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Manufacturing grows the economy like no other

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Jan. 17, 2013

"Manufacturing is the backbone of any economy."

"California was built on manufacturing."

"Our state can't survive without manufacturing."

These are themes regularly stated by the media and our policymakers but often the missives are rhetorical generalizations that are not completely understood. 2013 brings new dynamics to California's capitol and fresh new faces, most of whom know but don't always understand exactly why manufacturing is so important.

So here's a look at some stunning numbers on California manufacturing:

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    Pays high wages with an average $74,000 annual salary vs. a $52,000 annual average salary for service sector jobs.
  • Expands our economy by supporting 2.5 jobs with every one manufacturing job.
  • Generates more than $230 billion in gross state product annually.
  • Inspires innovation by funding more than 60 percent of the state's research and development.
  • Provides the best opportunity for growth. More than 50 percent of the state's manufacturers have less than nine employees.
  • Helps build the middle class.
  • Has been one of the cleanest industrial states, per capita, for 20 years in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

The value of our critical sector is outlined in a document being used in CMTA's introductory meetings with most of the 39 freshmen legislators over the next month.

The value can't be overstated, and a manufacturer's ability to invest and grow in California shouldn't be ignored with only rhetorical concessions.

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