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We can't ignore career technical education anymore

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Jan. 3, 2008

In '07, California manufacturers saw a further decline in the State's skilled worker pool in which to recruit and train employees.  Manufacturing operations depend on more technical skill sets than ever before to make this century's innovative products.  The State's problem is worsening with our high school graduates receiving little or no career technical education, while only 20 percent go on to get their four-year college degree.  This means our students aren't getting the exposure to innovative new career fields or the training to land these high-wage, life building jobs.  Read more about problem from CMTA President Jack Stewart and SBCTC President Bob Balgenorth here.

On January 15, the Get REAL coalition (Who we are) will host the "Reaching the Stars" Career Technical Education Summit (Agenda & attendees) to ensure that in 2008, we make informed decisions and urge the state's legislative leaders to find ways to increase cutting edge 21st Century technical training in our high schools.  

Highlighting the event will be a NASA exhibit, showing the Constellation Program's Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle model -- the new spacecraft designed for flights to the Moon and eventually to support missions to Mars.   A NASA panel will discuss the urgent need for technicians and other skilled workers in aerospace and other cutting edge industries.  Also surrounding the summit floor will be hands-on student displays ranging from a student-built race car, to engineering and robotics exhibits, to student-constructed playhouses and agricultural science innovation.

The all-day event will include a keynote luncheon address by author Ken Gray, testimonials from educators and students, speeches from Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell, and a policy development session with leading California legislators.

More to come through this blog on the results of the Summit agreement and the 2008 GetREAL CTE policy agenda.

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