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Cathleen Galgiani Senate District 5, Democrat


Cathleen Galgiani

Term limit: 2020


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4005
Fax: (916) 651-4905

Senate Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 45%
Republican: 36%
Other: 19%

District makeup
Sprawling district encompassing four counties including all of Yolo County; eastern portion (59%) of Solano County, including Dixon, Vacaville, Fairfield, Suisun City; a silver (2%) of Sacramento County southwest of the city of Sacramento, encompassing suburban Laguna West and almost half (43%) of Laguna and the small Delta communities of Isleton and Walnut Grove; most (74%) of San Joaquin County, including the cities of Stockton, Manteca, Lathrop and Tracy

Source: California Target Book


Manufacturers in this district


Cathleen Galgiani biography:
Elected to the Senate in 2012, Senator Cathleen Galgiani represents the 5th District, which includes Stockton, Tracy, and Modesto.

As a 5th generation Stocktonian, Cathleen has lived and worked in the San Joaquin Valley all of her life. While working in public service, she has been involved in a wide range of issues including protecting agriculture, cleaning up the air in the Central Valley, cutting government waste and fraud and fighting for Cal-Grant expansions so that more kids can go to college. Additionally, she helped to secure funding and support for UC Merced as a consultant to the Legislative Committee on the Development of UC Merced.

During her first term in the Legislature, Galgiani has worked to protect agriculture, improve education, protect health-care funding, increase public safety, enhance public transportation and save taxpayer dollars. Additionally, Cathleen continues to work diligently on Homeownership Preservation through legislation and local workshops. The home mortgage crisis has disproportionately affected the 5th Senate District and Cathleen will continue to work on solutions and relief for troubled homeowners.

In 2008, then-Assemblymember Galgiani authored AB 3034 which approved the first phase of the nation’s first High Speed Rail system in California. AB 3034, which later became Proposition 1A was approved by the voters on the November ballot. Her bill culminates decades of work by elected officials to bring the largest infrastructure project in the California since the state highways were built to the Central Valley. This project will be an incredible boost to California’s economy and the Central Valley by creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

In the Assembly, Galgiani represented the San Joaquin Valley in the Legislative Committees on Agriculture, Higher Education, Governmental Organization and Transportation Committees. She was also a member of the Child Abuse Prevention Council Auxiliary of San Joaquin County, an advisory member of Crime Victims United of California and a member of the American Legion Auxiliary, High Speed Rail Committee of Merced and the Board of Directors of San Joaquin A+.

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Manufacturers' legislative scorecard
Galgiani's :
2011-12: 74% (17-6) 2009-10: 73% (8-3) 2007-08: 48% (16-17)OVERALL: 61% (41-26)
  VOTE  Indicates vote for manufacturers' interests or an Abstain vote
2013 votes
AB 10 - Minimum wage YES
AB 1165 - Cal OSHA abatement YES
AB 12 - Regulatory reform / implementation
AB 327 - Net Energy metering and RPS YES
AB 93 / SB 90 - Sales tax exemption
SB 118 - workforce development
SB 54 - Risk management / labor union apprenticeship work YES
2012 votes
AB 1062 - Public social services
AB 1500 - Corporation taxes: apportionment: single sales factor: Middle Class Scholarship Fund YES
AB 1990 - Renewable energy resources: renewable feed-in tariff set aside for most impacted and disadvantaged communities YES
AB 2439 - Corporation taxes: disclosure
SB 1118 - Solid waste: used mattresses: recycling and recovery YES
SB 1161 - Communications: Voice over Internet Protocol and Internet Protocol enabled communications service
SB 1402 - Economic development: California Community Colleges Economic and Workforce Development Program
SB 1458 - School Accountability: Academic Performance Index
SB 535 - California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund
SB 568 - Polystyrene Food Containers
SB 863 - Workers' compensation
SB 965 - State and local government
2011 votes
AB 559 - Civil actions: costs
AB 1155 - Workers’ compensation.
SB 202 - Elections: ballot measures
SB 116 - Income taxes: exclusions: deductions: sales YES
AB 1062 - Arbitration: appeals
AB 1319 - Product safety: bisphenol A
AB 724 - Clean Energy Jobs and Investment Act YES
SB 508 - Income and corporation taxes: credits: information and operative time period
SB 547 - Public school performance accountability
SB 617 - State government: financial and administrative accountability
SBX1 2 - Energy: renewable energy resources YES
2010 votes
AB 1405 - AB 32 Community Benefits Fund
AB 2446 - Graduation requirements
AB 737 - Solid waste: diversion
SB 722 - Utilities: renewable energy resources.
AB 2738 - Regulations: agency statement of reasons
AB 569 - Meal periods: exemption YES
SB 657 - Anti-Human Trafficking Corporate Policy Mandate YES
AB 2666 - Corporation taxes: Franchise Tax Board: tax expenditures: Reporting Transparency in Government Internet Web site.
SB 1391 - Income taxes: business tax incentives: reporting information and recapture
SB 1272 - Income and corporation taxes: credits: information and operative limitations
AB 1998 - Solid waste: single-use carryout bags. YES
2008 votes
AB 1946 - Water Quality Enforcement
AB 1946 - Water Quality Enforcement
AB 1946 - Water Quality Enforcement
AB 2279 - Medical Marijuana   Employment Discrimination
AB 2386 - Agricultural Employee Card Check
AB 2547 - Oil Spill Prevention and Response YES
AB 2648 - CTE
AB 2855 - CTE, Partnership Academies, Green Tech & Goods Movement
AB 2944 - Corporate Director's Duties
AB 2947 - Anti-Arbitration   Elder Abuse YES
AB 2969 - Medical Treatment Utilization Reviews YES
AB 437 - Employer Liability Expansion YES
SB 1113 - Attorneys Fees & Costs
SB 1115 - Permanent Disability Reports   Apportionment YES
SB 1161 - Cleanup of Petroleum Underground Storage Tanks
SB 1313 - Product Safety   Perfluorochemicals
SB 1338 - Pre-Designation of Physician YES
SB 1338 - Pre-Designation of Physician YES
SB 1608 - Disabled Persons: Equal Access Rights
SB 1717 - Permanent Partial Disability Benefits
SB 1762 - Climate Change Institute
SB 375 - Regional Planning YES
SB 974 - Port Container Fees YES
2007 votes
AB 1045 - Working Conditions YES
AB 1673 - Manufacturer's Rebates   Mandate
AB 8 - Health Care Coverage YES
SB 936 - Permanent Disability Schedule YES
SB 836 - Fair Employment   Familial Status YES
SB 836 - Fair Employment   Familial Status YES
SB 727 - Family Leave   Grandparents, Siblings and Grandchildren YES
AB 1108 - Phthalates in Children's Products
AB 537 - Family and Medical Leave YES
AB 1618 - Corporate Interest Expense Deduction YES
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