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Caterpillar's CEO is manufacturing's ultimate champion

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Oct. 15, 2014

This month CMTA member Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman delivered an inspiring speech at the National Manufacturers Association’s (NAM) annual meeting as he retired as NAM’s Chairman of the Board.

Oberhelman helped transform NAM’s effort into a national manufacturing revolution, taking manufacturing issue advocacy and turning it into a broader and louder voice about clean, efficient, high paying, incredibly innovative factories. His and other's efforts have put NAM on a mission to convince lawmakers to be champions of growth and job creation in the country’s most important economic sector. Oberhelman has been a tremendous messenger that our economy and hard working families will thrive with more manufacturing.

Specifically in California, there is a growing acknowledgement of the value of manufacturing within the lawmaking and regulatory communities but we must channel the efforts of NAM and Oberhelman to help manufacturers compete and grow. California boasts about innovating, but as Oberhelman says, “products [only] become real when a manufacturer makes them.”

While the country is starting to grow and re-shore manufacturing, California is lagging the “revolution” by attracting only 1.5 percent of the country’s manufacturing investments in 2013. Just like NAM's efforts across the country, California must be "powerful, loud and clear." Below is a snippet from Oberhelman and you can download the entire speech here.

“The manufacturing revolution continues into the 21st Century because the same principle holds true for today’s inventions. Whether it’s 3D printers, hybrid vehicles or dual-fuel engines – these products only become real when a manufacture makes them.

“Now, there’s even better news. In the 21st Century, the revolution has expanded to how we manufacture. Highly skilled women and men operate the sophisticated controls and robotics that are now permanent fixtures on factory floors. We’re not just 100 years; we’re light-years beyond the early 20th Century, when parts moving along a conveyor belt was a marvel.

“We are constantly innovating and improving, making factories safer while at the same time using less energy, less water and creating less waste.

“We’re now in the midst of a sustainable manufacturing revolution, and we’re going to see even more innovative and amazing changes ahead. I can’t wait.

“For that and dozens of other reasons, I’m pretty sure you agree that the United States needs to remain a nation that builds and changes – now, as much as ever. And that manufacturers can help this great economy realize its full potential if we stick together and speak together.

“So, please be engaged and stay engaged!

“We need a unified, powerful voice to make sure government policies support manufacturing. The NAM is that voice: Powerful, loud, and clear. 


You can also see Oberhelman's video message (not his speech) by clicking the image below.

Oberhelman image

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