Rob Bonta Assembly District 18, Democrat


Term limit: 2024


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-2018
Fax: (916) 651-2118

Assembly Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 55%
Republican: 22%
Other: 23%

District makeup
Inverted U-shaped district in west-central Alameda County encompassing San Leandro, Hayward, Dublin, most of Castro Valley (75%) and Pleasanton (62%) and a small portion (7%) of Oakland.

Source: California Target Book


382 manufacturers in AD 18. CMTA members are highlighted

21st Amendment Brewery Cafe LLC, San Leandro

AB & I Foundry, Oakland

ABB Concise, Alameda

Abbott Diabetes Care, Alameda

Able Sheet Metal, Inc., Los Angeles

Advanced Grinding, Inc., Oakland

Adventure Medical Kits, LLC, Oakland

Agribag, Inc., Oakland

Agriculture Bag Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc., Oakland

AJW Construction, Oakland

Alameda Chamber of Commerce, Alameda

Allcells, LLC, Alameda

Allergy Research Group, Inc., Alameda

Allied Fire Protection, Oakland

Alumatherm, Inc., Oakland

Alumatherm, Inc., Oakland

Amazing Stone, Inc., San Leandro

America's Best Coffee Roasting, Oakland

American Underwater Products, San Leandro

American Widgeon, San Leandro

Andritz Separation, Inc., San Leandro

Applied Fusion, Inc., San Leandro

Aqua Metals, Inc., Alameda

Architectural Models, Inc., Oakland

Arizmendi Cooperative, Inc., Oakland

Arrow Sign Co., Oakland

Art Craft Mfg., Oakland

Art Sign Co., The, Oakland

Artisan Mfg., Oakland

Ashlock Co., Div. Of Vistan Corp., San Leandro

Associated Aerospace Activities, Inc., San Francisco

Attorney's BriefCase, Inc., Oakland

Axon Printing, Inc., San Leandro

B Z Engineering, Inc., San Leandro

Babette, Inc., Oakland

Baby List, Inc., Oakland

Baker Marble & Granite Co., Inc., Oakland

Bakery Street, Inc., San Leandro

Barstad & Donicht, Inc., San Leandro

Bay Area Engine Exchange, Inc., Oakland

Bay Area Rapid Press, Oakland

Bay Bolt Co., Oakland

Bay Concepts, Inc., Oakland

Bay Ship & Yacht Co., Alameda

Bayfab Metals, Inc., San Leandro

BCH Mfg. Co., Oakland

Bearing Engineering Co., San Leandro

Best Concrete Steps, San Leandro

BioTime, Inc., Alameda

Biscotti, Inc., Oakland

Bob's Iron, Inc., Oakland

Borden Lighting, San Leandro

Botner Mfg. Co., Inc., San Leandro

Breezyprint Corp., Oakland

Bridge Analyzers, Inc., Alameda

Brookfield Box Co., Inc., Emeryville

Bulling Metal Works, Inc., San Leandro

C & H Concrete Specialties Co., San Leandro

C M B, Inc., Oakland

Cable Moore, Inc., Oakland

California Cereal Products, Inc., Oakland

California Coating Laboratory, San Leandro

California Efficiency Demand Management Council, Santa Rosa

Cass, Inc., Oakland

Cast Aluminum & Brass Corp., San Leandro

Cat Rental Power, San Leandro

Caterpillar, San Leandro

Celera Group, Alameda

Challenge Dairy Products, Inc., San Leandro

Channel Systems, Inc., Oakland

Chemical Compounding Co., Inc., Oakland

Chi Fung Plastics, Inc., Oakland

City of Alameda, Alameda

City of Oakland - Business Development Services, Oakland

City of San Leandro - Community Development, San Leandro

Clamp Swing Pricing Co., Inc., Oakland

Clear-Com LLC, Alameda

Clock Shop, The, Alameda

CLP Specialty, Oakland

Coca-Cola Bottling Of Calif, Oakland

Coca-Cola Refreshment, Inc., San Leandro

Columbia Graphix, San Leandro

Columbia Machine Works, Oakland

Comco Sheet Metal Co., Oakland

ConAgra, Inc., Oakland

