CMTA is proud to sponsor the "California Manufacturers Leading the Way (CMLW)" series to profile California companies, their products, their employees and their environmental stewardship. Each CMLW company and their suppliers in the state significantly contribute to the quality of life of all Californians.

The most recent CMLW recipient, in January of 2007, was The Boeing Company in southern California – a company that has over 6,000 in-state suppliers, 30,000 jobs and pays $5.6 billion annually to suppliers. Employees and their families in thirty-six California counties rely on Boeing's continued operation in southern California.   CMTA also hosted an event in August 2006 to coincide with the CMLW series designed to highlight these and other leading companies and raise policymaker awareness of the importance of manufacturing in California. Photos from that event are here

This map displays the suppliers from participating CMLW companies
to demostrate the economic ripple effect from manufacturers in California.

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