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New leadership at northern California's Tri Tool is good for California

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Jan. 22, 2016

CMTA Champion manufacturer Tri Tool, out of Ranch Cordova, announced this week that Dr. George J. Wernette, President and Jerri Wernette, Executive Vice President, will be turning over the day-to-day operations of their company to their son George J. (Joe) Wernette III as Chief Executive Officer.

This is a great opportunity for CMTA to congratulate Joe and the entire Tri Tool operation. As seen previously in our Champion recognition video, this company embodies the best that manufacturing has to offer -- innovation, technology and tremendous opportunities for its workers. Joe's ascension gives us great hope that the company, and its supply chains, will continue to grow in the region. 

Joe has been with the company for 30 years and according to Jerri Wernette, "has had every job imagineable." Joe has established ground-breaking implementation of mass production of precision tool bits, taking a lead role in the development of next-generation orbital welding equipment, and most recently his work on corporate restructuring and his plan to usher in an unprecedented level of advanced product development.

With 120 workers and tremendous innovation, delivering exceptional machining and welding equipment for customers worldwide, Tri Tool, along with its new CEO Joe Wernette, is a gem for northern California and represents exactly why our policymakers must find ways to help these companies compete and grow in California.



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