Continental Machine Works, Inc., Oakland

Continental Western Corp., San Leandro

Copy Plus, Oakland

Cosmetic Chemists, Inc., Oakland

Creative Energy Foods, Inc., Oakland

Creative Wood Products, Inc., Oakland

Cultured Marble Products, Inc., San Leandro

Custom Blenders Corporation, Pleasanton

Custom EDM, LLC, San Leandro

D & B Machine, San Leandro

Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal Co., Oakland

Dashe Wine Cellars, LLC, Oakland

DC Optical Laboratory, San Leandro

Defensor Co., Inc., San Leandro

Design Workshops, Oakland

Diamond Mfg. Corp., San Leandro

Diamond Tool & Die, Inc., Oakland

Digicom, Oakland

Dimond Printers, Oakland

Direct Stone Importers, San Leandro

Diversified Metal Mfg., San Leandro

Dobake Bakeries Inc., Oakland

Douglas Electronics, Inc., San Leandro

Doyle Marine, Alameda

Drive Line Service Of San Leandro, San Leandro

E O N Technologies, Inc., Alameda

E-D Coat, Inc., Oakland

E-Poly Star, Inc., San Leandro

Eandi Metal Works, Inc., Oakland

East Bay Blueprint, Oakland

East Bay Economic Development Alliance, Oakland

East Bay Express, Oakland

Edelstein Printing Co., San Leandro

EdSource Today, Oakland

Edwards Heat Treating Service, San Leandro

Edwards Welding, San Leandro

EEPAC Inc., San Leandro

Empire Paper Corp., Oakland

EMS Pacific, Inc., San Leandro

En Novative Technologies, Inc., Oakland

Energy Recovery, Inc., San Leandro

EPAC Technologies, Inc., San Leandro

Equipment Fabricating Corp., Oakland

Estates Mattress Co., Oakland

Ettore Products Co., Alameda

Everett Graphics, Inc., Oakland

Excel Graphics, Alameda

Exotic Hardwoods & Veneers, Inc., Oakland

Fagerroos Engineering, Inc., San Leandro

Fastenal Co., San Leandro

Fastenal Co., Oakland


Feeney, Inc., Oakland

Fellowship Foundry, San Leandro

Firelight Glass, San Leandro

Fleenor Paper Co., Alameda

Florence Metal Products, Oakland

Fluoresco Lighting & Signs, Oakland

Fortune Cookie Factory, Oakland

French Metal, Inc., Chris, Oakland

Friant & Associates LLC, Oakland

FXI, Inc., San Leandro

Garner Heat Treat, Inc., Oakland

Gen-Star Industrial & Auto Electric, Oakland

General Foundry Service Corporation, San Leandro

General Grinding Co., Oakland

Georgia Pacific Gypsum, San Leandro

Georgia-Pacific Corp., San Leandro

Ghirardelli Chocolate, San Leandro

Give Something Back, Inc., Oakland

GM Associates, Inc., Oakland

GMS Global, Inc., San Leandro

Gold Seal Plating, Oakland

Golden Gate Litho, Oakland

Golden Plastics Corp., Oakland

Golden West Envelope Co., Oakland

Gonsel's Machine Shop, Oakland

Goodwood Cabinets, San Leandro

Hafer Tool Co., Inc., Oakland

Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc., Oakland

Hanna, Brophy, MacLean, McAleer & Jensen LLP, Oakland

Hill & Sons, San Leandro

Hills Newspapers, Alameda

HNS Sewing Co., Oakland

Hodo, Inc., Oakland

Hoffmeyer Co., Inc., San Leandro

Hogin Sails, Alameda

Holt Graphic Arts, Inc., Oakland

Hub Assocs., Inc., Oakland

Hund Welding & Machining, Oakland

Hydrapak, Inc., Oakland

Independent Electric Supply, Inc., San Leandro

India West Newspaper, Inc., San Leandro

Infocom Group, Oakland

Insite Vision, Inc., Alameda

Instone Marble & Granite, LLC, San Leandro

Inter-City Printing Co., Inc., Oakland

International Paper Co., San Leandro

Intertile Distributors, Inc., San Leandro

Intertool, San Leandro

INX Digital International Co., San Leandro

