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Everyone thinks it's time for career tech except Assembly Education Committee Democrats

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on June 26, 2008

Two bills (SB 672 & 681 by Sen. Tom Torlakson) that allow high schools to use future money for CTE courses failed in the State Assembly Education Committee lat last night.  California's losing 20 high school students per hour because our education system puts kids on one track and one track only.  Family after family finds little motivation and relevance in current high school course work.  Employers and manufacturers all over the State find a young workforce ill-equipped to make and produce the machines of the 21st Century.   Yet, legislation that asks for zero new money and only provides for schools to use future Prop 98 money above cost of living, existing growth allocations, etc. continues to receive meaningless rhetorical attention and very little support when it comes time to vote.  It's time for CTE.  If not now, or in the near future, when?

The SB 672 vote was almost strictly partisan:

Abstain -- Chairman Gene Mullin (D)
Yes -- Vice Chairman Martin Garrick (R)
Abstain -- Julia Brownley (D)
Yes -- Joe Coto (D)
Abstain -- Mike Eng (D)
Abstain -- Loni Hancock (D)
Yes -- Bob Huff(R)
Abstain -- Betty Karnette (D)
Yes -- Alan Nakanishi (R)
Abstain -- Jose Solorio (D)

Get REAL Press Release -- Assembly Education Committee Democrats Fail California Students

Some data on dropouts and CTE decline:

Statewide enrollment chart (since 1997)

Los Angeles County enrollment chart (since 2000)

San Diego County enrollment chart (since 2000)

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