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All hands on deck to make CA the capitol of manufacturing growth

Posted by Ashley Hong, Policy Intern on Nov. 13, 2014


No matter where you are located, you’ve got to have good ideas and work hard to succeed as a manufacturer.  That is doubly true if you’re in California.  Only the most efficient, innovative and productive manufacturers in the world can meet the regulatory and cost challenges here and stay competitive in world markets.  California is lucky to have such a fantastic group of companies creating wealth, paying taxes and putting people to work in this state!

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That’s why I am so excited to be the new President of the California Manufacturers & Technology Association.  The CMTA team of lobbyists urges legislators and regulators to improve the business climate so these great manufacturers will stay in California, make new investments and hire more workers. 

It’s an honor and privilege to represent California manufacturers.  They have been the engine of the California economy since before CMTA formed in 1918. Over the years oil and gas development, aerospace, automobile, food processing and technology companies spawned a local supply-chain of smaller manufacturers and service companies to create the most dynamic and diverse economy in the country.  

But lately we’ve seen a steady decline in manufacturing jobs and investments. Some believe that California can’t be a manufacturing powerhouse into the future, and we must move toward a new economy made up of high-end “knowledge” jobs, green jobs, and lower wage service jobs.  

I couldn’t disagree more! California is the innovation capital of the world in nearly every sector of the economy. Our ports, transportation system, natural resources and skilled workforce are second to none.  What does it say about us if our laws and regulations make it impossible to manufacture a fair share of the products our citizens buy?

The decline of manufacturing investments in California makes us weaker and will lead to further job losses.  This tells the world that California has failed to protect manufacturing while pursuing bold policies to improve the environment. This matters because no other state will follow our lead if it means out-sourcing manufacturing to other states and countries.    

That's why we need to take action to turn California manufacturing job losses into job gains.  The CMTA team knows what needs to be done, and I can’t wait to greet newly-elected legislators with a positive message about the future of California manufacturing. Encouraging all manufacturers to join CMTA is also important - We need all-hands-on-deck to force the changes necessary to revitalize manufacturing and show the rest of the world that our policies can provide both a clean environment and millions of middle-class jobs.

That will be true leadership worth following.   


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