Raul Bocanegra Assembly District 39, Democrat


Term limit: 2026


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2039
Fax: (916) 319-2139

Assembly Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 59%
Republican: 19%
Other: 22%

District makeup
Most of the San Fernando Valley communities east of the 405 Freeway including Sylmar, Mission Hills, Pacoima, Arleta, Sun Valley and Panorama City and the small incorporated city of San Fernando.

Source: California Target Book


528 manufacturers in AD 39. CMTA members are highlighted

A & A Electronic Assembly, San Fernando

A & S Bronzes, Inc., Sun Valley

A & S Case Co., Inc., North Hollywood

A & V Co., North Hollywood

Abbott Technologies, Inc., Sun Valley

ABC Sun Control, LLC, North Hollywood

Access Steel Fabricating, Pacoima

Accu-Grinding, Inc., Sun Valley

Accubend, Inc., Sun Valley

Accurate Double Disc Grinding, Pacoima

Accurate Engineering, Inc., Sun Valley

Accutech Photo Machining, Inc., San Fernando

Acrylic Distribution Corporation, Sun Valley

Acufast Aircraft Products, Inc., Sylmar

Ad Industries Inc., North Hollywood

Adriatic Pre-Cast Stone, North Hollywood

Advanced Bionics, LLC, Sylmar

Advanced Monolythic Ceramics, Inc., Sylmar

Advanced Semiconductor, Inc., North Hollywood

Aged Timber Co Inc., Sylmar

Airgas USA, LLC, Burbank

Airo Industries Co., San Fernando

All American Boot Manufacturing Inc., Sun Valley

Allan Aircraft Supply Co. LLC, North Hollywood

Allied International, Sylmar

Almore Dye House, Inc., North Hollywood

Alno, Inc., Sylmar

Alziebler Co., Inc., Joseph, Pacoima

AM/PM Door, Inc., Pacoima

Amco-Die, Sun Valley

American Etching & Manufacturing, Pacoima

American Grip, Inc., Sun Valley

American International Engineering & Mfg., Inc., San Fernando

American Nuts, Inc., Sylmar

American Plastic Products, Inc., Sun Valley

American Precision Technologies, Inc., San Fernando

American Range Corporation, Pacoima

American Water Works, Inc., Sun Valley

Americh Corporation, North Hollywood

Anderson Trophies, North Hollywood

Anex Mfg., Sun Valley

Anmar Precision Components, Inc., North Hollywood

Anna & Maria Sportswear, Arleta

Antique Ornamental Ironworks, Inc., Sun Valley

Anwright Corp., Pacoima

Apex Mfg. Co., Sun Valley

Apollo Ornamental Iron Work, Sun Valley

Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc., North Hollywood

Applied Polytech Systems, Inc., Santa Clarita

APT Metal Fabricators, Inc., Pacoima

Arc Machines, Inc., Panorama City

Architectural Foamstone Inc., Sun Valley

Architectural Plywood, Inc., North Hollywood

Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings, Sylmar

ARGYLE Haus of Apparel, San Fernando

Armenco Cater Truck Mfg. Co., Inc., North Hollywood

Armorcast Products Company, North Hollywood

Armored Group, North Hollywood

Arrow Fence, Inc., Pacoima

Art & Craftsmen, Inc., Pacoima

Art Bronze, Inc., San Fernando

Art Mold Die Casting, Inc., Sun Valley

Art's Precision Machining, Inc., North Hollywood

Artcrafters Cabinets, Inc., North Hollywood

Artistic Products, Inc., Pacoima

ASC Group Inc., Sun Valley

Aspire Aerospace, LLC, Sun Valley

Associated Industries, North Hollywood

Associated Ready Mix Concrete, Sun Valley

Astromatic, North Hollywood

Atlantis Enterprises, Inc., North Hollywood

Atlantis Industries, North Hollywood

Atlas Foam Products, Inc., Sylmar

