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Manufacturers' legislative scorecard
's :
2011-12: 57% (13-10) 2009-10: 73% (8-3) OVERALL: 62% (21-13)
  VOTE  Indicates vote for manufacturers' interests or an Abstain vote
2012 votes
AB 1062 - Public social services
AB 1500 - Corporation taxes: apportionment: single sales factor: Middle Class Scholarship Fund YES
AB 1990 - Renewable energy resources: renewable feed-in tariff set aside for most impacted and disadvantaged communities YES
AB 2439 - Corporation taxes: disclosure YES
SB 1118 - Solid waste: used mattresses: recycling and recovery
SB 1161 - Communications: Voice over Internet Protocol and Internet Protocol enabled communications service
SB 1402 - Economic development: California Community Colleges Economic and Workforce Development Program
SB 1458 - School Accountability: Academic Performance Index
SB 535 - California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund
SB 568 - Polystyrene Food Containers
SB 863 - Workers' compensation
SB 965 - State and local government
2011 votes
AB 559 - Civil actions: costs YES
AB 1155 - Workers’ compensation. YES
SB 202 - Elections: ballot measures
SB 116 - Income taxes: exclusions: deductions: sales YES
AB 1062 - Arbitration: appeals
AB 1319 - Product safety: bisphenol A YES
AB 724 - Clean Energy Jobs and Investment Act YES
SB 508 - Income and corporation taxes: credits: information and operative time period YES
SB 547 - Public school performance accountability
SB 617 - State government: financial and administrative accountability
SBX1 2 - Energy: renewable energy resources YES
2010 votes
AB 1405 - AB 32 Community Benefits Fund
AB 2446 - Graduation requirements
AB 737 - Solid waste: diversion
SB 722 - Utilities: renewable energy resources. YES
AB 2738 - Regulations: agency statement of reasons
AB 569 - Meal periods: exemption YES
SB 657 - Anti-Human Trafficking Corporate Policy Mandate
AB 2666 - Corporation taxes: Franchise Tax Board: tax expenditures: Reporting Transparency in Government Internet Web site.
SB 1391 - Income taxes: business tax incentives: reporting information and recapture
SB 1272 - Income and corporation taxes: credits: information and operative limitations YES
AB 1998 - Solid waste: single-use carryout bags.
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