Join Committee(s)

Each CMTA member is encouraged to appoint a representative to one or more of CMTA's policy committees. Committee participation allows members to help shape CMTA's policy on the important issues impacting California manufacturers. Please download the form HERE and fax the completed form to (916)441-5449, or email to

Committee Participation:

  • Climate Change Advisory: Helps guide CMTA policy positions on AB32 implementation,climate change legislation and CMTA participation in broader industry coalitions such as the AB 32 Industry Implementation Group.

  • Regulatory & Legal: Advocates for California to adopt legal and regulatory systems that encourage investment, promote entrepreneurs, and support manufacturers.

  • Energy: (Available only to manufacturing companies - not our associate members. Additional member fee required) Supports direct access of customers to competitive energy alternatives and cost-of-service based rates for monopoly services.

  • Environmental Quality: Supports cost effective environmental legislation and regulation that protects human health,and that is compliance-oriented, rather than enforcement-oriented.

  • Government Relations: Oversees CMTA's lobbying efforts.

  • Labor & Employment: Works to resolve labor work force issues-health, meal periods, paid leave,unionization,labor litigation, and other employer mandates - without compromising California’s workers or employers’ competitiveness. Supports reform of California's costly workers' compensation system.

  • Tax: Works to reduce and eliminate taxes that put California manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage.

  • Technology: Encourages the development of state policies that foster innovation and the development of new markets. Works to have legislators and regulators recognize manufacturers' central role in advancing society.
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