Avi-Cabinet, Sun Valley

Aviaid Metal Products, Inc., North Hollywood

Aviation Equipment, Inc., North Hollywood

Avibank Mfg., Inc., North Hollywood

AVX Filters Corp., Sun Valley

Awake, Inc., San Fernando

B & B Doors & Windows, Inc., San Fernando

B K B Automotive Cosmetics, Inc., North Hollywood

Backstage Equipment, Inc., North Hollywood

Bangayan, Inc., A. W., Sun Valley

Bar Enterprises, Sunland

Bare Reflections, North Hollywood

Basaw Manufactruing, Inc., North Hollywood

Berloc Sign Co., San Fernando

Bernards Bros. Inc., San Fernando

Bernic Screw Products, Sun Valley

Best Engineering, North Hollywood

Big Deals Of California, Burbank

Bishop Iron Works, Inc., North Hollywood

Black Phoenix, Inc., North Hollywood

Blue Canyon Digital, Inc., North Hollywood

Blue Cross Beauty Products, Inc., San Fernando

Bob's Tool & Die, North Hollywood

Bonanza Trade & Supply, North Hollywood

Bouncing Souls, Inc., San Fernando

Brite-Lite Neon Corp., North Hollywood

Brown Stone Screen Printing, North Hollywood

Builders Fence Co., Inc., Sun Valley

Burbank Plating Service Corp., Pacoima

Byron The Drapery House, North Hollywood

C & G Mercury Plastics, Sylmar

C & M Printing, Tujunga

C & S Plastics, Sylmar

C N J Graphics, Tujunga

C. A. Buchen Corp., Sun Valley

C. A. Schroeder, Inc., San Fernando

CABRAC, Inc., Pacoima

Cal-June, Inc., North Hollywood

Califone International, Inc., Chatsworth

California Blinds, North Hollywood

California Flex Corp., San Fernando

California Signs, Inc., Pacoima

California Technical Plating, Inc., San Fernando

Canady Mfg. Co., Inc., San Fernando

Cannon Engineering, Inc., North Hollywood

Capco/PSA, North Hollywood

Carry-Rite Of California, Arleta

Catalina Pacific Concrete Division, Sun Valley

Catalina Paint, North Hollywood

Champion Crane, Inc., Pacoima

Charisma Design Studios, Inc., Sun Valley

Circle Paint Corporation, North Hollywood

Citywide Printing, North Hollywood

Clarke Engineering, Inc., North Hollywood

Classic Bath Designs, Inc., Sun Valley

Clear Systems, North Hollywood

Coast Air, Inc., Mission Hills

Columbia Showcase & Cabinet Co., Sun Valley

Com Air Screw Machine Co., San Fernando

Commercial Display System, LLC, San Fernando

Communaute LLC, North Hollywood

Container Components, Inc., Chatsworth

Contempo Window Fashions, Sun Valley

Continental Tool & Gage Co., North Hollywood

Coronado Mfg., Inc., Sun Valley

Corporate Impressions L.A., Inc., North Hollywood

Cosmetic Enterprises Ltd., Pacoima

Cosmetic Group USA, Inc., Sun Valley

Cosmo-Pharm, Inc., North Hollywood

Cowan Precision Grinding, Inc., Sylmar

Craft Tech, San Fernando

Creative Automation Co., Sun Valley

Cub Machining, Inc., North Hollywood

Custom Molding Co., Sun Valley

Cylinder Head Exchange, Inc., Sylmar

D'Addario Woodwinds, Sun Valley

D-Cemco, Inc., San Fernando

Daniels Engraving Co., San Fernando

Danmar Steel, Inc., Pacoima

David Kopf Instruments, Tujunga

Davis California Industries, LLC, North Hollywood

Dazian LLC, Sun Valley

DeLeon Enterprises, Sun Valley

Desert Block Co., Inc., Sun Valley

DG Engineering, Sylmar

Diesel Products, Inc., North Hollywood

Dimension Tool & Engineering, North Hollywood

Dip Braze, Inc., Sun Valley

Dixon Hard Chrome, Sun Valley

DL Tool and Manufacturing Company, Inc., San Fernando

DNF Controls, Sylmar

