Patricia Bates Senate District 36, Republican


Term limit: 2022


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4036
Fax: (916) 651-4936

District voter registration
Democrat: 28%
Republican: 50%
Other: 22%

District makeup
Southwestern Riverside County, encompassing the cities of Murrieta and Temecula; large but lightly populated inland San Diego County encompassing the cities of El Cajon, La Mesa, Poway, Santee, several Indian reservations and a small portion (11%) of the city of San Diego.

Source: California Target Book


622 manufacturers in SD 36. CMTA members are highlighted

A Good Sign & Graphics Co., Santa Ana

Accutech, LLC, Vista

Accutek Packaging Equipment Co., Inc., Vista

Ace Tube Bending, Aliso Viejo

Activa Global Sports & Entertainment, LLC, San Juan Capistrano

Acushnet Company, Carlsbad

Addison Sheet Metal, Inc., Carlsbad

Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc., Carlsbad

Advanced Fiberglass, Oceanside

Advanced Web Offset, Inc., Vista

AEA Technology, Inc., Carlsbad

Aethercomm, Inc., Carlsbad

Air Products & Chemicals, Inc., Carlsbad

Alcon Lensx, Inc., Aliso Viejo

Aliso Viejo Chamber of Commerce, Aliso Viejo

All One God Faith, Inc., Vista

Allied Rubber & Gasket Co., Inc., Vista

Alpha Medical Instruments, LLC, Mission Viejo

Alpha Sensors, Inc., Oceanside

AlphaBio, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

AlphaGraphics Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo

Alphatec Spine, Inc., Carlsbad

Alvarado Micro Precision, Vista

AmCells Corp., Vista

American Faucet & Coating Corp., Vista

American Historic Inns, Inc., San Juan Capistrano

American Meta Pack Corp., Vista

American PrintWare, Inc., San Juan Capistrano

American Qualex International, Inc., San Clemente

American Rim Supply, Inc., Carlsbad

American Zettler, Inc., Aliso Viejo

Amerillum, Inc., Oceanside

Amflex Plastics, Inc., Oceanside

Amron International, Inc., Vista

Analytical Services Co., Carlsbad

Anchor Audio, Inc., Carlsbad

Apem, Inc., Vista

Apical Industries, Inc., Oceanside

Apollo Sprayers International Inc., Vista

Applied Cardiac Systems, Inc., Irvine

Applied Control Concepts, Vista

Applied Medical Resources, Rancho Santa Margarita

Applied Membranes, Inc., Vista

Applied Spectral Imaging, Inc., Carlsbad

Applied Technology, LLC, Oceanside

Aqua-Lung America, Inc., Vista

Arc-Zone.Com, Inc., Carlsbad

Arkeia Software, Inc., Carlsbad

Arna Trading, Inc., Oceanside

Arts & Frames Gallery, Laguna Hills

Asigma Corp., Oceanside

Astronic, Aliso Viejo

ATS Workholding, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Atwood Industries, Inc., Carlsbad

Auroralight, Inc., Carlsbad

Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Aliso Viejo

Awardsource, Inc., Oceanside

AZ Displays, Inc., Aliso Viejo

Aza Industries, Inc., Vista

Aztec Components, Inc., Vista

B & B Cookie Keepers, LLC, Lake Forest

B & K Engraving, Vista

B N I Publications, Inc., Vista

Backdrop Outlet, Oceanside

Balda C. Brewer, Oceanside

Balda HK Plastics Inc., Oceanside

Barney & Barney, LLC, Aliso Viejo

Baron Paper Co., Oceanside

Barrett Robinson, Inc., Capistrano Beach

Beckman Coulter, Inc., Carlsbad

Beckman Instruments Inc., Carlsbad

Becwar Sales, LLC, Laguna Hills

BEI Kimco Magnetic Div., Vista

Bethke Printing & Publishing, Laguna Hills

BevMD, Inc, Encinitas

Bill Mathes Welding Inc., San Clemente

Biner Ellison, Vista

Biofilm, Inc., Vista

bioLIGHT GROUP, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Biomedical Life Systems, Inc., Vista

