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#MFGday17 trends on Twitter and CA shows off its MFG chops

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Oct. 10, 2017

More than 190 California manufacturers and career technical institutions opened their doors on Friday, October 6th to celebrate the National Association of Manufacturers’ sixth annual Manufacturing Day (MFG Day). The day was such a success that the  #MFGday17 hashtag trended all day long on Twitter's top ten. The celebration is designed to show that 21st century manufacturing is a high-skilled, sleek and technology-driven industry that offers high-wage jobs that fuel the economy.

“California manufacturers offer tremendous opportunities for growth in middle class careers for Californians who may not have a four-year college degree,” said Dorothy Rothrock, president of the California Manufacturers & Technology Association. “We also hope that people take note of all the workers, entrepreneurs and small manufacturers in the supply chain that stimulate growth and create an economic ripple effect throughout all sectors of local economies.”

Manufacturers are major employers, property owners and taxpayers, bolstering all aspects of the communities in which they are located – economic growth, charitable giving, quality of life, educational development and overall public health.

This year 11 CMTA members opened their doors as part of the many California events and CMTA staff dispatched across the state to participate:

  • Ace Clearwater
  • Alom
  • Betts
  • Bishop Wisecarver
  • Caltronics
  • InTech  (A California Steel sponsored institution)
  • International Paper
  • Northrop Grumman (multiple locations)
  • The Dow Chemical Company
  • Transfer Flow
  • You can see all the California events HERE.


CMTA also celebrated its two newest Champion companies this MFG Day. They are both breaking down barriers to teaching new skills and investing in California’s future by training workers in the highly skilled and vital world of precision CNC machining:

  • Western Saw in Oxnard 
  • TITANS of CNC in Rocklin 

Link to articles on both Champion companies HERE.

Manufacturers face many roadblocks, but most say the lack of a skilled workforce is their largest hurdle.

A recent report from the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte shows that over the next decade, nearly three and a half million manufacturing jobs likely need to be filled and the skills gap is expected to result in 2 million of those jobs going unfilled. More than 10,000 new machinists alone will be needed in California, according to a recent report by California’s Labor Market Information Department. That report indicates that there will be tens of thousands of new job openings among hundreds of specific manufacturing occupations over the next seven years. A talent shortage threatens manufacturers’ ability to innovate, create jobs and compete in the global marketplace.

For that reason MFG Day is growing every year.

If you filmed an event and would like CMTA to include a portion of it in our 2017 MFG Day video montage, please send to Teresa Kent at

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