Richard Bloom Assembly District 50, Democrat


Term limit: 2026


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2050
Fax: (916) 319-2150

Assembly Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 61%
Republican: 18%
Other: 21%

District makeup
East Los Angeles County communities of Bell, Bell Gardens, Bellflower, Commerce, Cudahy, Lynwood, South Gate and the southern portion (34%) of Downey.

Source: California Target Book


198 manufacturers in AD 50. CMTA members are highlighted

Abraxis Bioscience, Inc., Los Angeles

ADI American Distributors, Inc., Santa Monica

Advanced Skin & Hair, Inc., Los Angeles

Advanstar Communications, Inc., Santa Monica

Almar Carpets International, West Hollywood

America's Finest Products Corp., Santa Monica

American Society Of Cinematographers, Los Angeles

AMET, Santa Monica

Ametron-American Electronic Supply, Inc., Los Angeles

Andresen Digital Prepress, Inc., Santa Monica

Apogee Electronics Corporation, Santa Monica

Artisan Precast, Inc., Los Angeles

Ashleywilde, Inc., Malibu

Atlas Development Corp., Calabasas

Axiom Foods, Inc., Los Angeles

B P Digital, Santa Monica

Barefoot Dreams, Agoura Hills

Barry Avenue Plating Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Baumann Beverly Hills, Kathrine, West Hollywood

Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, Beverly Hills

Beverly Press, Los Angeles

Billboard Magazine, Los Angeles

Biocomp Research Institute, Los Angeles

Bisou-Bisou, Inc., Beverly Hills

Brentwood Printing, Los Angeles

Brookes Restorations & Engraving, Los Angeles

Budget Printing & Stationery, Los Angeles

C I Printing, Inc., Los Angeles

Cache Antiques Ltd., Inc., West Hollywood

Cain & Able Collection, LLC, Santa Monica

California Precision Hydraulics, Inc., Agoura Hills

Calrad Electronics, Los Angeles

Cam & Co., Los Angeles

Carr Corp., Santa Monica

Catalina Graphic Films, Calabasas Hills

CBJ L.P., Los Angeles

Ceiling Designs, Inc., Los Angeles

Celebrity Printing, Agoura Hills

Celine, Inc., Kay, Los Angeles

Centric Corp., Los Angeles

Certified Printers, Inc., Los Angeles

Charles' Ray LLC, Santa Monica

Charming Pet Products, Inc., Agoura Hills

Chase-Durer Ltd., Beverly Hills

City of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills

City of Santa Monica Economic Development Division, Santa Monica

City of West Hollywood, West Hollywood

CJ America, Inc., Los Angeles

Clarity Partners, L. P., Beverly Hills

Connect Systems, Inc., Agoura Hills

Copy U. S. A., Los Angeles

Copyland, Inc., Los Angeles

Correia Art Glass, Inc., Santa Monica

Corridor Capital, LLC, Los Angeles

Crest Curtain & Drapery, Inc., Los Angeles

CurtCo Media Labs, LLC, Malibu

D'ziner Sign Co., Los Angeles

Delta Graphics, Los Angeles

Dennis & Leen, West Hollywood

DSJ Printing, Inc., Santa Monica

Edelweiss Chocolates, Beverly Hills

Eicher Collection, West Hollywood

Eliosolar, Beverly Hills

Energy Lane, Inc., Los Angeles

Environment Furniture, Inc., Los Angeles

Esthetic Eyes, Inc., Beverly Hills

Ezee Studios, Santa Monica

F. A. Daniels, Los Angeles

Fence Factory, Inc., Agoura Hills

Final Draft, Inc., Calabasas

Flanders Investment & Trade Agency, Los Angeles

Fox News Channel, Los Angeles

Frame Masters, Inc., Los Angeles

Gelfond Chocolate, Lee, Beverly Hills

GemCap Lending I, LLC, Malibu

Grey Goose Custom Framing, Los Angeles

Halon Entertainment LLC, Santa Monica

Hardware Express Inc., Los Angeles

Hawke Media LLC, Santa Monica

Herbert Petermann & Assocs., Topanga

Hill Lithograph Co., Inc., Agoura Hills

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Hollywood

Hollywood Rubber Stamp Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Hollywood Welding, Los Angeles

