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More than 240 CA manufacturers & institutions opened their doors for National MFG Day

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Oct. 9, 2018

Thank you to the more than 240 California manufacturers and institutions that opened their doors last Friday for National Manufacturing Day (#MFGDay18). The number of events in California continues to grow each year and we're proud our members are stepping up to show off the state's manufacturing chops. CMTA attended a few of the events and we are compiling pictures and summaries from many events around the state to share with you. If you would like a picture or comment to be included from one of your own events please email to

The seventh annual Manufacturing Day drew nearly 3,000 events across the country. Thousands of students, parents, and teachers learned about the rewarding careers that manufacturing offers, and experienced first-hand about the high-tech innovations in 21st century manufacturing.

Manufacturing Day occurs on the first friday of every October and it is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. It is an incredible opportunity to showcase the amazing work manufacturers do on a daily basis and to educate students, community members, media and policymakers on how integral manufacturing is to the local, national and global economy.

Manufacturing Day expands knowledge and improves public perception about manufacturing by giving manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and show, in a coordinated effort, what manufacturing really is. Visit to learn more.

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211 CA MFG Day events set for this Friday

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Sept. 29, 2018

There are 211 registered California events for this year's Manufacturing Day on Oct. 5.  CMTA is proud to announce that 10 CMTA members will be opening their doors and headlining this year's big day. Those members include:

  • Alom 
  • Betts 
  • Bishop Wisecarver 
  • InTech (A California Steel supported  institution)  
  • Dow Chemical 
  • Northrop Grumman
  • General Motoros 
  • Grow Manufacturing Initiative
  • Sacramento Valley Manufacturing Initiative 



Check out the more than 30 MFG videos you can use to engage your audience, co-workers, and colleagues as we near the target date.

Here are a few particularly spectacular videos:

If you’re curious about your options for hosting an event or how you can make MFG DAY work for your company, Go HERE.


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143 MFG day events registered in CA - 7 things you can do

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Sept. 17, 2018

There are 143 manufacturing events registered in California for the National Association of Manufacturers' MFGDay on October 5, 2018.  We need to hit 150 to show California's manufacturing chops in 2018. 

Here are some some things you can do to make your MFG Day a success.

One of the most important things to do is to establish a connection with your guests. Those few hours you spend with them are your chance to communicate the importance of what you do — and the creativity, advanced skills and technology required to do it. Ideally, your passion will spark something similar in the young people who you introduce to manufacturing, inspiring them to learn more about the industry and one day join the manufacturing team.

Follow these seven rules of thumb to improve your chances of connecting with your guests and inspire the next generation of modern manufacturers.


In planning a good tour — especially when the intended audience members are primarily people with no manufacturing background — you have to start by creating a story of your company that anyone could understand.

How did your company get started?

What do you make? Who buys your products?

What do they do with them?

Keep explanations simple and free of industry jargon. Think storytelling with illustrations rather than textbooks packed with pages of small print.



The quickest way to lose the interest of your visitors is to try to show every bit of minutiae. Pick a few stops that represent key stages in the production process and allow you to demonstrate the progress a product makes through the shop.

What are the best places in the plant to give an overview of the production process and highlight the work of your people and machinery?

Where will visitors get the best view? Can they hear you?

Which of your team members are the most enthusiastic about their work and comfortable explaining what they do and why it is important to the process and the company?

These considerations should guide you in planning the tour.



Of course you can’t allow visitors to get up close and personal with your machinery, but you could create a display that illustrates what a product looks like in various stages of completion, where they could be allowed to pick up and hold something they’ve seen made.

Maybe you even have something that one of your machines can make that they could take with them as a souvenir? (This doesn’t mean one of your production parts or finished products!)



No clutter, everything in its place, floors swept clean, a path through the shop is easy to follow.

Remember that part of the reason to invite visitors to Manufacturing Day events is to prove that manufacturing facilities are great places to work. First impressions count: What does your company look like as visitors approach from the parking lot? Let’s dispel the myths that manufacturing is dark, dirty and dangerous.

Also, make sure employees are dressed neat and clean on tour day and if they have a role to play in explaining things to your visitors, they should be wearing a name badge so that they can be addressed by name when there are questions.



Students are the workforce of the future. This is your opportunity to provide advice about the kinds of careers that your company offers, the type of training and educational coursework you seek when hiring employees. There is no better time to offer comments about opportunities available to dedicated workers with a professional attitude. If there are specific kinds of training or skills that you need and find it hard to hire for, let them know.



This is important both literally and figuratively. Put a sign on the door, shake hands with visitors, thank them for coming, and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the opportunity you have to share your company’s information with them.



