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California's recycling and manufacturing economy

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on April 10, 2017

The connection between recycling and manufacturing drives California's economy and environmental leadership.  The Orange County Register printed the following piece by Dorothy Rothrock last week spotlighting the industry's importance to our economy, and highlighting efforts by great companies such as Vista Metals, Quemetco, Schnitzer Steel, and Graphic Packaging International.

California's recycling and manufacturing economy

By Dorothy Rothrock  -- posted in the Orange County Register April 7, 2017 

When “manufacturing” is mentioned, you likely picture a factory with products rolling off an assembly line. But there are many off-site functions that are not as obvious as a large plant in an industrial park. One of these is recycling; manufacturers are the biggest consumers of material recycled from end-of-life products and industrial scrap. In 2014, more than 135 million metric tons of outdated or obsolete scrap was transformed into raw materials, which were used to produce new products in the United States.

Scrap recycling is one of the world’s first green industries. It is a pivotal player in California’s environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainability. Since the end-of-life products and industrial scrap are recycled, and are never destined for the landfill, scrap recycling supports our goal to keep 75 percent of all solid waste from going into landfills by the year 2020. It also saves energy. Our climate change plan notes that “recycling of materials decreases upstream greenhouse gas emissions associated with the extraction and processing of virgin materials.” The energy we save by recycling can be used for heating our homes or powering our automobiles ... READ MORE ON OC REGISTER

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