Japan Engine, Inc., San Leandro

Johansing Iron Works, Oakland

Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp., San Leandro

Karin's Kwik Print, San Leandro

Kay Chesterfield Mfg. Co., Oakland

Keenan Supply, Oakland

Kennerley-Spratling, Inc., San Leandro

Keyston Bros., San Leandro

Kingway Construction Supplies, Inc., San Leandro

Kitanica LLC, Oakland

Kizanis Cabinets, San Leandro

Kloeckner Metals Corporation, Oakland

Komatsu Forklift USA, Oakland

Korea Times San Francisco, Inc., Oakland

KP LLC, San Leandro

L & D Printing, Inc., Oakland

L S W Cutting & Sewing Service, Oakland

Labcomp, San Leandro

Lakeside Nonferrous Metals Co., Oakland

Larsen Bros. Lumber Co., San Leandro

Laser Machining Center, Inc., San Leandro

Leeway Iron Works, Inc., San Leandro

Lightech Fiberoptic, Inc., San Leandro

Lite-Minder Co., San Leandro

Litho-Process Co., Alameda

Loard's Ice Cream, Inc., San Leandro

Lucchesi Art Studio, Inc., San Leandro

Lumedx Corp., Oakland

M T Metal Fabrication, San Leandro

M V P Sports & Recreation, Inc., San Leandro

MacArthur Co., Oakland

MACH Energy, Oakland

Madewell Products, San Leandro

Magdeberg Systems Corp., San Leandro

Maisons Marques & Domaines USA, Inc., Oakland

Marathon Products, Inc, San Leandro

Matthews Packaging Graphics, Alameda

Medical Instrument Development Laboratories, Inc., San Leandro

Melrose Metal Finishing & Painting, Oakland

Metro Poly Corp., San Leandro

Mettler-Toledo Rainin, LLC, Oakland

Mi Rancho Tortilla Factory, San Leandro

Monterey Mechanical Co., Oakland

Moz Designs, Inc., Oakland

Mr. Plastics, San Leandro

Mun Mfg. Co., Oakland

Mygrant Glass Co., Oakland

Nano-Tex, Inc., Oakland

National Recycling Corp., Oakland

New Desserts, Inc., Oakland

New England Lead Burning Company, San Leandro

Niman Ranch, Inc., Alameda

Nisei Plastics, Oakland

Nor-Cal Metal Fabricators, Oakland

Nor-Cal Waste Equipment Co., Inc., San Leandro

Norcal Design & Mfg. Co., San Leandro

Norcal Seafood, Oakland

Norco Printing, San Leandro

Numi Organic Tea, Oakland

Nzilani Glass Conservation, Oakland

Oakland Machine Works, Oakland

Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Oakland

Oakland Private Industry Council, Oakland

Oberti Wholesale Foods, Inc., San Leandro

Olson & Co. Steel, San Leandro

Open Sesame Door Systems, Inc., San Leandro

Oriental Odysseys, Inc., San Leandro

Otis Spunkmeyer, Inc., San Leandro

Otto Frei-Jules Borel, Inc., Oakland

Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc., Oakland

P. K. Safety Supply, Alameda

Pacific Bolt Co., Inc., San Leandro

Pacific Coast Laboratories, Inc., San Leandro

Pacific Galvanizing, Oakland

Pacific Paper Tube, Inc., Stockton

Pan American Enterprises, Inc., Oakland

Paramount Export Co., Oakland

PCC Structurals, San Leandro, San Leandro

Peerless Coffee Company, Inc., Oakland

Peralta Community College (Laney College), Oakland

Peterson Power Systems, Inc., San Leandro

Peterson Tractor Co., San Leandro

Pineapple Sails, Inc., Alameda

Placemaking Group, Oakland

Plazita Schools, Inc., Oakland

Plywood & Lumber Sales, Inc., Oakland

Polarion Software, Inc., Alameda

Polymeric Technology, Inc., San Leandro

Post Newspaper Group, Oakland

Precision Graphics, San Leandro

Precision Metal Tooling, Oakland

Pressure Cast Products, Oakland

Prime Smoked Meats, Inc., Oakland

Production Robotics, San Leandro

Puglia Engineering California, Alameda