Biosource International, Inc., Carlsbad

Bird-B-Gone, Inc., Mission Viejo

Bizware On Line Applications, Inc., San Clemente

Blodgett Glass, Inc., Encinitas

Blue Sky Energy, Inc., Vista

BMW Precision Machining, Inc., Oceanside

BP, Mission Viejo

Brakke-Schafnitz Insurance Brokers, Inc., Laguna Niguel

Breg, Inc., Carlsbad

Brigs Machining Co., Laguna Hills

Brown Safe Manufacturing, Inc., Vista

Burch, Inc., W. D., Laguna Niguel

Buro Corp. Co., Inc., Vista

Business Cards Tomorrow, Laguna Hills

C D S Printing, Carlsbad

C Enterprises, L.P., Vista

C S I Technologies, Inc., Vista

CA Technologies, Aliso Viejo

Cal-Kona Marine, Inc., Oceanside

Cal-Mil Plastic Products Inc., Oceanside

California Custom Furniture & Upholstery Co, Vista

California G & K Design, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

California Progressive Engineering, Vista

California Vermiculture, LLC, Cardiff by the Sea

Callaway Golf Co., Carlsbad

Calpex Plastics, Inc., Oceanside

Calsense (California Sensor Corp.), Carlsbad

Capistrano Labs, Inc., San Clemente

Carbide Co., LLC, Vista

Carbon By Design, LP, Oceanside

Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, Carlsbad

Carlsbad Manufacturing Corporation, Carlsbad

Carlsbad Technology, Inc., Carlsbad

Centon Electronics, Inc., Aliso Viejo

Chavers Gasket Corp., Laguna Hills

Christopher Lee Ltd., San Clemente

Churchill Graphics, Carlsbad

City of Carlsbad, Carlsbad

City of Dana Point, Dana Point

City of Oceanside, Oceanside

City of San Juan Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano

City of Vista Economic Development Department, Vista

CleverMade LLC, Carlsbad

Clinicon Corporation, Oceanside

CMI Integrated Technologies, Carlsbad

CNC Dynamics, Inc., Vista

CNC New, Inc., San Clemente

Colorkote CA LLC, Oceanside

Component Concepts, Inc., Oceanside

Composite Manufacturing, Inc., San Clemente

Concept Framing International, Laguna Hills

Contour-Arc, Inc., Laguna Hills

Control Components, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Cooksey Corp., Laguna Hills

Cornerstone Sensors, Inc., Vista

Cottrell Machine, Carlsbad

CPlus Electronics, Inc., San Clemente

Craftsman Book Co., Carlsbad

Creative Engineering Solutions, Oceanside

Creedmoor Sports, Inc., Oceanside

Crestone Group Baking Co., Carlsbad

CTM Racing Products, Inc., El Cajon

Custom Converting, Inc., Oceanside

Custom Ingredients Inc., San Clemente

Custom Window Design, Inc., Oceanside

Custopharm, Inc., Carlsbad

Dana Innovations, Inc., San Clemente

Dana Point Chamber of Commerce, Dana Point

Datatek International, Inc., Dana Point

Datron World Communications, Inc., Vista

Daum Tooling, Inc., San Clemente

DDH Enterprise, Inc., Vista

DDStudio, Carlsbad

Decorative Services, Oceanside

DEI Holdings, Inc., Vista

Del Mar Fabricating & Welding, Inc., Encinitas

Delfin Design & Mfg., Rancho Santa Margarita

DENSO Wireless Systems America, Inc., Vista

Desco Mfg. Co., Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Dew Machine Tool, Inc., Oceanside

