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A gold medal for Sen. Kehoe

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Aug. 15, 2008

A quick commendation goes out to Sen. Christine Kehoe for mentioning the necessity of retaining and growing California manufacturers in the State's hunt for greenhouse gas reductions.  Yesterday in a Capitol Weekly article on a concept to create and pay for an institute to inform, research, innovate and otherwise be the State's global warming think tank, Kehoe, a democrat driven toward the virtual twin towers of AB 32 -- greenhouse reductions and economic growth in California -- said this:

"The money would go to applied research and "green" workforce development, which is a new element," Kehoe said. "We want to try and make sure that these advanced ideas are manufactured here in California and that we are able to export that new, high technology around the world. Climate-change technology will be invaluable." A fundamental approach of the new plan, she added, is to develop a "broad-based funding source, so all Californians are chipping in."

The State continues to charge forward with an overall scoping plan that is set to implement the first massive greenhouse gas regulations next year, but we still don't have any economic research on the overall costs to manufacturers or consumers and we have no plan to ensure our lowest-emitting manufactures stay here or strategy to recruit new ones from elsewhere.   This is why the faint drumb beat for cost data and real strategies to encourage California manufacturing must escalate into a Statewide movement ... soon.

In the spirit of the ongoing summer Olympics, we provide you, Sen. Kehoe, with a gold medal for your voice of reason, perspicacity and foresight.  Keep those comments coming.  When manufacturing retention becomes a State movement, we'll put you on the podium more than Michael Phelps!

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