CMTA Risk Management & Services

Claims Management Support
CMTA works with CompWest to ensure that our member’s claims concerns are satisfied. We believe CompWest manages claims effectively. But, the California workers’ compensation system can be confusing. There are frequently instances where you believe an issue has not been resolved or you don’t understand why a claim is proceeding in a certain direction. We’ll ensure you receive a comprehensive explanation as to any claim’s status, what issues need to be resolved and what the resolution plan entails.

At no cost to our members, CMTA will work on your behalf to ensure claims are closed in a timely manner and that benefits are provided consistent with applicable law. Your employees will understand the scope of the benefits they are entitled to and plan for returning them to work. We believe that clearly communicating expectations to industrially injured employees reduces their anxiety and is the reason our litigation ratios are so low.


OSHA Compliance
CMTA helps members meet OSHA compliance requirements and maintain a safe workplace. OSHA operates in the interest of both employers and employees, but meeting the compliance requirements established by OSHA can be a challenge. CMTA can provide direction and ensure that you meet both regulatory and procedural requirements established by OSHA.

In the end, maintaining a safe work environment benefits both employers and employees. OSHA requirements are designed to help employers meet this objective. As part of your CMTA membership you are entitled to our support and help in working with OSHA requirements and integrating them into your safety practices.


Accident Investigation

Understanding accident causes is the key to accident prevention. CMTA can help you analyze accidents that occur and help you understand accident trends so that you can tailor your safety program to your specific loss exposures. And while manufacturers want to avoid accidents at all costs, once an accident or a near miss occurs, understanding the root, contributory and direct causes of the accident can help avoid future incidents.

Companies sometimes find themselves in the difficult position of not having sufficient resources to effectively address all safety issues. CMTA has developed tools that can help you quickly identify the causes of accidents, determine the preventable elements and produce a safety strategy to avoid similar accidents in the future.

Take advantage of this free member service and let us train you in how to investigate industrial accidents.


Annual Safety Plans
CMTA can help create and tune-up your Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). Your IIPP is the user manual for operating a safe workplace for you and your employees. When your Injury and Illness Prevention Program is taken seriously, it will have seriously positive effects on the accident results and your company’s expenses.

If you have an existing IIPP, we can help you tune it up to ensure that it meets the needs of your organization. Perhaps your IIPP requires a complete overhaul due to changes in your operations. At no cost to our members CMTA will help you go back to square one and build an Injury and Illness Prevention Program that meets your present needs and prepares you for the future.



CompCheck is issued monthly to keep you up-to-date on safety issues and those workers' compensation developments that affect California’s manufactures. CompCheck is free to all participants in the group workers' compensation program. It serves as a safety resource that can help you prevent work related injuries and manage injury costs in California’s volatile workers’ compensation environment.

Understanding what's on the horizon is critical to managing your business. Workers’ compensation costs can be among the top three expenses manufacturers must fund each year. Learn what challenges lie ahead and how you can manage your workers’ compensation costs.


Safety Inspections
CMTA will help you develop the ability to conduct and document your own safety inspections. We can't always know what's around the corner, but manufacturers can make certain that the fundamentals of their operation are hazard free. Learn how you can conduct your own safety inspections and where necessary develop effective accident control programs to ensure a safe work environment for your employees and reduced workers’ compensation loss costs for employees.

CMTA will train you in inspection techniques, report generation and follow-up procedures. Go beyond compliance and become proactive, avoid accidents and reduce your workers’ compensation costs.


Employment Practices Support
Direction to help you comply with regulations governing employment practices that arise from work related injuries. The workers compensation system may not be the exclusive remedy for your employees that are injured on the job. Your obligations as an employer go beyond just providing workers’ compensation benefits. But, your workers compensation policy is limited in its capacity to support you in addressing all of the issues that arise when an injury occurs.

CMTA can help you meet the requirements of the interactive process for disabled employees. Know your responsibilities and the rights of your employees. Ensure you are compliant and cooperative. Protect your most valuable business asset, your employees.