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California manufacturing job loss overshadows employment gains

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Jan. 24, 2014

Today's monthly employment report showed that California lost another 6,000 manufacturing jobs in the month of December 2013, despite some general good news -- slight overall job gains and an improvement in the unemployment rate.  

While the state has grown its manufacturing employment slightly since the economic recovery started in 2010 we still lag the rest of the country's growth by a significant margin.  At a $77,000 average wage and tremendous ripple effects in the economy, we all must become champions of manufacturing growth -- In the words of CMTA's Chairwoman Pamela Kan earlier this week, "Manufacturing multiplies everything!"

One side note: This week we heard about Vision Service Plan's commitment to grow 250 more manufacturing jobs in its new Folsom facility.  Congratulations to VSP and its future workers.  We hope many other Californa manufacturers find good reason to trust their future investments in the state.

manufacturing jobs chart

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