Diamed, Inc., Laguna Hills

Dig Corporation, Vista

Dimension One Spas, Inc., Carlsbad

Dimensional Technologies, Inc., Vista

Distinctive Plastics, Inc., Vista

Diversified Manufacturing of California, Inc., Vista

Diversified Tool & Die, Vista

Diversified Waterscapes, Inc., Laguna Niguel

DJO Holdings, LLC, Vista

DNA Electronics, Inc., Carlsbad

Douglas Printing, San Clemente

Douglas Technologies Group, Inc., Vista

Doyle Enterprises, LLC, Carlsbad

Dragon Alliance, Inc., San Clemente

Drews Optical, Inc., Laguna Hills

Driveline Vista, Inc., Vista

Duncan Technologies, Carlsbad

Dupaco, Inc., Oceanside

Dynatem, Inc., Mission Viejo

E S T, Inc., Carlsbad

E T I Systems, Inc., Carlsbad

E-Glide Goodies, Inc., Encinitas

Eagle Creek Inc., Carlsbad

EarthLite Massage Tables, Inc., Vista

Eaton Leonard, Vista

Eco Building Products, Inc., Vista

Edith's Sewing, Vista

Educational Systems International, Aliso Viejo

Electric Visual Evolution, San Clemente

Electro Surface Technologies, Inc., Carlsbad

Elixir Industries, Inc., Mission Viejo

Elliott Thermodynamics Co., San Juan Capo

Elmec Mfg., Inc., Oceanside


Energy Suspension, Inc., San Clemente

Enterprise Computing Solutions, Mission Viejo

Epicuren Discovery, Inc., Laguna Hills

ePunk, Inc., Dana Point

Erron, Oceanside

Eufora International, Vista

Euro Classic Stone, Inc., San Clemente

Euro Precision, Inc., Mission Viejo

Extreme Packaging Machinery, Rancho Santa Margarita

F & T Precision Products Co., Vista

F 1 Optics, Inc., Oceanside

Face First, Inc., San Juan Capistrano

Farrell Printing, Inc., San Clemente

Fastenal Co., Vista

Fastenal Co., Mission Viejo

Fax Foods, Inc., Vista

Federal Health Sign Company, LLC, Oceanside

Federal Heath Sign Company, LLC, Oceanside

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., San Juan Capistrano

Ferro Electronic Materials, Vista

Fins Unlimited, Encinitas

Firepower Technology, Inc., Carlsbad

Five Bros. Fence Co., Mission Viejo

Flavorchem Corp., San Clemente

FLO-LOC Products International, Dana Point

FLOTRON, Inc., Vista

Fluidmaster, Inc., San Juan Capistrano

FLYIT Simulators, Inc., Carlsbad

Ford Signs, Inc., Oceanside

Forecast Product Development, Carlsbad

Forespar Products Corp., Rancho Santa Margarita

Form Grind Corp., Rancho Santa Margarita

FoxFury, LLC, Vista

FTF Technologies, Inc., San Clemente

Fuel Injection Engineering Co., Aliso Viejo

Fuseco Inc., Laguna Hills

G T R Enterprises, Inc., Carlsbad

Gamma2 Inc., Carlsbad

Garrett Precision, Inc., Laguna Hills

Genesis Coatings, Inc., Vista

Genmark Diagnostics, Inc., Carlsbad

GIA Instruments, Carlsbad

Ginger's Island Wear, LLC, Mission Viejo

Glacier Water Services, Inc., Vista

Glanbia Nutritionals (NA), Inc., Carlsbad

Glas Werk, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Glaukos Corporation, Laguna Hills

