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Career Technical Education: Love Lost

Posted by Jack Stewart, on Jan. 8, 2008

In last year’s state of the state, the Governor committed himself to expanding Career Technical Education in California schools, saying ‘we must also continue to reinvigorate career tech education — I love career tech, love it.’

But this year, Career Technical Education is the jilted lover.  The Governor didn’t mention it once in this year’s state of the state — not a word.

That’s very bad news for the vast majority of students who would benefit from CTE.  Not only would more students be inspired to stay in school, they’d learn skills that would reward them whether they attend college or begin their careers after high school.  They’re being cheated of a well-rounded, meaningful education.

Math and science alone will not prepare students for ‘our high-tech future.’  Certainly these courses are vital, but it’s going to take the kind of hands-on, applied learning that only CTE can provide to truly prepare our students for tomorrow’s high-tech world and workplace.

Furthermore it should be recognized that career and technical education is to some high school students what advance placement and honors is to others, namely an alternative that meets their unique needs.

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