Double J Packaging, Inc., Sun Valley

Dowell Aluminum Foundry, Inc., North Hollywood

Drapes 4 Show, Inc., Sylmar

Drees Grinding, Inc., Jack, North Hollywood

DX Radio Systems, Inc., Sun Valley

Dynaroll, Sylmar

E-Z Mix, Inc., Sun Valley

Eagle Access Control Systems, Inc., Sylmar

Eco Green Lighting, Inc., Sun Valley

Electronic Hardware Ltd., North Hollywood

Electronic Systems Design, Inc., San Fernando

Elliott Metal Fabrication, Inc., North Hollywood

Emmy Magazine, North Hollywood

Empire Optical Of California, North Hollywood

Encore Cases, Inc., Sun Valley

Enviro-Intercept, Inc., North Hollywood

ESP Shibuya Enterprises, North Hollywood

European Meat Specialties, Inc., North Hollywood

Event Apparel, Sun Valley

Everly Music Co., Inc., North Hollywood

Excalibur Printing, Sun Valley

Exotic Granite & Marble, Inc., Sun Valley

Exquisite Surfaces, LLC, Sun Valley

EZ-CD, Inc., San Fernando

Ezee Mfg. Co., Inc., North Hollywood

F & L Machine, Inc., Pacoima

F D M Engineering, Inc., Sun Valley

Fabritec, LLC, North Hollywood

Fan Disc Corp., Sun Valley

Fastenal Co., Sun Valley

Fastener Technology Corp., North Hollywood

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Newhall

Ferguson Fire & Fabrication, Inc., North Hollywood

FilterCor, Inc., Sun Valley

Fiotration Technology Group, San Fernando

First Press, North Hollywood

Flannery, Inc., San Fernando

Flerrito's, Inc., Sylmar

Fontal Controls, Inc., Sylmar

Forgiato, Inc., Sun Valley

Fox Printing Co., Inc., Sun Valley

Francini, Inc., Sun Valley

Frazier Aviation, Inc., San Fernando

Frederick Sheet Metal, North Hollywood

Future Graphics Imaging Corp., San Fernando

G & A Precision, North Hollywood

G & H Precision Machining, North Hollywood

G2 Graphic Service, Inc., North Hollywood

GAHH, LLC, North Hollywood

Gaspar's, Inc., North Hollywood

General Wax & Candle Co., North Hollywood

German Auto Tops, Inc., North Hollywood

Ghost Light Industries, Inc., San Fernando

Gibraltar Plastic Products Corp., San Fernando

Gladstone Finishing, Sylmar

Glendale Plumbing & Fire Supply, Inc., Sun Valley

Glima, Inc., North Hollywood

Global Aerospace Technology Corporation, Sylmar

Global Bakeries, Inc., Pacoima

Goldak, Inc., Sylmar

Golden State Tool & Die, North Hollywood

Graciana Tortilla Factory, Sylmar

Grand Prints, North Hollywood

Graphic Finishes, Inc., Sun Valley

Gryphon Corporation, Sylmar

H & H Auto Parts Wholesale, Pacoima

H2L Fashion, North Hollywood

Haimetal Duct, Inc., Sun Valley

Hambro Industries, San Fernando

Hanson Brass, Inc., Sun Valley

Hawker Pacific Aerospace, Sun Valley

Hays Press, Earl, Sun Valley

Hemberger Graphics, North Hollywood

Higby Engineering, James, San Fernando

High Tech Machining, Pacoima

Hillebrand Tool & Die Co., North Hollywood

Holfam Corp., North Hollywood

Hollywood Mannequin Co., Inc., Pacoima

Hollywood Polymer Technology, Inc., San Fernando

Honeywell International Inc., North Hollywood

Hope Plastics Co., Inc., North Hollywood

Houston Rubber Co., Inc., Sylmar

Huntington Company, North Hollywood

Illusion Glass, Inc., Sun Valley

Independent Studio Service, LLC, Sunland

Indigo Dye House, Inc., North Hollywood

Industrial Battery Engineering, Inc., Sun Valley

Inline Distributing Co., Sylmar

Innovative Engineering, Sun Valley

Iron Master, San Fernando

Isaac's Iron Works, Inc., North Hollywood