Global Ectropy, Oceanside

Gold Coast Skylights Inc., Vista

Gold Couture 22k, Carlsbad

Greenlee Textron, Inc., Vista

Gridart, San Clemente

H & H Screening & Graphics, Vista

H2O Innovation USA, Vista

Hampton Research Corp, Aliso Viejo

Hartwell Medical Corp., Carlsbad

Heat Factory, Inc., Carlsbad

Helix Controls, Inc., Vista

Hench Mfg., Inc., San Clemente

Henry Machine, Inc., Vista

Heritage Signs & Graphics/Design Group, San Juan Capistrano

Herzan, LLC, Laguna Hills

Hi-Tech Swiss Engineering, Oceanside

Hi-Tech Swiss Machining, Inc., Vista

HK Screw Machine Products, Inc., Oceanside

Hobie Cat Company, Oceanside

Hoffman California Fabrics, Mission Viejo

Horstman Mfg. Co., Vista

Hose Guys, Inc., The, San Clemente

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Carlsbad

HRE Performance Wheels, Vista

HUB International Insurance Services Inc., Carlsbad

Hubbard Enterprises, Vista

Hyatt Die Cast & Engineering Corp., Vista

Hydra Design Labs, Rancho Santa Margarita

Hydranautics, Oceanside

HydroCal, Inc., Laguna Hills

ICP America, Inc., Vista

ICU Medical, Inc., San Clemente

iGAGING Measuring Tools, San Clemente

ImageOne Impact, Rancho Santa Margarita

Imaginering, Dana Point

Industrial Strength Corporation, Carlsbad

Infinite Software, Mission Viejo

Ink Applications West, Carlsbad

Innovative Body Science, Carlsbad

Innovative Metal Products, Inc., Vista

Intec Video Systems, Inc., Laguna Hills

Integra Biotechnical, Carlsbad

Integrated Endoscopy, Rancho Santa Margarita

Interfab Corp., San Juan Capistrano

Interface Associates, Inc., Laguna Niguel

Interface Displays & Controls, Inc., Oceanside

International Treescapes, Inc., San Marcos

Intubrite, LLC, Vista

Ionis Pharmaceuticals Inc., Carlsbad

Ipanema, Encinitas

IQinVision, Inc., San Juan Capo

IVD Research, Inc., Carlsbad

J & D Laboratories, Inc., Vista

J B L International, Inc., Oceanside

J. H. Design & Assocs., San Clemente

Jamaican Style, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Javo Beverage Co., Inc., Vista

JELD-WEN, Inc., Vista

Jesse & Co., Inc., R., Vista

Jessup Services LLC, Oceanside

Jif-Pak Mfg., Inc., Vista

Joan Baker Designs, San Clemente

Jordan & Co., Carlsbad

Judy's Custom Workroom, Aliso Viejo

Kammerer Enterprises, Inc., Vista

Kapan-Kent Co., Inc., Oceanside

Kathy Pulido Fine Jewelers, Mission Viejo

Kelcourt Plastics, Inc., San Clemente

Kentner Fabrications, Oceanside

Ki's Kitchen, Inc., Carlsbad

Killion Industries, Inc., Vista

Kinetic Composites, Inc., Oceanside

Kui Co., Inc., San Clemente

Kwik Kopy Printing, Mission Viejo

L M & P Motor Parts, Inc., Capistrano Beach

L+L Companies, Carlsbad

L. F. Industries, Inc., Carlsbad

Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce, Laguna Niguel

Lamb Screen Printing, Oceanside

Lamvin, Inc., Oceanside

Lancer Orthodontics, Inc., Vista

Landmark Mfg., Inc., Oceanside

Lark Engineering, San Juan Capistrano

Laurelwood Industries Inc., Carlsbad

Lee's Iron & Metal, Vista

LeeMarc Industries LLC dba Canari/Shebeest, Vista

Leica Biosystems Imaging, Inc., Vista

Leonard Scholl Industries, Inc., Carlsbad

Leslie Skylights, Oceanside

Liberty Gasket, LLC, Mission Viejo

Liberty Woods International, Inc., Carlsbad

Life Technologies Corp., Carlsbad

LMI Aerospace Inc., Vista

Lumistar, Carlsbad

Lyall Turbosonics, Inc., Lake Forest

M V M Products, LLC, San Clemente

M. A. S. K. Mfg., Inc., Laguna Hills

Machine Tech, Oceanside

Machine Vision Products, Inc., Carlsbad

MachineTek, Carlsbad

Madcatz, Inc., Vista

Magna Coating Corp., Vista

Magnaflow Exhaust Products, Oceanside

Magnavon Industries, Inc., San Clemente

Malinda Originals, Inc., Oceanside

Marburg Industries, Inc., Vista

McCain, Inc., Vista

Medi Rub Corp., San Clemente

MeDiCa, Inc., Encinitas

Medical Insight, Inc., Aliso Viejo

MediPatch Technologies & Consulting, Oceanside

Melissa Data Corporation, Rancho Santa Margarita

Mellace Family Brands California Inc., Carlsbad

MEPS Real-Time, Inc., Carlsbad

Mercotac, Inc., Carlsbad

Metric Systems Corp., Vista

Micro Precision, Inc., San Clemente

Micro Star, Carlsbad

Microsemi Corporation, Aliso Viejo

Miller Supply, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Mission Power Solutions, Inc., Oceanside

