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Most manufacturers don't have the resources to be in Sacramento. You don't have the experience or time to understand how it all works because you are busy increasing productivity and staying competitive in our global market.

CMTA acts as your eyes, ears and voice on issues affecting manufacturers. While you are at work doing what you do best, 120 legislators and hundreds of regulatory agencies change the playing field without your knowledge. This has played a large role in California's 33% loss of manufacturing over the last decade. Help fix the situation.

Become part of California's strongest manufacturing association and move from defense to offense.

Best of all, joining saves you money with deep discount member programs to reduce your operating costs. CMTA helps you obtain Employment Training Funds, provides member-only reduced workers' compensation premiums, and secures other services to help your business compete in California.

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CMTA is the eyes, ears and voice for California Manufacturers
CMTA History

CMTA (formerly the California Manufacturers Association) works to improve and preserve a strong business climate for California's 30,000 Manufacturers, processors and technology based companies. For more than 90 years, CMTA has worked with state government to develop balanced laws, regulations and policies that stimulate economic growth and create new jobs while safeguarding the state's environmental resources. CMTA represents businesses from the entire manufacturing community - a segment of our economy that contributes more than $250 billion annually and employs more than 1.5 million Californians.

CMTA works on issues important to manufacturers. We monitor the bills, write letters and testify before legislative committees, and ask the Governor to veto or sign bills that reach his desk. We also participate in development of regulations by state agencies.

» Environmental Regulations
Making sure that environmental laws and regulations are fair, scientifically valid and cost effective.
New recycling mandates, product bans, ingredient disclosures, and increased penalties for violations are working their way through the process. Implementation of the recently adopted 'green chemistry' law is underway. CMTA has a successful track record of making bad bills less onerous and stopping the worst bills altogether.
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» Taxes
Tax policies should promote new manufacturing investment, encourage hiring and keep manufacturers competitive in global markets.
We are fighting for an exemption from sales tax on purchases of machinery and equipment used in manufacturing to match the policy in most other states and lower the costs of new investments in California. New fees are scrutinized to determine if they are ?taxes in disguise? and should be stopped. Maintaining a two-thirds vote for the budget and new taxes is of vital importance to manufacturing and the economy.
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» Employment Rules
A productive and safe manufacturing workforce can be fostered by clear rules that balance the needs of the employer and employee.
Hiring employees in California is risky and expensive due to requirements that apply only in the state. We want relief from stringent overtime rules and a fix for confusing meal and rest rules. Keeping workers compensation affordable and finding the answer to our underfunded unemployment insurance program is very important this year and next.
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» Skilled Workforce
The public education system should prepare students for college and careers
Students are increasingly unable to meet minimum standards for manufacturing employment due in part to the decline in career and technical education in the high schools. CMTA is a leader in the GetREAL coalition of labor, education and industry representatives to push legislation to restore CTE as a choice for all students in California.You can see the campaign website at
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» Infrastructure
Wise public investments in infrastructure will attract manufacturing growth and prosperity
Schools, energy facilities, transportation systems, water supplies and other critical infrastructure projects are at risk due to budget deficits and poor planning. We recommend that long term state planning and budgets include sufficient funding for infrastructure to support economic growth.

» Energy Costs
Reliable and affordable electricity, natural gas and liquid fuels is crucial for manufacturers
CMTA participates in utility rate cases and other proceedings to keep rates as low as possible. Current efforts to expand renewable power and meet greenhouse gas targets threaten to drive prices higher. We are opposing bills that would add new cost burdens that would make California manufacturers less competitive in global markets.
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» Civil Justice
Laws should be clear, court rules should provide for the fair treatment of the parties in litigation and remedies should be appropriate.
Product liability, employment litigation, and unfair business practices claims can lead to class actions or other lawsuits against manufacturers. Even if there is no fault, the costs of fighting these claims or settling out of court can be devastating. We are opposing bills that would make it easier to bring suits without merit against manufacturers.
See bills

» Regulatory oversight
The state should regularly review regulations and require independent economic and job impact analysis on major new regulations and bills.
Recently CMTA has put together a coalition and campaign of broad industries to help force the Legislature to understand the impacts of bills BEFORE they vote on them. You can see the campaign website at
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