Hologenix, LLC, Santa Monica

Inspired Automation, Inc., Agoura Hills

Intel Corp., Calabasas

International Laser Group, Inc., Calabasas

Jackie's Bakery, Los Angeles

Jacobs Leather Goods, Los Angeles

JAKKS Pacific, Inc., Malibu

Jeffries, Inc., Allan, Los Angeles

Jeffries, Inc., Allan, Santa Monica

John Kelly Foods, Inc., Los Angeles

Kal Tobe Press, Inc., Los Angeles

Kan Textile Plastic Co., Los Angeles

KAS Engineering, Inc., Santa Monica

Kite Pharma, Inc., Santa Monica

Korea Times, Los Angeles

L. F. P., Inc., Beverly Hills

L.A. Press Printing, Inc., Los Angeles

LA Print & Digital Center, Beverly Hills

Lazar Research Laboratories, Los Angeles

Lepejian Photo Lab, Isgo, Los Angeles

Linea Pelle, Inc., Los Angeles

Lipsi Cosmetics, LLC, Santa Monica

Little John's English Toffee House, Los Angeles

Little Miss Liberty Round Crib Company, Los Angeles

Logomotion, Inc., Malibu

Los Angeles Business Journal, Los Angeles

Macpherson Oil Co., Santa Monica

Magna-Pole Products, Inc., Santa Monica

Maharam, Los Angeles

Malibu Chamber of Commerce, Malibu

Malibu Family Wines, Malibu

Mandalay Digital Group, Inc., Los Angeles

Master International Corp., Santa Monica

Maui & Sons Corp., Pacific Palisades

Mc Noon Crystal Lighting, Los Angeles

Medbox, Inc., West Hollywood

Media Services Group Ltd., The, Los Angeles

Met-L-Chek Co., Inc., Santa Monica

Mode Art Draperies, Los Angeles

Mole-Richardson Co., Inc., Pacoima

Moonlight Printing, Beverly Hills

Nanotech Energy, Inc., Los Angeles

Nayora Foods, LLC, Los Angeles

Neuberg & Neuberg Importers Group, Inc., Los Angeles

New Way Silk Screen Printing, LLC, Los Angeles

Nonstop Printing, Los Angeles

NovaStor Corporation, Agoura Hills

Ocular Prosthetics, Inc., Los Angeles

Omega Leads, Inc., Santa Monica

One Stop Print Shop, Santa Monica

Opamp Labs, Inc., Los Angeles

Pacific Palisades Post, Pacific Palisades

Pacific Transducer Corp., Los Angeles

Paisano Publications, Inc., Agoura Hills

Paladin Group., Inc., Los Angeles

Pantex, Santa Monica

Phyllis Morris Originals, West Hollywood

Pioneer Magnetics, Inc., Santa Monica

Pipo Communications, Los Angeles

Pollock Reproductions, Inc., Charles, Los Angeles

Practice Management Information Corp., Los Angeles

Pranalytica, Inc., Santa Monica

Preston Cinema Systems, Inc., Santa Monica

Printers & Mail 4 U, Inc., Los Angeles

Printing Innovations, Los Angeles

Printing Palace, Santa Monica

Prototype Industries, Inc., Santa Monica

Quest Consulting and Training Corporation, Pacific Palisades

ReConserve, Inc., Santa Monica

RightsLine Software, Inc., Santa Monica

Rock Sake, West Hollywood

Rogiani, Inc., Los Angeles

Rosebud Cakes, Beverly Hills

Royal Design Connection, Los Angeles

Sage V Foods, LLC, Los Angeles

Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, Santa Monica

Schneider Publishing Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Sereechai Thai Newspaper, Los Angeles

Shapco, Inc., Santa Monica

Sir Speedy Printing, Santa Monica

SkyTag, Inc., Beverly Hills

Spirent Communications, Inc., Calabasas

SRECO-Flexible, Inc., Santa Monica

Steel Threads, Santa Monica

Target Media Partners, Los Angeles

Taschen America, LLC, Los Angeles

Technovance Corp., Los Angeles

Teradyne, Inc., Agoura Hills

The Beverly Hills Courier, Beverly Hills

The Cake Collection, Los Angeles

The Third Floor, Inc., Los Angeles

Tim's Printing, Los Angeles

Town & Country Printing & Graphics, Agoura Hills

U S A Printing, West Hollywood

UBM Canon, Santa Monica

Ultraseal International, Inc., Los Angeles

Unyx, Inc., Beverly Hills

Vamp, Inc., Los Angeles

Vie Products, Inc., Beverly Hills

Wavefront Technologies, Los Angeles

Webster Instrument, Inc., Los Angeles

Weissman Accessories, Inc., Los Angeles

Weitbrecht Communications, Inc., Santa Monica

Wenner Media, LLC, Los Angeles

West Coast Diamond Tool Co., Beverly Hills

West Coast Tube & Pipe, Agoura Hills

West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, West Hollywood

Western Bagel Baking Corp., Los Angeles

Westside Today, LLC, Los Angeles

Westside Wholesale Electric Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Wonder Marketing, Inc., Los Angeles

Zarah Co., Topanga

Zebra Technologies Corp., Agoura Hills

Zina Sterling Silver, Inc., Beverly Hills