Mission Viejo News Group, Trabuco Canyon

Mister Printer, San Clemente

MJL Engineering & Mfg., A NILA LLC CO., Vista

MMD Components/Monitor Products, Rancho Santa Margarita

Moon Design Manufacturing, Vista

Multicoat Corp., Rancho Santa Margarita

Myron L Company, Carlsbad

N M L, LLC, Vista

Native Floral Group, Oceanside

Naturally Wood, Oceanside

Nelgo Industries, Inc., Oceanside

Neon Design A-Sign, Inc., Laguna Niguel

Neon Tech, Oceanside

Newmark Systems, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Nihon Seimen, Oceanside

Nilo Enterprises, Oceanside

Nordson Asymtek, Inc., Carlsbad

North County Iron Works, Vista

North County Printers/Bryant Dwyer Signs, Oceanside

Novo Engineering, Inc, Vista

NUBS Plastics, Inc., Vista

Nutritional Engineering, Inc., Vista

Ocean Divers U S A, LLC, Vista

Oceanscience Group Ltd., The, Oceanside

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, Oceanside

Oceanside Glasstile Company, Carlsbad

Oceanside Marine Centre, Inc., Oceanside

Oceanside Plastic Enterprises, Oceanside

Oceanside Truck Center, Inc., Oceanside

Onsite Syscom Energy Corporation, Carlsbad

Opotek Inc., Carlsbad

Optelec US, Inc., Vista

Optisource, Inc., San Clemente

Orange County Bedliners Plus, Laguna Hills

Orange Engine & Parts, Dana Point

Orco Block Co., Inc., Oceanside

Original Watermen, Inc., Vista

Ortho Kinetics Corp., Vista

Ortho Organizers, Inc., Carlsbad

Orthodontic Design & Production, Inc., Vista

P A R Orthodontic Laboratory, Inc., Laguna Hills

P O P Plastics, Inc., Carlsbad

Pacific Alliance Capital, Inc., Aliso Viejo

Pacific Canvas, Oceanside

Pacific CNC Machine Co., Carlsbad

Pacific Coast Printing, Carlsbad

Pacific Flyer Newspapers, Inc., Oceanside

Pacific Packaging Machinery, Inc., Corona

Pacific Plastics Injection Molding, Vista

Pacific Screenworks, Mission Viejo

Pacific Sign Center, Inc., Dana Point

Pacific Silk Plants, San Juan Capistrano

Pacific Wood & Mfg., Oceanside

Pacific World Corp., Lake Forest

Paint Store, The, Laguna Niguel

Palomar Casework, Inc., Vista

Palomar Display Products, Inc., Carlsbad

Palomar Products, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Palomar Technologies, Inc., Carlsbad

Para Tech Coating, Inc., Laguna Hills

Parallax Capital Partners, LLC, Laguna Hills

Paramount Gasket Inc., Vista

Patch Corner, The, Mission Viejo

Peak Servo Corp / Eltrol, Carlsbad

Pee Jay Graphics Co., Oceanside

PHA Professional Services, Inc., San Clemente

Phillips Components, Inc., Laguna Hills

Phoenix Footwear Group, Inc., Carlsbad

Photomedex, Inc., Carlsbad

Pigeon Point Systems, LLC, Oceanside

Pineapple Clothing Co., Oceanside

PJHM Architects, Laguna Hills

Planet Beauty, Laguna Niguel

Planet Plexi Corp., Laguna Hills

Plangea, Inc., Vista

Plansee E/G Electro-Graph, Inc., Vista

Plastic & Metal Center, Inc., Laguna Hills

Plastics Development Corp., San Clemente

PME Audio/Video, Oceanside

Point Conception, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Polymer Innovations, Inc., Vista

