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In closing hours of Governor's bill signing period, two economy-busters loom and require a veto

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Sept. 30, 2010

Up against tonight's midnight deadline to sign or veto all bills, the outcome of two specific bills could make or break Schwarzenegger's legacy of commitment to our economy. If the bills become law, they stand to send big signals to private sector job creators that California is not interested in their ability to compete and grow jobs.

AB 569 provides special treatment for a few unionized industries and fixes 'meal and rest' regulations for only a select few, leaving a large majority of our private workforce and employers without help. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature would likely end any chance for a comprehensive fix. On the flip side, his veto would signal the state's commitment to denying special treatment for unions and growing jobs in all industries. See recent CMTA opinion HERE.

AB 1405
directs an arbitrary 10 percent of revenues collected by the California Air Resources Board from a cap-and-trade carbon program for undetermined purposes in a community benefit trust fund. They haven't even implemented cap-and-trade and they are already working on a money grab. This is premature and will interfere with development of a potential cap and trade program. CARB must balance cost effectiveness, co-pollutant impacts, and technological feasibility as they develop regulations under AB 32. These criteria are vital to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support the economy. See CMTA veto letter HERE

Come on, Gov. You can do this! Help California's economy and help grow our high wage private sector job base.

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