Latest Champions of Manufacturing

CMTA has partnered with CompanyWeek (CW) California to share information on the state's premier small to mid size manufacturers. CW's featured companies are part of CMTA's Champions recognition program, intended to boost the image of California manufacturing and convince policymakers that manufacturing is the single best way to grow California’s economy and create high quality jobs.

These companies are committed to California and exemplify the high principles of economic growth, innovation, entrepreneurship, and commitment to their employees. Together the CMTA Champions program and CW's profiles displayed below demonstrate how California manufacturers make a positive impact on their industry sector, their employees and their communities.

Data Dive: Cannabis Price Trends

In cannabis, price trends vary from state to state and category to category, but the data indicates a market-by-market maturation catalyzes lower prices.

Lanna Coffee Co.

CEO Matthew Alanis says the altruistic coffee producer is brewing up some potent growth.

Shotwell Paper Mill

Owner Pam DeLuco takes everything from blue jeans to cattails to create eco-friendly paper and paper products.

Industry Report: Whole Foods-Amazon Fallout

Two and a half years later, the Amazon-Whole Foods matrimony has been a mixed bag for locally-focused food brands and manufacturers.

Industry Report: The State of Hemp and Cannabis Waste

With ever-growing legal harvests, entrepreneurs are bullish that hemp and cannabis waste streams could be a supply chain opportunity for the ages.

Chief Commercial Officer and President North America Syed Hoda says the company's solutions are getting traction in the factories where traditional databases haven't.

Cognito Motorsports

Founder and Chief Engineer Justin Lambert has grown his motorsports manufacturer into multiple markets with a focus on continuous improvement.

Masten Space Systems

CEO Sean Mahoney sees a bright future with the company's cutting-edge transportation technology for missions to the Moon.

Mission Bicycle

General Manager Josh Philippi is shifting the manufacturer's model with a fatter catalog and broader distribution.

Immortal Masks

Co-owner George Frangadakis is bringing Hollywood-level horror to a broader market with some seriously demented costumery.