CMTA Staff

Dorothy Rothrock
President of CMTA

In 2014 Dorothy was named the President of CMTA, the only statewide organization solely dedicated to advocating on behalf of the state’s manufacturing and technology companies. She had been an energy lobbyist and the Association’s VP of Government Affairs since 2000. CMTA lobbyists work on issues of importance to California manufacturers, including energy, civil justice, workers compensation, labor, tax, environmental quality and education.

She regularly speaks to policymakers, media and civic groups about the importance of manufacturing investment and job creation, and how well-designed laws and regulations can promote environmental protection, public health and economic prosperity. Since 2006 Dorothy has chaired the AB 32 Implementation Group, a coalition of business and taxpayer organizations interested in California’s ground-breaking climate change law.

Before coming to CMTA in February 2000 she consulted on energy and telecommunications regulatory issues for industrial energy users, policy advocates, and economic research firms. She began her career at Portland General Corporation as an attorney, moving to management positions in commercial operations, public affairs and power marketing prior to relocating to California in 1990.

Dorothy graduated from University of Oregon and Lewis and Clark Law School, joining the Oregon Bar in 1980 and the California Bar in 1997.

Government Relations

Michael Shaw
Vice President, Government Relations
PH: (916) 498-3328
Nicole Rice
Policy Director, Government Relations
PH: (916) 498-3322
Jarrell Cook
Policy Director, Government Relations
PH: (916) 498-3356
Loretta Macktal
Executive Assistance to the Vice President of
Government Relations
PH: (916) 498-3314
Marisa Melendez
Legislative Assistance
PH: (916) 498-3321


Gino DiCaro
Vice President, Communications & President, CMTA Service Corporation
PH: (916) 498-3347
Teresa Kent
Communications Specialist
PH: (916) 498-3324

Training Services

Rob Sanger
Manager of Training Services
PH: (916) 498-3334
Nathan Daily
Database Administrator Service Corporation
PH: (916) 498-3306

Group Workers' Compensation Program

Renee Cabrera
Administrative Assistant
PH: (916) 498-3342


Diana Sturm
Chief Financial Officer
PH: (916) 498-3350
Geri Royer
Director of Membership;
Executive Assistant to the President
PH: (916) 498-3330

Georgia Sowers
Office Manager
PH: (916) 498-3325