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Window into California's economy

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on March 5, 2014

Everyone agrees that manufacturers grow the economy but there isn't always a clear picture of the economic health of communities in California.

This is why the California Center for Jobs and the Economy released its enhanced website this week to show the economic health of particular California communities.  Now anyone can quickly understand the employment trends, cost of living, economic opportunity, workforce preparedness, economic disparity, energy costs and quality of life for any particular county or legislative district in California.

For example, say you need to know average wage, gasoline costs, and poverty levels in Assembly District 26 in the Valley. The site quickly tells you the average annual salary is $33,900, that gasoline is currently $3.63 per gallon, and that 27.4 percent of the district's population is below poverty level (up 14% since 2011).  Those are just a few among many of the data points you can query. 

CMTA intends to use this tool extensively in its advocacy and communications and we hope you will too.

The site is fairly easy to use to find what you need, but if you need any help you can contact California Business Roundtable (CBRT) VP Kirk Clark with any questions at 916-553-4093.

The California Center for Jobs and the Economy site is a long term project by the CBRT and their Research Advisory Council.  The Council is made up of individuals from Pepperdine University, Andrew Chang & Company, the Los Angeles Economic Development Council, the Bay Area Economic Institute, McKinsey & Company, the Milken Institute and U.C. San Diego.  You can see their press release here.


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