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6th post from Energy conference: Peevey on electricity rates, markets for carbon and LNG

Posted by Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications on July 27, 2007

From California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey: 

"There is a reluctance all around to expose customers to real-time pricing.  With passage of AB 1X, the situation has only been worsened in terms of a fair rate structure. We have not focused on revamping a rate structure that is out of whack.  We need a fairer distribution of rates for all sectors of the economy."

Peevey on markets for carbon emissions:

"Regulation vs. markets is a false dichotomy ... conventional command and control and cap and trade are both regulatory policies.  We need both tools, though I personally like cap and trade as a means for large reductions."

Peevey on markets for liquefied nmatural gas:

"The state as a whole needs more gas.  It won’t come domestically we won’t be able to use coal.  It’s clear we need additional gas supply and that additional supply is going to have to come fromm LNG.  We need an offshore lng terminal no doubt."


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