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Educating for careers goes beyond math and english

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Oct. 9, 2009

States are madly producing their responses to the U.S. generated competition for  $4.3 billion in 'Race to the Top' (RTTT) grant funds for education reforms and innovation in the classroom to lead to preparation for college and careers. 

Appropriately California is doing its part to compete by holding a special legislative session to address this issue and make its case for these funds.  So far, the "career" component of California's response to RTTT is deficient.  High school administered career education enrollments are at an all time low in California (29 percent) and nothing has been done to identify or change that within our application and overall efforts.  How can we argue that we are better preparing our students for success in actual careers with this glaring deficiency?

CMTA president Jack Stewart and the State Building and Construction Trades Council president Bob Balgenorth signed and sent this Get REAL coalition letter to the Governor yesterday urging "real and necessary changes to our education policies to create the conditions for innovation to occur in our schools, allowing for rigorous and relevant career education programs to grow and prosper in our K-12 system."

Identifying the ultimate problem, committing to innovative career building courses and asking for help in doing so should be a majority of California's focus in our 'Race to the Top' application process.

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