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State launches web portal to assist businesses impacted by wildfires

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Dec. 6, 2018

As communities begin to recover from the devastating effects of the California wildfires, the Secretary of State announced a new web portal today with information and important resources for impacted businesses.

Maintaining or re-establishing a business can be a daunting task if business records, insurance and employment documents, personal identification and other business records are lost, damaged, or destroyed. Additionally, there may be consequences if legal and other notices are not delivered to the business. The Secretary of State’s office can help.

Their Business Programs Division staff is prepared to streamline recovery efforts when Californians are ready to re-establish business operations.

Click here to visit the Secretary of State's new web portal for wildfire assistance.

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20 modern manufacturers who’ll inspire you

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Dec. 3, 2018

Modern manufacturing is evolving and getting stronger by the day. While innovation is changing the types of jobs people do, it is not changing what is at the core of manufacturing in the United States: people from all walks of life who lend their talents to make things that matter. America (and California) needs more creators ... and more Americans need to see themselves in these rewarding roles. 

The Manufacturing Institute and PwC have come up with a great way to introduce us all to particular manufacturing workers who make the industry strong not only by their work ethic but also through their diverse backgrounds and paths in life. You can meet these 20 modern manufacturers at their page here: 

( Click image above or go to )

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POLL ALERT: CA Central Valley MFG laws and regs

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Nov. 30, 2018

CMTA's regional manufacturing partner, Biz Fed Central Valley, is conducting an important poll on the impacts of laws and regulations on business in the region.

Policymakers can only understand the impacts of new and proposed policies if they hear it straight from the manufacturers themselves. California's newest legislators make their first official appearance in the Capitol today as they get sworn in. Let's make sure we're doing our part to help them make California a more attractive place to retain and attract new manufacturing growth.

YOU CAN ANSWER CENTRAL VALLEY BIZ FED'S QUICK POLL HERE.  Please pass this along to others in the industry too. 

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Push-back on baseless public nuisance lawsuits is working across the country

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Nov. 14, 2018

Since officially beginning one year ago, the Manufacturers’ Accountability Project (MAP), for which CMTA is an ardent supporter, has tallied a series of wins in its campaign to push back on the baseless public nuisance lawsuits being filed against manufacturers all across the country. From exposing the legal flaws in these lawsuits at events across the country to seeing these suits dismissed from courts in California to New York, the MAP had an exciting and successful first year standing up for manufacturers in America.

Even with these promising developments, there is plenty of work to be done. Just one successful lawsuit could open the floodgates to costly litigation at the expense of manufacturers. With cities appealing the rulings against them, manufacturers will continue to face costly court battles, spending resources that could otherwise go to creating jobs or investing in new technologies.

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Company making 2-atom wide shaving blade wins Advanced MFG category at Sacramento Region Innovation Awards

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Nov. 3, 2018

The Sacramento Region Innovation Awards program announced its winners last Thursday during a ceremony hosted by organizers Stoel Rives LLP, CMTA member Moss Adams LLP and the Sacramento Business Journal. Eight winners and 13 finalists were recognized during the luncheon, featuring master of ceremonies Kitty O’Neal of NewsRadio KFBK.

CMTA was proud to be on the Advanced Manufacturing Selection Committee and congratulates Atocera, maker of low-cost ultra-sharp, rustproof ceramic and semiconductor blades with multi-dimensional self-cleaning cutting-edges, and integrated sensors for surgical and hair removal applications. In the future these revolutionary blades made from semiconductor material will be used in commercial everyday shaving products and in surgical procedures such as cataract surgery.

Atocera's  story is interesting. Technically, the company is the result of a shaving accident. Back in 2012, Saif Islam, a UC Davis professor of electrical and computer engineering, was building silicon micro-walls for solar panels. During the process of cutting semiconductor material into small slices, something unexpected happened. "While we were slicing, we came up with some slices that were very sharp,” Islam says. "So sharp that they could cause bleeding when handling if you’re not careful."

He realized these ultra-sharp slices of semiconductor material, called wafers, could be used in other areas. With the same machine used to make computer chips, he could make thousands of silicon-based blades at once to be used for shaving and cataract surgery. This breakthrough led to the launch of Atocera in 2014.

The blade itself is only two atoms wide and sharper than steel. The machine enables Islam to produce 5,000 blades at a time, which makes them much cheaper than blades currently in use by eye doctors.


The awards program recognizes regional innovation across eight categories, honoring the people and organizations that advance new products, services and processes from the Sacramento area, which is defined as Butte, El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Solano, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba counties.

The 2018 winners are:

  • Advanced Manufacturing: Atocera, Inc. – Microfabricated Blades
  • Food & Agribusiness: Pheronym, Inc. – A New Kind of Pheromone for Agricultural Pest Control
  • Government & Civic: Sutter Health and WellSpace Health– Street Nurse Program
  • Hardware & Electronics: TacSense – Flexible Iontronic Sensing Technology
  • Medical & Health – BioPharma: Cognivive –Virtual Reality Game Treatment for Brain Injury Recovery
  • Medical & Health – MedTech: MUSE Microscopy Inc. – MUSE (Microscopy with Ultraviolet Sectioning Excitation)
  • Software: TraitWare – TraitWare Secure Login Solution
  • Sustainability: Terzo Power Systems – HEVI Hybrid Electric Power System

Nearly 100 nominations were evaluated by a selection committee consisting of local leaders from civic, business, academic and technology sectors. In addition to announcing the winners, there were 13 other finalists, of which past CMTA Champion TriTool was one for its TRIMAX Portable Pipe Machining Tool.

The Sacramento Region Innovation Awards program was founded by Stoel Rives LLP and is facilitated by the firm’s attorneys and professional staff. Moss Adams LLP validates the voting process and the Sacramento Business Journal events division provides promotional and management services. Learn more at and on Twitter and Facebook at #SacInnov8Awards.


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