Anna Caballero Assembly District 30, Democrat


Term limit: 2018


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2030
Fax: (916) 319-2130

Assembly Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 48%
Republican: 39%
Other: 13%

District makeup
A sliver (6%) of Fresno County encompassing the rural communities of Coalinga, Huron and Kingsburg; following Interstate Highway 5 to include all of Kings County and a northern portion (30%) of Kern County encompassing Arvin, McFarland, Shafter, Wasco, and a small (15%) eastern portion of Bakersfield; a small part (11%) of southwestern Tulare County, encompassing rural areas south of Visalia.

Source: California Target Book


322 manufacturers in AD 30. CMTA members are highlighted

A & J Machining Inc., Morgan Hill

A H K Electronic Sheet Metal, Inc., Morgan Hill

Abrams Electronics Inc., Salinas

Accent Manufacturing, Inc., Gilroy

Advance Fabrication, Inc., Morgan Hill

Advanced Machining Techniques, Inc., Morgan Hill

Advanced Steel Fabrication, Inc., Salinas

Advantage Truss Company, LLC, Hollister

Aer-Dan Precision, Inc., Morgan Hill

Aera Energy, Sacramento

Aera Energy, LLC, Bakersfield

Airaya Corp., Morgan Hill

Airgas USA LLC, Salinas

Altanova Manufacturing, Inc., Morgan Hill

Alternative Office Solutions, Inc., Morgan Hill

AMCS, Inc., Gilroy

American Casting Co., Inc., Hollister

American Steel & Stairways, Inc., Gilroy

Anaerobe Systems, Inc., Morgan Hill

Andrews Blueprint, Inc., Salinas

Annieglass, Inc., Watsonville

Anritsu Co., Morgan Hill

Apex Signs, Salinas

Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc., Salinas

Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc., Watsonville

Applied Wireless Identifications Group, Inc., Morgan Hill

Architectural Facades Unlimited, Gilroy

ATEC Systems Inc., Hollister

B & J Precision Sheet Metal, Morgan Hill

Bare Wood Works, Watsonville

Bay Centerless Grinding Co., Inc., Hollister

Bay Sheets, Gilroy

Bernardus Winery, Carmel Valley

Bill's Precision Machining, Santa Clara

Black Stone Metal, Salinas

Blossom Valley Foods Inc., Gilroy

C & J Engineering, Inc., San Martin

C & M Machine Shop, Salinas

California Kitchen Cabinet Door Corporation, Morgan Hill

California PC Products, Inc., Hollister

California Silk Screening Co., Gilroy

Care Wise Medical Products, Morgan Hill

Casey Printing, Inc., King City

Central California Ornamental, Hollister

Chalgren Enterprises, Inc., Gilroy

Chameleon Books & Journals, Inc., Gilroy

Chaparral Signs, Morgan Hill

Chase V P, Morgan Hill

Cienega Valley Winery, Hollister

Cimino's Cabinet Doors, Inc., Hollister

City of Gonzales, Gonzales

City of Morgan Hill, Morgan Hill

City of Soledad, Soledad

ClearBlu Environmental, Watsonville

Clos La Chance Wines, Inc., San Martin

CNR Machining, Gilroy

Conatser Welding, Lee, King City

Container Consulting Service, Inc., Gilroy

Converted Organics Of California, LLC, Gonzales

Cooper Mfg., Bradley

Corbin Pacific, Inc., Hollister

Coretest Systems, Inc., Morgan Hill

County of Monterey Economic Development, Salinas

Creative Labels, Inc., Gilroy

Crescent Mfg. Co., LLC, Watsonville

Crown Millwork, San Martin

Custom Chrome, Inc., Morgan Hill

Custom Metal Products, Inc., Gilroy

D & A Engineering, San Martin

D'Arrigo Bros. Co., Salinas

D3 Signs & Plastics, Salinas

DeBrito Chocolate Factory, Hollister

Del Mar Food Products Corp., Watsonville

Del Mar Seafoods, Inc., Watsonville

Delta-V Ceramic Technology, Inc., Morgan Hill

Design Line & Granger, Hollister

Diageo Winery, Paicines

Digital View, Inc., Morgan Hill

Dole Food Company, Inc., Salinas

Dole Fresh Vegetables Co., Soledad

Dolphin Natural Chocolates, Watsonville

Edward R. Bacon Co., Inc., San Martin

El Camino Machine & Welding, Salinas

Elecraft, LLC, Watsonville

Empire Cabinet Shop, Hollister

Express Metals, Inc., Gilroy

Express Printing, Salinas

Eyasco, Inc., Watsonville

Farr West Fashions, Watsonville

Fastenal Co., Watsonville

Femco, Hollister

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Gilroy

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Hollister

FETtest, Inc., Morgan Hill

Finesse Mills, LLC, Watsonville

Fluid Industrial Mfg., Inc., Morgan Hill

Fortino Winery, Inc., Gilroy

Fox Factory, Inc., Watsonville