ISU Petasys, Sylmar

Italmond Furniture, Sun Valley

J & A Tech, Arleta

J & B Electronic Door Service, Inc., Sun Valley

J & M Products, Inc., San Fernando

J & S Machine Works, Sylmar

J-N-K Services, Inc., North Hollywood

J. L. Shepherd and Associates, San Fernando

J. R.'S Professional Finishing, San Fernando

Jack's Iron Works, Sun Valley

Jay Mfg. Corp., North Hollywood

JB Britches, Inc., San Fernando

JD CMC, Inc., Sun Valley

JD3D Designs, Machining & MoldMaking, North Hollywood

JFK Co., Sun Valley

JKL Components Corp., Pacoima

Johanson Dielectrics, Inc., Sylmar

John's Ornamental Iron, Sun Valley

Johnson Marble Machinery, Inc., North Hollywood

JT Blinds, Inc., San Fernando

Junel Engineering Co., Sun Valley

Kalonite Sculpture Studio, North Hollywood

Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp., North Hollywood

Karoun Dairies, Inc., Sun Valley

KDL Precision Molding Corp., Pacoima

Ken's Broaching, Inc., Sun Valley

KenWalt Die Casting Co., Sun Valley

Kimdurla Inc., Sun Valley

Kinetic Die Casting, Inc., North Hollywood

Kitcor Corp., Sun Valley

KK Audio, Inc., North Hollywood

Klune Industries, Inc., North Hollywood

Kobi's Windows-N-Door Mfg., Inc., North Hollywood

Krieger Deburring Co., Inc., San Fernando

L J Die Casting Corp., Sun Valley

L N L Anodizing, Inc., Sun Valley

L3 Technologies, Inc., Sylmar

LA Gauge Co., Sun Valley

Lavash, Inc., Guy, Sylmar

Leather Pro, Inc., Sylmar

Ledeen Assocs., H. L., Sun Valley

Lee Mfg. Co., Sun Valley

LePera Enterprises, Inc., North Hollywood

Lexington Acquisition, Inc., Pacoima

Liberty Stone Co., Sun Valley

Lite-Weight Tool Mfg. Co., Sun Valley

Llamas Plastics, Inc., Sylmar

Lloyd Woodson Metal Cutting, Sun Valley

Lob-Ster, Inc., North Hollywood

Lobart Co., Pacoima

Los Angeles Molded Products Co., North Hollywood

Lowry's, Inc., Sun Valley

M & A Plastics, Inc., Sun Valley

M & E Precision, Inc., Sun Valley

M & R Plating Corp., Arleta

M V A Marble & Granite, Inc., Sun Valley

M.S. Aerospace, Inc., Sylmar

Mag-Trol Assocs., Inc., San Fernando

Make-Up Effect Labs, North Hollywood

Manzano Cabinets, Inc., North Hollywood

Mar Engineering, North Hollywood

Marco Fireplace Distributing, North Hollywood

Mark Engineering & Development, LLC, North Hollywood

Martin Roll Label, North Hollywood

Mason Electric Co., Sylmar

Master Craft Iron Work, Inc., North Hollywood

Masters Fx, Inc., Arleta

Matech, Inc., Sylmar

Material Supplies Distributing, Inc., Arleta

Mayoni Enterprises, Pacoima

Meco-Nag Co., North Hollywood

Medical Illumination, Inc., San Fernando

Meggitt (North Hollywood), Inc., North Hollywood

Merle Norman Cosmetics, Inc., Sylmar

Metal Improvement Company, LLC, North Hollywood

Metalite Manufacturing Company, Pacoima

Mid Valley Grinding Co., Inc., North Hollywood

Miller Gasket Co., San Fernando

MOC Products Co., Inc., Pacoima

Moda Lighting Co., North Hollywood

Model Printing, Inc., North Hollywood

Modern Aire Ventilating, Inc., North Hollywood

Modern Studio Equipment, Inc., North Hollywood

Modern-Aire Ventilating, Inc, North Hollywood

Modular Communication Systems, North Hollywood

Mogul Mfg., LLC, San Fernando

Molding Corporation Of America, Pacoima

Motion Industries, Inc., San Fernando

Motion Industries, Inc., Sun Valley

Muller California, Inc., Sylmar

Mygrant Glass Co., San Fernando

