Latest Champions of Manufacturing

CMTA has partnered with CompanyWeek (CW) California to share information on the state's premier small to mid size manufacturers. CW's featured companies are part of CMTA's Champions recognition program, intended to boost the image of California manufacturing and convince policymakers that manufacturing is the single best way to grow California’s economy and create high quality jobs.

These companies are committed to California and exemplify the high principles of economic growth, innovation, entrepreneurship, and commitment to their employees. Together the CMTA Champions program and CW's profiles displayed below demonstrate how California manufacturers make a positive impact on their industry sector, their employees and their communities.

Reid Products

CEO Kevin Reid is eyeing new markets for his aerospace manufacturer while pushing for lower regulatory burdens in California.

Industrial Strength Body Jewelry

Founder and CEO JD Lorenz takes a high-tech, low-tolerance approach akin to aerospace and medical manufacturing with his company's body jewelry.

21st Amendment Brewery

In an increasingly crowded market, co-founders Nico Freccia and Shaun O'Sullivan's brewery continues to enjoy healthy growth.

Annabelle Candy Company

CEO Gary Gogol is focused on introducing a new generation to nostalgic candy brands like Big Hunk and Rocky Road.

Polaris EV Center for Excellence

VP and GM Keith Simon has catalyzed Polaris' consolidated EV manufacturing operation in Southern California.

Benchmark FR

CEO John O’Sullivan melds form and function in a line of stylish flame-resistant workwear.

Bhu Foods

Founder Laura Katleman is on the front end of the keto trend with her natural bars.

Renewal Mill

Founder and CEO Claire Schlemme is building a new supply chain from tofu byproducts.

Ivy Organics

CEO Ivy Fradin is dedicating to making a truly organic mattress with a transparent supply chain.

The Lost Abbey

Refusing to chase trends, Tomme Arthur, co-founder and director of brewery operations, continues his crusade to create imaginative and flavorful Belgian-style beers.