Franklin Mechanical & Controls, Inc., Hollister

Ful-Flav-R Food Products Co., Inc., Morgan Hill

Full Spectrum Machining, Inc., Gilroy

Gablin Welding, Inc., Hollister

Galante Family Winery, Carmel Valley

Gavilan Printers, LLC, Salinas

George Chiala Farms, Morgan Hill

Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, Gilroy

Gilroy EDC, Gilroy

Gilroy Generators, Gilroy

Gilroy Screen Printing Co., Gilroy

Girardi Bearing Co., Inc., Salinas

Global Navigation & Engineering, Big Sur

Golden Sheaf Bread Co., Watsonville

Golden State Vintners, Inc., Soledad

Gonzales Machine & Forge, Inc., Gonzales

Granite Construction, Inc., Watsonville

Granite Rock Co., Watsonville

Greif, Inc., Morgan Hill

Growers Ice Co., Salinas

Guglielmo Winery, Emilio, Morgan Hill

H C S I, Morgan Hill

H. A. Rider & Sons, Watsonville

Hahn Estate, Soledad

Harris Corporation, Morgan Hill

Head'N Home, Inc., Watsonville

Heartwood Cabinets, Gilroy

Heatwave Labs, Inc., Watsonville

Hecker Pass Winery, Gilroy

Heinzen Mfg., Gilroy

Ideal Environmental Products, Gilroy

Industrial Machine Shop, Salinas

Industrial Pump Shop, Inc., Salinas

International Horticultural, Hollister

International Paper Co., Salinas

Island Ceramic Grinding, Gilroy

Jefsen Co., W. L., Watsonville

Jongbloed Racing, Inc., Morgan Hill

Kalman Mfg., Inc., Morgan Hill

Kendall-Jackson Monterey Winery, Soledad

King City Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture, King City

L A Hearne Co., King City

La Ganga Especial, Watsonville

Lander Mfg., David, Gilroy

Large's Metal Fabrication, Inc., Watsonville

Larson Steel, Inc., Gilroy

Lartech, Inc., Morgan Hill

Laughton's Cabinet, Salinas

Leal Vineyards, Hollister

Lease Wholesale Plumbing, Inc., A. L., Watsonville

Leavitt Group, Salinas

LensCrafters, Inc., Salinas

Lhoist North America, Salinas

Lime Engineering, Inc., Morgan Hill

Lin Engineering, Morgan Hill

Lucas Signatone Corp., Gilroy

M & J Precision, Morgan Hill

M & L Precision Machine, Inc., Morgan Hill

M & M Machining Co., Salinas

M D R Machine, Inc., Morgan Hill

Magnetic Circuit Elements, Inc., Salinas

Mainstreet Media Group, LLC, Gilroy

Mainstreet Media Group, LLC, Hollister

Makplate LLC, Gilroy

Mann Packing Co., Salinas

Marich Confectionery Company, Inc., Hollister

Marino's Automotive Machine Shop, Freedom

Marki Microwave, Inc., Morgan Hill

Martella's Printing, Salinas

Matthews Metal Products, Gilroy

MC Electronics, Inc., Hollister

McCormick & Company, Inc., Salinas

McKenzie Machining, Santa Clara

Metacrylics Energy Efficient Coatings, Gilroy

Metech Recycling, Gilroy

Micheli Custom Woodworks, Salinas

Miranda Wine, Gilroy

Mission Bell Mfg., Inc., Morgan Hill

Mission Controls Company, Inc, Gilroy

Mission Powder Coating, Inc., Gilroy

MK Ballistic Systems, Hollister

Monterey Bay Rebar, Watsonville

Monterey Fish Co., Inc., Salinas

Monterey Mushrooms, Inc., Watsonville

Monterey Peninsula Powder Coating & Metal Finishing, Salinas

Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce, Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill Plastics, Inc., Gilroy

Morgan Hill Precision, Inc., Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill Supply, Inc., Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill Times, Morgan Hill

Morris Steel Co., Inc., Hollister

Moss Signs, Hollister

Motion Industries, Inc., Salinas

Motion Industries, Inc., Gilroy

Natural Selection Foods, LLC, San Juan Bautista

Nature Quality Co., Hollister

Nisene Technology Group, Inc., Watsonville

Nordic Naturals, Watsonville

North Coast Medical, Inc., Gilroy

North County Industrial Machine Shop, Inc., Salinas

North, East, West & South Magnetic Corp., Morgan Hill

Nuno Iron & Mfg., Inc., King City

O'Brien Olson, Inc., Morgan Hill

OML, Inc., Morgan Hill

Organicgirl, LLC, Salinas

Ozeki Sake U. S. A., Inc., Hollister

Pacific Disc Grinding Co., Hollister

Pacific Diversified Insurance Services Inc., Gilroy

Pacific Interlock Pavingstone, Hollister

Pacific Materials Handling Solutions, Inc., Salinas

Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (California), Hollister

Pacific States Industries, Inc., Morgan Hill

Pacific Truck Parts, Salinas

Pajaro Valley Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture, Watsonville

