Michael Shaw

Help pass cost-effective CA climate change policy

By Michael Shaw, VP, Government Relations

Capitol Update, July 14, 2017 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend



Urge your legislators to control costs of climate change policy to protect California's jobs & economy.

CMTA supports AB 398 (Eduardo Garcia, D-Coachella) and AB 617 (Cristina Garcia, D-Downey). In a press release last week, CMTA President Dorothy Rothrock said the proposed cap-and-trade bill package will

…continue California's responsible leadership role by extending the cap-and-trade program, promoting a stronger economy through protecting manufacturing jobs and providing for local environmental improvements. We urge legislators to support this balanced package that provides compliance flexibility and reduces climate change policy costs on our state's entire economy.

We need a chorus of industry tweeting their legislators to get the cap-and-trade vote over the two-thirds vote threshold tomorrow so manufacturers can compete in California under climate change policies.

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#CAmfg supports #CapAndTrade. Flexible - Less costly than command&control - Helps CA lead. #ExtendItNow 

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