Nelson Thread Grinding, Inc., North Hollywood

Neodontics, Inc., Sun Valley

Nettmann Systems International, Inc., San Fernando

Newton Fabrication, Sunland

Norm's Studio Corp., Sun Valley

Northridge Mills, Inc., San Fernando

Norths Bakery California, Inc., North Hollywood

Now Image Printing, San Fernando

Nu-Hope Laboratories, Inc., Pacoima

Nupla Corporation, Sun Valley

Nycote Laboratories Corp., North Hollywood

O P I Products Inc., North Hollywood

Omnical, Inc., San Fernando

Onnik Shoe Co., North Hollywood

Orange Bang, Inc., Sylmar

Organization For Strategic Studies, Inc., Tujunga

Over N Over Ready Mix, Inc., Sun Valley

Pacific Continental Engines, Inc., Pacoima

Pacific Fixture Co., Inc., Sylmar

Pacific Plastics Design, Inc., Sylmar

Pacific Plating, Sun Valley

Pacific Precision Straightening, Sun Valley

Pacific Prosthetics Orthotics, Santa Clarita

Pacific Sky Supply, Inc., Sun Valley

Pacific Wire Products, Inc., North Hollywood

Pacobond, Inc., Sun Valley

Paint Specialists,, Inc., Sun Valley

Panel Shop, The, San Fernando

Pasha's Die Co., Inc., Sun Valley

Peen-Rite, Inc., Sun Valley

Phillips Plywood Co., Inc., Pacoima

Photo Chem Etch Corp., Sun Valley

Pillar Precision Grinding, Sylmar

Pinnacle Designs, San Fernando

PIP Printing, Sun Valley

Plastic Form, Inc., North Hollywood

PMC Global, Inc., Sun Valley

Polytone Musical Instruments, North Hollywood

Powerhouse Entertainment, North Hollywood

PPG Aerospace, Sylmar

PPG Aerospace/PRC-DeSoto International, Inc., Sylmar

Praxair Distribution, Inc., North Hollywood

Precision Design Products, Pacoima

Precision Engineered Products, Sunland

Preferred Packaging, Inc., Sun Valley

Preferred Printing & Consulting, Sylmar

Premier Lighting & Production Co., North Hollywood

Pride Enterprises, Inc., North Hollywood

Prime Plating/Prime Plating Aerospace, Sun Valley

Print Scape, Sylmar

Production Saw, Sun Valley

Production Turning Co., North Hollywood

Professional Print Shop, North Hollywood

Publishers' Engraving Co., Inc., Arleta

PureTek Corporation, Panorama City

Pyramid Powder Coating, Inc., Sun Valley

Quadra-Plex, Inc., North Hollywood

Quallion LLC, Sylmar

R & I Granite & Marble, North Hollywood

R A Machine, North Hollywood

R L Anodizing, Sun Valley

Raika, North Hollywood

Record Crank Shaft Grinding, Pacoima

Recycled Aggregate Materials, Inc., Sun Valley

Reel E F X, Inc., North Hollywood

Reflection Shoes, Sun Valley

Refrigeration Hardware Supply Corporation, Sun Valley

Regal Fasteners, Inc., San Fernando

REM Optical Company, Inc., Sun Valley

Richard Williams Interior Services, Sun Valley

Ricon Corp., San Fernando

Rigger Engineering Co., Inc., Sylmar

S & K Theatrical Draperies, Inc., North Hollywood

S & R CNC Machining, North Hollywood

S. B. Precision Grind, Inc., Pacoima

SA Recycling, LLC, Sun Valley

Sada Systems, Inc., North Hollywood

Sanchez Frame & Upholstery, Sun Valley

Santana Formal Accessories, Inc., San Fernando

Schecter Guitar Research, Inc., Sun Valley

Schneider's Mfg., Sun Valley

Schroeder Valve & Repair, Inc., North Hollywood

SDI Industries, Inc., Pacoima

Sealing Corp., North Hollywood

Sheehan Foundry, Inc., Sun Valley

Sheffield Manufacturing, Inc., Chino

Sichel Promotional Sportswear, North Hollywood

Sierracin/Sylmar Corporation, Sylmar

Sitech, Arleta

Six Eleven Ltd., Inc., North Hollywood