Manufacturing Day is a national celebration of the 12 million talented men and women who work in the industry. Who could you invite to share this celebration with you? Here are some ideas:

The families of your employees. If family events aren’t a common occurrence at your company, this is a perfect day to invite families to come and see where their family member works and learn what they do. Maybe you could do a special event just for family members at the end of the workday.

Your elected officials. Ever complain about the fact that your elected officials (local, state, federal) don’t make good choices as related to manufacturing? Invite them to come to your plant and see for themselves. Remember: Most elected officials have never set foot inside a manufacturing facility, which means you can educate them!

Potential customers. Give these folks a reason to want to do business with you. Invite them in on a day when they can see how great your organization is.

Current customers. Make Manufacturing Day your customer appreciation day. Your business service providers. When was the last time you were visited by your banker, insurance agent or accountant?

Media. Is there a local reporter who seems to have a serious interest in manufacturing? Invite them to visit your plant on Manufacturing Day. They are always looking for interesting stories to tell. Why not make it yours?

Youth organizations. Are you active in, or do you know someone who is active in the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or a similar youth organization? Invite them to visit your company as a field trip. Better yet, invite a school group.


Download NAM's Host Toolkit

Download Media Guide

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#MFGday17 trends on Twitter and CA shows off its MFG chops

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Oct. 10, 2017

More than 190 California manufacturers and career technical institutions opened their doors on Friday, October 6th to celebrate the National Association of Manufacturers’ sixth annual Manufacturing Day (MFG Day). The day was such a success that the  #MFGday17 hashtag trended all day long on Twitter's top ten. The celebration is designed to show that 21st century manufacturing is a high-skilled, sleek and technology-driven industry that offers high-wage jobs that fuel the economy.

“California manufacturers offer tremendous opportunities for growth in middle class careers for Californians who may not have a four-year college degree,” said Dorothy Rothrock, president of the California Manufacturers & Technology Association. “We also hope that people take note of all the workers, entrepreneurs and small manufacturers in the supply chain that stimulate growth and create an economic ripple effect throughout all sectors of local economies.”

Manufacturers are major employers, property owners and taxpayers, bolstering all aspects of the communities in which they are located – economic growth, charitable giving, quality of life, educational development and overall public health.

This year 11 CMTA members opened their doors as part of the many California events and CMTA staff dispatched across the state to participate:

  • Ace Clearwater
  • Alom
  • Betts
  • Bishop Wisecarver
  • Caltronics
  • InTech  (A California Steel sponsored institution)
  • International Paper
  • Northrop Grumman (multiple locations)
  • The Dow Chemical Company
  • Transfer Flow
  • You can see all the California events HERE.


CMTA also celebrated its two newest Champion companies this MFG Day. They are both breaking down barriers to teaching new skills and investing in California’s future by training workers in the highly skilled and vital world of precision CNC machining:

  • Western Saw in Oxnard 
  • TITANS of CNC in Rocklin 

Link to articles on both Champion companies HERE.

Manufacturers face many roadblocks, but most say the lack of a skilled workforce is their largest hurdle.

A recent report from the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte shows that over the next decade, nearly three and a half million manufacturing jobs likely need to be filled and the skills gap is expected to result in 2 million of those jobs going unfilled. More than 10,000 new machinists alone will be needed in California, according to a recent report by California’s Labor Market Information Department. That report indicates that there will be tens of thousands of new job openings among hundreds of specific manufacturing occupations over the next seven years. A talent shortage threatens manufacturers’ ability to innovate, create jobs and compete in the global marketplace.

For that reason MFG Day is growing every year.

If you filmed an event and would like CMTA to include a portion of it in our 2017 MFG Day video montage, please send to Teresa Kent at

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Nine CMTA members headline 187 CA MFG Day events

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on Sept. 25, 2017

There are 187 registered California events for this year's Manufactuirng Day on Oct. 6  (updated from 94 last week).  CMTA is proud to announce that nine CMTA members will be opening their doors and headlining this year's big day. Those members include:

  • Ace Clearwater 
  • Alom 
  • Betts 
  • Bishop Wisecarver 
  • InTech (A California Steelsupported  institution of course) 
  • International Paper 
  • Dow Chemical 
  • Transfer Flow 

MAKE SURE YOU OPEN YOUR FACILITIES FOR "MFGDay" ON OCTOBER 6, 2017 so California can reach 200 events this year. YOU CAN REGISTER AN EVENT HERE.


Check out the more than 30 MFG videos you can use to engage your audience, co-workers, and colleagues as we near the target date.

Here are a few particularly spectacular videos:

If you’re curious about your options for hosting an event or how you can make MFG DAY work for your company, Go HERE.


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