Paraiso Vineyards, Soledad

Paramit Corporation, Morgan Hill

Pega Precision, Inc., Morgan Hill

Peninsula Tile & Marble, Inc., Salinas

Peninsula Upholstery, Inc., Salinas

Peralta's Machine Shop, Watsonville

Peterson Tractor Co., San Martin

Photoflex Products, Inc., Watsonville

Pierce Manifolds, Inc., Gilroy

Piranha Plastics, Inc., Gilroy

Post-Harvest Technologies, Salinas

Praxair, Inc., Salinas

Precision Dynamic Machining, Inc., Freedom

Precision Sheet Metal Products, Inc., Gilroy

Print Shop, The, Morgan Hill

Printing Spot, The, Gilroy

PTC Corp., Morgan Hill

Quail Buildings, Hollister

Quest Microwave, Inc., Morgan Hill

R E M Mfg., Inc., Gilroy

Ramsay Highlander, Inc., Gonzales

Rancho de Solis Winery, Gilroy

Rapid Printing Safeguard, Salinas

Register Pajaronian, Watsonville

Riva Marble & Granite, Watsonville

Rivers Del Rey, Inc., Gilroy

RMC Engineering Co., Inc., Gilroy

Robert Mann Packaging, Inc., Salinas

Robson Technologies, Inc., Morgan Hill

Rock-Tenn Co., Salinas

Rossi's Engine & Drive Train, Inc., Gilroy

Royal Circuit Solutions, Inc., Hollister

Royal Riders, Morgan Hill

S. Martinelli & Co., Watsonville

Saccullos Shower Door Mfg., Gilroy

Sage Blanc, Inc., Hollister

Sakata Seed America, Inc., Morgan Hill

Salinas Awning, Inc., Soledad

Salinas Meats, Salinas

Salinas Tallow Co., LLC, Salinas

Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce, Salinas

Salinas Valley Enterprise Zone, Salinas

Salinas Valley Wax Paper Co., Salinas

Sambrailo Packaging, Inc., Salinas

Sambrailo Packaging, Inc., Watsonville

San Benito Shutter Co., Inc., Hollister

Santa Cruz County Workforce Investment Board, Watsonville

Sarah's Vineyard A California Ltd. Partner, Gilroy

Scheid Vineyards, Inc., Greenfield

Schmid Thermal Systems Inc., Watsonville

Sea-Tek Precision Machined Products, Morgan Hill

Seagull Solutions, Inc., Morgan Hill

Serv-Aero Engineering, Inc., Salinas

Signs By Carl R. Westfall, Salinas

Silicon Exhibits, Gilroy

Silva Sausage Co., Inc., Gilroy

Sir Speedy Printing, Morgan Hill

Skimlite Mfg., Salinas

Slakey Bros., Inc., Salinas

Smart Products, Inc., Morgan Hill

Smith & Vandiver Corp, Watsonville

SMP Tech, Inc., Morgan Hill

Son Label, Inc., Hollister

South County Newspaper, LLC, King City

South Valley Manufacturing, Inc., Gilroy

Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc., Morgan Hill

Spectra-Mat, Inc., Watsonville

Starks Welding, Gilroy

Superior Foods Companies, Watsonville

Szalay Winery, Carmel Valley

T&P Aero Refinishers, Salinas

Tailgater, Inc., Salinas

Talamo Food Service, Inc., Morgan Hill

Talbott Vineyards, Inc., Gonzales

Tanimura & Antle, Inc., Salinas

Target Electronics, Inc., Morgan Hill

Taylor Farms, Inc., Salinas

Taztech Steel, Inc., Gilroy

Temple-Inland, Inc., Gilroy

TenCate Advanced Composites USA, Inc., Morgan Hill

Terrasat Communications, Inc., Morgan Hill

The Coast Distribution System, Inc., Morgan Hill

The Don Chapin Co., Inc., Plant 25, Hollister

The Neil Jones Food Company, Hollister

The Salinas Californian, Salinas

The Thomas Kinkade Co., Morgan Hill

Thor Electronics Of California, Salinas

TOTLCOM Inc., Watsonville

Tovar Industries, Hollister

Tri-County Business Systems, Salinas

True Leaf Farms, LLC, San Juan Bautista

Trufocus Corp., Watsonville

U-C Components, Inc., Morgan Hill

Ueberrhein Cabinets, Inc., Watsonville

US Technical Ceramic, Inc., Morgan Hill

Valley Fabrication, Inc., Salinas

Velodyne Acoustics, Inc., Morgan Hill

Vena Engineering Corp., Watsonville

Versaco Mfg., Inc., Gilroy

Von Giese & Son, Morgan Hill

Walker Street Pallets, LLC, Watsonville

Watsonville Coast Produce, Inc., Watsonville

Wente Vineyards, Greenfield

Wes-Der Wood Products, San Martin

West Marine, Inc., Watsonville

Westek Electronics, Inc., Watsonville

Wilder Machinery Co., Salinas

Williams Cabinet, Hollister

Williams Dental Lab, Inc., Gilroy

Willis Construction Co., Inc., San Juan Bautista