Skaug Truck Body Works, Inc., San Fernando

Skin Act, Sun Valley

SoCal-Metal Works, LLC, Sylmar

Solara Engineering, Sun Valley

Southland Stone USA, Inc., North Hollywood

Southwest Moulding, Inc., Sun Valley

Spa De Soleil, Sun Valley

Spartan Truck Co., Inc., Sun Valley

Spears Mfg. Co., Sylmar

Speciality Coatings & Chemicals, Inc., North Hollywood

Specialty International, Sun Valley

Spectrolab, Inc., Sylmar

Speedway Engineering, Sylmar

Spilsbury Precision Co., Pacoima

Spira Manufacturing Corp., North Hollywood

SSCOR, Inc., Sun Valley

St. Jude Medical, Inc., Cardiac Rhythm Management Div., Sylmar

Stereostone, Inc., North Hollywood

Stone Gallery, Inc., The, Sun Valley

Studio Art & Technology, Sunland

Studwell Engineering, Inc., Sun Valley

Sugar Foods Corp., Sun Valley

Sun Valley Skylights, Inc., Pacoima

Sundial Industries, Sun Valley

Sunland Print & Copy Center, Tujunga

Superior Auto Extras, Sylmar

Superior T-Shirts, Pacoima

Superior Thread Rolling Co., Arleta

Tate Shoes, Sun Valley

Tecfar Mfg., Inc., Sun Valley

Technical Heaters Thermolab, San Fernando

Teltec Alarms, Inc., Tujunga

Tempco Engineering, Inc., Sun Valley

The Flamemaster Corporation, Pacoima

The QUIKRETE Cos., Inc., Sun Valley

The Sterling Collection, Inc., San Fernando

Thermal Technology, LLC, Santa Rosa

Thomas Graphics, North Hollywood

Tiger Mfg. & Development, Sun Valley

TIMCO Aerosystem, Pacoima

Timely Industries, Pacoima

Topaz Lighting & Electric, San Fernando

Totally Kids, Sun Valley

Totally Nuts & Bolts, North Hollywood

Trico Sports, Inc., Sylmar

Trimknit, Sun Valley

Triumph Precision Products, San Fernando

Ultra Marble & Granite, Inc., Sun Valley

Ultra-Form System Cabinetry, Inc., North Hollywood

Unique World, Inc., Pacoima

United Audio Video Group, Inc., North Hollywood

Universal City/North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, North Hollywood

V M G Engineering, Inc., San Fernando

Valley Business Printers, Inc., Sylmar

Valley Friction Materials, North Hollywood

Valley Ice Co., San Fernando

Valley Metal Supply, Sylmar

Valley Mfg. & Engineering, Sun Valley

Valterra Products, Inc., Mission Hills

Vector Electronics & Technology, Inc., North Hollywood

Velo Metal Stamping Co., Pacoima

Victory Cinevideo Battery Corp., North Hollywood

Villa's Mfg., Inc., North Hollywood

Vita-Nova Mosaic, Inc., Pacoima

Vitamin Institute, North Hollywood

VT Architectural, Inc., Sun Valley

W Machine Works, Inc., San Fernando

W. M. Creations, Inc., North Hollywood

Walker Design, Inc., Sun Valley

Walker Zanger, Sun Valley

Wayne Tool & Die Co., Sylmar

We-Cel Creations, San Fernando

Weldco Mfg. Inc., North Hollywood

Wells Mfg., Inc., Sun Valley

West On Letters, North Hollywood

Western Equipment, San Fernando

Western States Packaging, Inc., Pacoima

Wild Side West, Inc., San Fernando

Williams Foam, Inc., Sylmar

Williams Mfg. Co., Inc., Sylmar

Wilshire Precision Products, North Hollywood

Wilson Engineering, Inc., Sylmar

Woodworking By Degree, San Fernando

World Of Awnings & Canopies, Inc., Sun Valley

Wright Color Graphics, Sun Valley

Xentric Drapery Hardware, Inc., Pacoima

Yeraz Printing, North Hollywood

Young's Iron Works, Inc., Sun Valley

Z F Marble, Inc., Sun Valley

Zenith Mfg., Sun Valley

Zerran International Corp., Pacoima

Zetlian Bakery, Inc., Sun Valley