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CMTA Champion FATHOM issues challenge: Make the un-makeable

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on May 20, 2015

This qualifies under the "California manufacturing rocks" category.  Additive manufacturing is becoming a universal part of the supply chain in the overall manufacturing community. One company leading the way is CMTA Champion FATHOM, who is challenging all designers and engineers to think differently about how they design and manufacture products today by leveraging the unlimited design freedom made possible through additive manufacturing.
From prototypes to production, the winning submission selected by a panel of judges in FATHOM’s Make the Unmakeable challenge will demonstrate an original way 3D printing can enhance the product development process.
Judges for Make the Unmakeable of 2015 include:
This month FATHOM is holding the second of three different challenges, all hosted through GrabCAD. In addition to scoring great prizes, the winning design of each of the three challenges will be judged for a grand prize. In September of 2015, the ultimate Make the Unmakeable champion will win a professional 3D printer from FATHOM.
FATHOM is challenging designers and engineers to reimagine two off-the-shelf components: hinges and fasteners. Having to design around traditional stock components is a problem because it increases part count, limits functionality, and hinders design freedom. Leveraging the unlimited design freedom of 3D printing—such as the ability to 3D print moving assemblies in a single build—design a hinge or fastener that improves upon conventional designs. In this Make the Unmakeable challenge, redesign a traditional hinge or fastener for the future of direct digital manufacturing.
  • Entries are due June 15!
  • Entries will be judged on originality, both aesthetic and mechanic
  • Designs should be mechanically sound
  • Traditional concepts will not be considered
This contest is hosted through GrabCad. Let your designers and engineers know so they can enter the contest.

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