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Reliability, high performance and innovative solutions are all qualities that describe California’s manufacturing community. When the California Manufacturers and Technology Association selected CompWest as its partner in the CMTA Group workers’ compensation, it was with those qualities in mind.

In 2009 CMTA realized that we needed to enhance the performance of our group workers’ compensation program. We wanted to broaden the scope of manufacturers participating in the group, serving both large and small manufacturers in California’s diverse manufacturing sector. CMTA selected CompWest because they are one of California’s most innovative underwriters of workers’ compensation insurance. Its industry-leading claims management model, called Workers’ Compensation with Care®, coupled with outstanding loss prevention services and ability-based return to work programs has produced lower insurance costs and competitive rates for CompWest policyholders across the state.

Together, CMTA and CompWest are committed to helping members to develop safe workplaces and lower their workers’ compensation costs. Get to know CompWest better by visiting their website at

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