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The CMTA has advocated the interests of California's manufacturers on the workers' compensation front since the early 1900's. Our focus is twofold:

  • Provide a price competitive workers' compensation insurance alternative exclusively for manufacturers.
  • Deliver tools that will help manufacturers create and maintain a safe work environment.

In 2003 we worked to pass legislation that amended Insurance Code section 11656.6 that created an eighth common industry group, manufacturing. The group has grown to 300 members, all of whom enjoy the benefits of full membership in the CMTA.

Operating a safe work environment is no accident. CMTA provides program participants with resources and support to help them reduce the frequency and severity of losses. The group has achieved a low loss ratio and many individual members enjoy stable rates and workers’ compensation costs. Safety services available to members include:

  • Loss Analysis - Understanding the circumstances surrounding a loss is the key to preventing a reoccurrence in the future. Going beyond the mechanics of the loss reveals the root causes and leads to behavior modifications that produce fewer and less severe losses.
  • Compliance - We help members comply with the requirements of those regulatory agencies responsible for workplace safety and industrial injuries.
  • Loss Management - Working with CompWest we ensure our member's interests are served in the delivery of workers compensation benefits, defending disputed claims and executing the interactive process with qualified disabled employees.
  • Risk Analysis - On an annual basis our staff conducts a review of your loss experience and business conditions. By carefully evaluating loss histories and operating performance we can ensure your risk control strategies are effective and consistent with your business objectives.
  • Training - We offer training for your staff on safety, return to work, employment practices and loss investigation.

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