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California makes Washington 'look to polish up investment strategies'

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Sept. 11, 2009

The President of the Association of Washington Business, Don Brunell, wrote a piece this week asking Washington state policymakers to "polish up their investment strategies for Washington's manufacturing base" or risk California's fate.

Brunell uses recent reports and the Milken findings to explain how California has killed and continues to kill the proverbial golden egg that it needs for its recovery and new revenues.

Even the well-read British magazine, the Economist, supported Brunell's findings.  "Indeed, high taxes, coupled with intrusive regulations on business and greenery taken to silly extremes, have gradually strangled what was once America’s most dynamic state economy," Brunell noted from the magazine.

A great read for any policymaker: Golden State's manufacturing image tarnished

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States starting to eat CA's cleantech lunch

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Aug. 14, 2009

Joel Makower, founder of cleantech research and publishing firm Clean Edge, recently remarked that other states are "starting to eat California's lunch" when it comes to attracting and retaining clean technology companies.  This point was called out on page 25 of the CALSTART Industry report on the state's barriers and opportunities for economic and environmental leadership. 

In the same report, venture investor, Vinod Khosla warned that high costs and slow permitting processes were threatening to drive many advanced biofuels companies out of California.

In another study recently released, the Milken institute took a look at high tech manufacturing growth.  Of course many of the cleantech industries come out of this particular sector.  The results were stunning when it came to California's major competitor, Texas.  Their high tech manufacturing as a percentage of GSP grew by 86 percent in 7 years.  California's grew by only 7 percent. 

Meanwhile many leaders and policymakers either ignore the impediments to growth and some even say their is no reason for concern. If that continues, we deserve to go lunchless.

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