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CMTA helps select US Hammer and its stand-alone, gas-powered jackhammer for regional award

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Dec. 10, 2019

CMTA was a selection committee member for the Advanced Manufacturing category for the 2019 Sacramento Innovation Awards.  We were proud to help select this year's winner -- Woodland based U.S. Hammer, who makes portable gas-powered jackhammers that are more fuel-efficient, quieter, cleaner and lighter than most pneumatic jackhammers, which need to be tethered to large diesel air compressors.

"The technology behind the jackhammer hasn’t changed in 60 years,” said US Hammer CEO Chris Galloway. “No one is looking at it because it’s not glamorous.” While a quieter, lighter and portable jackhammer might not be glamorous, it is something that nearly every rental yard in the country would probably like to have on hand, and just selling one to every yard could keep US Hammer busy for quite some time, Galloway said.

Pneumatic jackhammers can be had for about $2,000, but the compressors cost $20,000, and they also require hoses, oilers and other equipment, Galloway said. This company is now starting to fill orders worldwide and they are being manufacturered right here in the Sacramento region's backyard.

US Hammer is #MakingCA proud and making groundbreaking products -- physically and theoretically -- that will likely soon become common around the world.

Link to Business Journal Article on the company and award

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