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"It's the Economy, Comrade"

Posted by Jack Stewart, on Jan. 25, 2008

If you want to restore California's middle-class, fix manufacturing.  In an opinion piece in today's San Francisco Chronicle, UC Irvine School of Business professor Peter Navarro, argues that the way to restore California's middle-class is to focus on the manufacturing sector.  Professor Navarro asks the question:  "why is China booming as the U.S. stagnates?"   His response is it's "painfully obvious: America has lost millions of high-paying manufacturing jobs to China"

Navarro's economic advice to the presidential candidates of both parties is "if we truly want to restore the health of the American economy, we must resuscitate our once dominant manufacturing sector and reclaim those jobs lost to China."  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and California legislators should take heed.

Navarro's Opinion in SF Chronicle: 

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