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Don't let legal challenges interfere with AB 32 goals

Posted by Dorothy Rothrock, on Aug. 8, 2007

The state budget has not been finalized, in part because many Senate Republicans want to resolve the growing problem of challenges under California Environmental Quality Act for greenhouse gas emissions analysis and mitigation.  We don't know how legislators and the Governor will settle the matter, but the problem is real and urgent.

CMTA and other associations involved in the AB 32 Implementation Group are interested in seeing that California's landmark law to cap greenhouse gas emissions is appropriately implemented. That includes developing regulations between now and 2012 that will cover emissions up and down the state. The challenge is that AB 32 directs the California Air Resources Board -- the state's air quality experts -- to develop the greenhouse gas reduction plan based on cost-effectiveness and technological feasibility.  In addition, regulations must be developed out in the open with public hearings, testimony from all stakeholders and the deliberative process that California requires of all major regulations.

As provided in AB 32, we want CARB to develop greenhouse gas regulations before we impose, under authority of CEQA, project-by-project requirements that could delay or stall manufacturing, major infrastructure and housing projects.  Of course, all other requirements of CEQA would remain in place and be complied with pending regulations or guidelines for greenhouse gas emissions.  No rules or guidelines now exist in CEQA for how to conduct greenhouse gas emission analyses for public and private projects. As important as climate change policies are, we should take the time to do it right as provided by AB 32. 

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