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To Legislature: Protect manufacturing in closing hours of session

Posted by Jack Stewart, on Sept. 12, 2013

The Legislature committed to growing California manufacturing investments this year, by passing a key bill to make our state more competitive with the rest of the country.  We must continue on this path and not go backward.  On this last day of legislative session, there are some bills that need to be defeated to ensure that high wage manufacturers see the state as a safe place to make long term investments.

Below is a floor alert that CMTA sent over to the Legisalture this afternoon asking legislators for three "no" votes to protect manufacturing in the closing hours of this session.



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VOTE “NO” ON AB 1330, SB 691 and AB 10

Manufacturers need a competitive business environment to hire employees and expand operations in California. You took a positive step this summer by passing a sales tax exemption on the purchase of manufacturing equipment.

Don’t vote for bills that will take us backward.  Business leaders and other states are watching to see if California is serious about making a manufacturing comeback.   Show them that we’ve put out the welcome mat for new manufacturing investment:

Defeat these bills

AB 1330 (Speaker John Perez)

Doubles fines on manufacturers in some California communities which will deter investment and job growth.

SB 691 (Sen. Loni Hancock)

Manufacturers will be subject to fines for air nuisance emissions without proof of harm, willful action, or violation of permit limits.

AB 10 (Asm. Luis Alejo)

Higher payroll and supplier costs will lead to less investment and fewer workers.  

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