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LMID releases CA manufacturing job openings report

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Nov. 22, 2019

A report released this month by California's Labor Market Information Department (LMID) indicated that a third of CA’s current 1.6 million job openings are in the manufacturing sector.  From production to engineering to market analysis to distribution, there are job openings in the sector that create opportunities for the middle class.

LA County — a region that has seen a steady decline in manufacturing — actually had the largest percentage of production openings with 33%. That’s 7,653 of the more than 22,000 production openings. The best and highest percentage of full time openings in manufacturing statewide were in applications and software development, and in industrial production management.  Clearly there is a need for highly skilled workers.  In fact the data often pointed to a required technical skill level or certification. It’s critical that we don’t miss the opportunity for our middle class by leaving job openings, OPEN, with a lack of training or resources to skill up.

We must build the next generation of our economy with technical training, often through non traditional institutions or within the companies themselves. Things are moving at breakneck speed, and we must act fast. California must match its nation-leading manufacturing size with a similar scope of training resources, flexibility, and new evolutionary thinking.

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