Conference Room Booking and Availability

The CMTA has meeting rooms available for use by both association members and non-members.
To reserve a conference room or have questions regarding them please email
While scheduling priority is given to staff and CMTA committees, other groups may use conference rooms during
regular office hours (8AM-5PM), if space is available and with advanced reservations.

  Large Conference Room Small Conference Room
Occupancy Seats 22 people at table with
additional 12 seats
Seats 12 people at table
Electronic Media screen 2 1
Availability View CalendarView Calendar

Rental Fees: A nominal fee will be charged at the time of reservation for non-association members.

Clean-Up: All groups are required to clean-up trash, dishes and food items and to restore the room to its original condition. Chairs and tables must be returned to their original location.

Personal Property: CMTA does not assume any responsibility or liability for personal property lost, stored or stolen on CMTA property.

Directions to CMTA: Click here