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Why Not California # 9 - Gregg Industries

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on April 28, 2009

Last week a single phrase shrewdly captured the state's job woes: "California is catering to so many special interests, it has lost its focus on the common interest."

The comment was made in Reno, Nevada, during one of the many company testimonials before Assm. Dan Logue and other California Legislators seeking information on why certain employers left California for Nevada.  For the first time ever we have a consortium of companies that moved operations out of California, speaking very publicly on our state’s detachment from retaining employers and the resulting economic benefits. 

The most pervasive theme throughout the 2 hour exercise?: Nevada’s assiduous commitment to recruitment.  Almost all companies were asked by Assembly minority leader Mike Villines about correspondence from the state of California leading up to their departure.  They each stated that there were zero attempts by the state to keep them here while most referenced the man in charge of economic development in Nevada, Kris Holt.  Holt is responsible for relocating 210 companies (or moving certain portions) to Nevada - most from California.

I suppose we could overlook the state’s lack of phone calls and interest in retaining these companies (and the extinction of California's Trade, Commerce and Technology Agency a few years back) if it weren’t for the regulatory burdens that so obviously made these manufacturers look elsewhere, which brings me to the first video I’d like to share.  It’s not about a company that moved to Nevada, it’s the sole company present that shuttered a California facility, leaving 400 employees without jobs (employees who earned between $40,000 and $100,000) and the source of the lead quote in this blog.

The video speaks for itself (below) and is a compelling testimonial about California’s regulatory environment and the benefits of a manufacturer.  Stay tuned for more testimonial video in the future.

View Neenah Enterprises / Gregg Industries' Bob Ostendorf’s Video

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