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Some key tweets from CMTA's energy conference

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Aug. 7, 2009

Below are a few key tweets from CMTA's energy conference, but you can see them all here (remember, from the bottom up on twitter site for chronological order).  You can also see slide presentations here

Dr. Tim Considine on California Energy research
cmta #energyconf Considine CA findings: household energy increasing while others flat or decline.

cmta #energyconf CA leads the nation in renewables. How much can it grow and at what costs to society?

CAISO's Udi Helman on renewables
cmta Helman: CAISO's initial modeling results for 33% RPS are due in fall 2009 and will inform state agency decision-making. #energyconf

CalPine's Mark Smith on renewables
cmta Smith: Renewables are not being priced into the market right now and they must be. #energyconf

cmta Smith:Rspns to question about what they'll look like in 2050:geothermal likely a part of their future. solar and wind likely not.#energyconf

Cameo appearance from Assm. Mike Duvall
cmta Duvall: "I just laid off 131 people. 1 out of 7 californians out of work." #energyconf

cmta Duvall then made EMPASSIONED plea to get mnfg jobs back, not exhaust reductions. big applause. #energyconf

Assm. Felipe Fuentes being modest and inciting laughter
cmta Fuentes: "Y'all ought to be slightly concerned that a man with less than 2 yrs leg experience is chairing the Assm Energy Comm." #energyconf

Gov's Acting Deputy Cabinet Secretary Dan Pellissier
cmta Pellissier: CA has 1% of the world emissions.It's important that we do this right and get the rest of the world to embrace it. #energyconf

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