybe)
by Tony Quinn
 Feb. 1, 2004
We have heard this song before; Republicans are perched for takeoff to vastly increase their numbers in the legislature - which for the past 35 yeas, ... More »

A New Governor – And a Real Mandate
by Tony Quinn
 Oct. 1, 2003
Among the more foolish horror stories of the recall campaign was the notion that somehow California would elect a crackpot governor with 15 percent ... More »

Congress Can End The Avalanche of Frivolous Lawsuits - Will They?
by Jack Stewart
 Aug. 1, 2003
The U.S. Senate has the opportunity to stop the avalanche of lawsuit abuse that is crippling our courts, stifling investment and economic growth, and ... More »

Putting Jobs First Makes Economic and Common Sense
by Jack Stewart
 July 1, 2003
The revised budget recently signed by Governor Davis reveals that California still faces a staggering multi- billion budget deficit next year. ... More »

The Davis Recall - An Assault on California's Political Class
by Tony Quinn
 July 1, 2003
The recall of Gov. Gray Davis is about far more than Gov. Davis. It is an assault on the whole political class in California by an electorate in a ... More »

To recall or not to recall, that is the question
by Tony Quinn
 May 1, 2003
One thing is for sure in the recall of Governor Gray Davis: there is not a groundswell of support for recalling the governor despite his historic low ... More »

Here They Come: The Democrats Running for President
by Tony Quinn
 Jan. 1, 2003
Soon they will be here. Watch the airports, and the gated mansions of Hollywood liberals. The onslaught is about to begin as Democratic presidential ... More »

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