Precision Aircraft Group Inc., Oceanside

Precision Circuits Of San Diego, Vista

Precision Label, Inc., Oceanside

Precision Litho, Inc., Vista

Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc., Vista

Precision One Medical, Inc., Oceanside

Prego Maternity Wear, Dana Point

Pressure Sensitive Network, Vista

Prime Fabrication, Inc., San Juan Capistrano

Print Graphics Pros, Laguna Hills

Printex Printing & Graphics, Laguna Hills

Pro Foam, Vista

Pro Spot International, Inc., Carlsbad

Pro-Cut Converting, San Clemente

Procast, Inc., Oceanside

Production Embroidery, Inc., Vista

Proline Concrete Tools, Inc., Oceanside

Prototypworks, Vista

Pryor Products, Oceanside

PSCORE, Inc., Aliso Viejo

Pyron Solar III, LLC, Vista

Q-Mark Manufacturing, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

QLogic Corporation, Aliso Viejo

Qualigen, Inc., Carlsbad

Quatro Automation Group, Laguna Hills

R & R Industries, Inc., San Clemente

R T E, Vista

R. S. Hughes Co., Inc., Vista

R. Zamora, Inc., Vista

Rainbow of California, Inc., Oceanside

Rainbow Sandals, Inc., San Clemente

Ramtech Mfg., Inc., Oceanside

Rayzist Photomask, Inc., Vista

Real Estate Signs & Supplies, Laguna Hills

Reflex Corp., Carlsbad

Regenesis Bioremediation, Inc., San Clemente

Reynard Corporation, San Clemente

Riches International Inc., Vista

Ridgeline Engineering Co., Inc., Vista

Riffe International, San Clemente

Rockwell Collins Optronics, Inc., Carlsbad

Roger's Woodturning, Inc., Vista

Rose Mfg. Group, Inc., Oceanside

Rouse Sign & Graphics, Vista

RPM Products, Rancho Santa Margarita

RTC Group, San Clemente

Sabra Dipping, LLC, Oceanside

Safety Systems Technology, Inc., Laguna Hills

Sambazon, Inc., San Clemente

San Clemente Chamber of Commerce, San Clemente

San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce, San Juan Capistrano

Sandel Avionics, Inc., Vista

Sarco, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Scalex Corp., Carlsbad

Schulte Corp., San Clemente

Seawind Trading International, Inc., Carlsbad

Sendx Medical, Inc., Carlsbad

Sensata Technologies, Inc., Vista

Sente', Inc., Encinitas

Sepulveda Building Materials, Laguna Niguel

Sew Sporty, Vista

Seychelle Environmental Tech, Inc., San Juan Capistrano

Sherline Products, Inc., Vista

Shore Line Grafix, Inc., Carlsbad

Sierra Padre Mill Co., Encinitas

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, Carlsbad

Sign-A-Rama, Encinitas

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators, Carlsbad

Smith Micro Software, Inc., Aliso Viejo

Snowpure, LLC, San Clemente

Soil Retention Products, Inc., Carlsbad

Solatube International, Inc., Vista

Solo Sports Group, Inc., Oceanside

South Bay Technology, Inc., San Clemente

South Coast Printing, San Clemente

South Orange County Regional Chambers of Commerce, Mission Viejo

Souther Cast Stone, Inc., Oceanside

Southwest Contempo, Vista

Southwest Greene International, Inc., Oceanside

Spaulding Thompson & Associates, Aliso Viejo

Spectral Dynamics, Inc., San Juan Capistrano

Spectrum Assembly, Inc., Carlsbad

SpeedPress Tool Co., Carlsbad

Speedy Cut, Vista

Spinergy, Inc., Carlsbad

Spinner Toys & Gifts, Laguna Hills

Spy Optic, Inc., Carlsbad

Square Up Fashions, Inc., Oceanside

Standard Filter Corp., Carlsbad

Standard Flywheel, Vista

Star Metal Plating, Inc., Oceanside

Steico Industries, Inc., Oceanside

Sterling Business Forms, Inc., Vista

Stines Machine, Inc., Vista

Stone Age, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Streamline Washdown Equipment, Vista