Pyxis Laboratories, Inc., San Leandro

QED Environmental Systems, Inc., San Leandro

Quinn Power Systems, San Leandro

R & R Home Improvement Products, Oakland

R. M. Dental Ceramics, San Leandro

Rago & Son, Inc., Oakland

Real Estate Communication Resources, Alameda

Reliable Powder Coating, San Leandro

Renovare International, Inc., Alameda

Reprint Mint, San Leandro

Rex Custom Cabinet Shop, Oakland

RGB Spectrum, Alameda

Rideable Bicycle Replicas, Inc., Alameda

Ridge Cast Metals Corp., San Leandro

Right Away Redy Mix, San Jose

Rip-Tie, Inc., San Leandro

RJR Polymers, Inc., Oakland

Rocky Mountain Wholesale, Inc., Alameda

Romi Enterprises, San Leandro

Rotex Punch Co., Inc., San Leandro

Rotometals, Inc., San Leandro

Russo Windows & Doors, Inc., Oakland

S & C Electric Co., Alameda

Saag's Specialty Meats, San Leandro

Safeway, Inc., San Leandro

San Leandro Chamber of Commerce, San Leandro

San Leandro Times, San Leandro

Savnik & Co., Oakland

Scandic Springs, Inc., San Leandro

Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc., Oakland

Scientific Platers, Inc., Oakland

Scotia Tool & Machine, Inc., San Leandro

Semifreddi's, Alameda

Seven Up Bottling Co., San Leandro

Sheila Moon Athletic Apparel, LLC, Oakland

Sign-A-Rama, San Leandro

Simco-Ion Technology Group, Alameda

Singulex, Inc., Alameda

Siu's Products & Distribution, Inc., Oakland

SKS Die Casting & Machining, Alameda

Sky Blue Bio-Fuels, LLC, Oakland

Somerset Studios, San Leandro

Spar Sausage Co., Inc., San Leandro

Specialty Graphics, Inc., San Leandro

St. George Spirits, Inc., Alameda

Standard Saw Works, Inc., Oakland

Stewart Superior Corp., San Leandro

StoneRiver, Inc., Oakland

Studio Fathom, Oakland

Sturla, Inc., San Leandro

Sun Chemical Corp., San Leandro

Sunrise Specialty Co., Oakland

Super Print, Oakland

Svendsen's Boat Works, Alameda

T K & Assocs., Inc., San Leandro

TAP Plastics, Inc., San Leandro

Tata Enterprises, Inc., Alameda

Tepa Iron Works, Oakland

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The Clorox Company, Oakland

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corp., San Leandro

Tini Alloy Co., San Leandro

Tire Distribution Systems, Inc., Oakland

TMC Financing, Oakland

Transport Graphics, San Leandro

Tri Sheet Metal, Oakland

TriNet Group, Inc., San Leandro

Turner Tooling, San Leandro

United Textile, Inc., San Leandro

University Of California Press, Oakland

US Ink Corp., San Leandro

US Superior Stone & Tile, Inc., San Leandro

Valley Ink & Printing Supplies, San Leandro

Van Sark, Inc., San Leandro

Veronica Foods Co., Oakland

VF Outdoor, LLC, Alameda

Vigilent Corporation, Oakland

Vincent Electric Motor Co., Oakland

Voila Juice Co., Oakland

Volvo Construction Equipment & Services, San Leandro

Vulpine, Inc., Oakland

W S Sewing Co., Oakland

Wallace Fashion, Oakland

Weichhart Stamping Co., Oakland

Wellwin Ltd., Oakland

West Coast Novelty Group, Alameda

West Coast Ship Supply, LLC, Oakland

West Coast Wire Rope & Rigging, Oakland

Western Colloid N C, Inc., Oakland

Wheel Service, Oakland

Whelan Engineering Co., Oakland

White Bros., Oakland

Will's Fresh Foods, San Leandro

Wind River Systems, Inc., Alameda

Wood Tech, Inc., Oakland

Word Factory, The, Alameda

Wycen Foods, Inc., San Leandro

Xchanger Manufacturing Corp., Oakland

Xintec Corporation, Alameda

Zhone Technologies, Oakland

Zuo Modern Contemporary, Inc., San Leandro