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Policy decisions bring out the best in Schwarzenegger

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Nov. 2, 2007

After a long Legislative session -- one that still has not seen an official close with pending special healthcare and water sessions -- California manufacturers managed to escape some really bad policy ideas thanks to the Governor and his sound policy decision-making.  The Gov. only went against the manufacturers and the economy 6 of 29 times on important legislation that got to his desk.  Of those 6, none were deemed a priority by CMTA.  Most importantly  the Gov. vetoed the California-only instant rebate and the Family leave expansion bills.  Legislation that would have increased dramatically the cost of operating in California.
View pdf of the 29 bills.

On the Legislative front, 57 percent of the Legislature voted against manufacturing interests more than 75 percent of the time. 
View the 2007 Manufacturers vote record.

Along with the current healthcare and water negotiations, important legislation looms in the second year of this session. Career tech bills are still alive (such as SB 672 and AB 1414).  Meal and rest period regulation fixes are needed. Legislators will look to expand Family Leave even more. Liquefied natural gas permitting obstacles must be addressed to for increased natural gas supply.  California manufacturers still lack a sales tax exemption on manufacturing equipment and many many other important economic issues will dominate the Capitol Community in '08.

The Gov. did a great job making good policy decisions with his signatures and vetoes this year.  In '08, it's time the Legislature does the same with its votes.

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