Stylecraft Marketing, Rancho Santa Margarita

SubZero Constructors, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Superior Foam Products, Inc., Oceanside

Surf More Products, San Clemente

Surgistar, Inc., Vista

Sustainable Fiber Solutions, LLC, San Juan Capistrano

Swift Engineering, San Clemente

Swiss-Micron, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Synergeyes, Inc., Carlsbad

Syntron Bioresearch, Inc., Carlsbad

Systems Engineering & Mgmt. Co., Vista

T-Shirt Mart, Oceanside

Tag-it Pacific Inc., Woodland Hills

Tallyrand Industrial Systems, Inc., Oceanside

TaylorMade Adidas Golf Co., Inc., Carlsbad

Tech Wear, Inc., Carlsbad

TEK Steel Welding & Fabrication, Inc., Oceanside

Telonic Berkeley, Inc., Vista

The Michael Ehrenfeld Company, Carlsbad

The Plumbers Warehouse, Carlsbad

TheraLight, Inc., Carlsbad

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Carlsbad

Tidepools, San Juan Capistrano

Titeflex, Vista

TNT Plastic Molding, Inc., Trabuco Canyon

Total Source Mfg., Vista

TrafFix Devices, Inc., San Clemente

Transworld Media, Carlsbad

Trend Pak, Oceanside

Tri-City Crating & Packing, Inc., Vista

Tri-Iso, Inc., Cardiff By The Sea

Trinity Woodworks Inc., Oceanside

Trophies Tomorrow, Mission Viejo

True Tenacity, Oceanside

Try All 3 Sports, San Clemente

Tube Form Solutions, LLC, Vista

Turbo International, Carlsbad

Turner New Zealand, Inc., Aliso Viejo

Tyco Electronics Corporation, Oceanside

Ultera Systems, Inc., Laguna Hills

Unicare Biomedical, Inc., Laguna Hills

Unique Metal Products, Oceanside

Upper Deck Co., LLC, Carlsbad

US Foods, Inc., Vista

USAopoly, Inc., Carlsbad

Vanguard Industries West, Inc., Carlsbad

Versaform Corporation, Vista

Versicolor Screen Printing, San Clemente

Vertos Medical, Inc., Aliso Viejo

Veskimo Personal Cooling Systems, San Juan Capistrano

Vets 4 You, Inc., Oceanside

ViaSat, Inc., Carlsbad

Virtium Technology, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita

Vision Quest Industries Inc., Vista

Vista Chamber of Commerce, Vista

Vista CoorsTek Inc., Vista

Vista Industrial Products, Inc., Vista

Vista Printing Service, Vista

Vitec Electronics Corp., Carlsbad

W C R Fabricators, Inc., San Clemente

W.G. Holt, Inc., Mission Viejo

Wakunaga Of America Co. Ltd., Mission Viejo

Walters Wholesale Electric Co., Vista

Waterless Co., Inc., Vista

Watkins Mfg. Corp., Vista

Wax Research, Inc., Carlsbad

WCR Fabricators, Inc., San Clemente

Weiland Sliding Doors & Windows, Inc., Oceanside

Westbridge Agricultural Products, Vista

Westburg Engineering, Inc., R. C., Laguna Hills

Western CNC, Inc., Vista

Western Outdoors Publications, Inc., San Clemente

Winners Only, Inc., Vista

Wolfpack Sign Group, Vista

Wood Chuck, Inc., Oceanside

X-Cel Contacts, Inc., Vista

Xenonics, Inc., Carlsbad

Xpert Marketing Group, Inc., Aliso Viejo

Youngdale Mfg. Corporation, Vista

Zimmer Dental, Inc., Carlsbad

Zodiac Pool Care, Inc., Vista

Zonson Co., Inc., Carlsbad

Zuza, Carlsbad