About Champions of Manufacturing Program

On June 18, the California Manufacturers & Technology Association launched our new Champions of Manufacturing program, designed to boost the image of California manufacturing and convince policymakers that manufacturing is the single best way to grow California’s economy and create vital high-wage jobs.

For too long California policymakers have perceived manufacturing as part of a 20th Century economic model that doesn’t fit California’s 21st Century business culture and that knowledge-based firms should be the priority focus for growth. Too many Californians view manufacturing as dirty factories with unpleasant workplaces. And for too long, we have focused on the many challenges to manufacturing in California and have missed the opportunity to celebrate California’s amazing manufacturing abundance.

Manufacturing Champion Companies
The Champions recognition program honors positive contributions by manufacturing companies who are committed to California and exemplify the high principles of economic growth, innovation, entrepreneurship, and commitment to their employees. CMTA plans to honor at least five "Champions of Manufacturing” companies each year. We want to demonstrate how California manufacturers make a positive impact on their industry sector, their employees and their communities. If a company is interested in applying to be recognized they must be nominated through their local economic development group or their local industrial group.

Manufacturing Champion Partners
We have assembled a growing statewide network of Manufacturing Champion partners to help spread our message. Our partners include regional manufacturing associations, local economic development agencies, cities, counties, institutions of higher education and workforce training organizations. We will actively work with our partners to seek out and distribute videos and stories featuring positive messages about California manufacturers and their workers.

Manufacturing Champions Individuals
We are building a statewide army of Manufacturing Champions to join us in the belief that a brighter future for California depends on healthy, growing manufacturing companies. A Manufacturing Champion can be anyone: small, medium and large manufacturers; manufacturing workers and their families; company executives; suppliers; concerned citizens; government officials; and students.

If you want California manufacturers to make multi-million dollar investments in California and hire thousands of workers to create innovative and exciting new products, then you are a Champion of Manufacturing.

If you want students and parents to learn about the tremendous opportunities for exciting careers in manufacturing, research & development, industrial arts, and skilled technical work, then you are a Champion of Manufacturing.

If you want California to lead America’s Manufacturing Renaissance with homegrown California manufacturers who combine innovation, energy efficiency, productivity, sustainability and high-wage middle class jobs, then you are a Champion of Manufacturing. Sign up in the red box in the upper right corner of this page to be an individual Manufacturing Champion and receive alerts and updates.

Champions of Manufacturing program launches on June 18, and awards seven
companies for their commitment to California with host Adam Carolla.