Ed Chau Assembly District 49, Democrat


Term limit: 2024


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2049
Fax: (916) 319-2149

Assembly Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 46%
Republican: 25.97%
Other: 28.03%

District makeup
San Gabriel Valley communities of Alhambra, El Monte, Monterey Park, Rosemead, San Gabriel, San Marino, South El Monte, and several unincorporated areas including North El Monte, South San Gabriel and East San Gabriel.

Source: California Target Book


221 manufacturers in AD 49. CMTA members are highlighted

A A A Engineering & Mfg Co., Arcadi

A B C Instant Printing, Rosemead

Ace Specialty Manufacturing Co Inc., Rosemead

Aero Powder Coating, Inc., Monterey Park

Aero-K, Inc., El Monte

Air Blast, Inc., Alhambra

Air Dreams Mattresses, El Monte

Alhambra Foundry Co. Ltd., Alhambra

All New Stamping Co., El Monte

Ameba Technology, Inc., Temple City

American Aerospace Materials, Alhambra

American Healthcare Products, Alhambra

Amertex International, Inc., Alhambra

Amex Die Cutting Service, Inc., South El Monte

Andari Fashion, Inc., El Monte

Andrews Hi-Tec Corp., South El Monte

Applied Coatings & Linings, Inc., El Monte

Aqua Aquarium, Alhambra

Arcadia Chamber of Commerce, Arcadia

Architectural Woodworking Co., Monterey Park

Arroyo Insurance Services, Inc., Arcadia

Automatic Fire Control, LLC, South El Monte

B & G Sheet Metal, Inc., Temple City

Bao Tong USA, Inc., Alhambra

Bendick Precision, Inc., Arcadia

Best Of Chums, Inc., Alhambra

Bind Rite & Artex, Inc., San Gabriel

Blue Sky Cabinet & Marble Co., Rosemead

Brown Jordan Company Limited Partnership, El Monte

C D L Spring Co., Inc., El Monte

C K Printing, Alhambra

California Hobby Distributors, Alhambra

Cameo Cosmetics Trading Co., Arcadia

Carl's Auto Electric, El Monte

Carrie Amber Intimates, Inc., El Monte

Case Parts Co., Monterey Park

Century Sewing Co., Alhambra

Chiang's Frames, El Monte

City of Arcadia, Arcadia

City of Monterey Park, Monterey Park

City of San Gabriel, San Gabriel

Coast Cutters Co., Inc., South El Monte

Coast To Coast Metal Finishing, Inc., Alhambra

Concord Bindery, Monterey Park

Cory Plastics Co., Inc., El Monte

Creative Mill Works, San Gabriel

Curve Line Metal Corp., South El Monte

D. D. Wire Co., Inc., Temple City

Danco Anodizing, Inc., Arcadia

Davis Restraint Systems, Inc., Alhambra

Decor Solution Enterprises, Inc., Arcadia

Del Mar Meat Co., Inc., San Gabriel

Desco Tools, San Gabriel

DP Insurance Agency Inc., San Gabriel

Dreher Machining, Arcadia

Driftwood Dairy, Inc., El Monte

Duncan Printing Co., Alhambra

Dynametric, Inc., Arcadia

E-Z-Hook, Arcadia

El Monte Printing, Inc., South El Monte

El Pavo Bakery, San Gabriel

Elena's Fashion, Monterey Park

Emperor Printing, Inc., South El Monte

Engineered Lighting Products, El Monte

Engineering Design Industries, Inc., South El Monte

Evans Speed Equipment, South El Monte

Evergreen Cultural Center, Monterey Park

Fabricast, Inc., South El Monte

Fadco Metal Products, Inc., Temple City

Fay & Quartermaine Machining Corp., El Monte

Fiebe's Tool & Die, Monterey Park

Five Star Gas & Gear, Inc., El Monte

Flexfirm Products, Inc., South El Monte

Fong's Graphics & Printing, Rosemead

Futon Pillow Design, South El Monte

GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems, Inc., Dallas

Graphic Color Systems, Inc., Monterey Park

H & H Specialties Inc., South El Monte

HCC Industries, Inc., Rosemead

Heateflex Corp., Arcadia

Hermetic Seal Corporation, Rosemead

Hong Kong Denim Design, Inc., South El Monte

Huy Fong Foods, Inc., Rosemead

I C B Mfg., Alhambra

Ideal Wire Works, Inc., Alhambra

Image Designer, Alhambra

Image Watches, Inc., Monterey Park

In Colour Cutting, Inc., Alhambra

Industrial Machine & Mfg. Co., Inc., El Monte

Inertech Supply Inc., Monterey Park

Infinity Watch Corp., Monterey Park

Inter Color Printing, South El Monte

J B Imprints, South El Monte

J J Mauget, Arcadia

J J Quality Printing, Monterey Park

J T & T Mfg., Inc., San Gabriel

J.T. Posey Company, Arcadia

Johnson Products, Inc., Arcadia

JOINTS, El Monte

Jolie Belts & Fashions, Alhambra

Kelly Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc., Alhambra

Kenny Sandblasting, Inc., South El Monte

KGS Electronics, Inc., Arcadia

Kustomer Kinetics, Inc., Arcadia

L 2 T, Inc., Alhambra

L A Web Offset Printing, Inc., El Monte

La Colonial Tortilla Products, Monterey Park

Lamasi Iron Works, El Monte

Lasting Impressions Printing, San Gabriel

Lith-O-Roll Corp., El Monte

Los Angeles County Community Development Commission, Alhambra

Los Angeles Window Display Co., Alhambra

Lotus Graphics & Printing, Rosemead

Lucky & Happy, Inc., San Gabriel

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc., Alhambra

M. Argueso & Co., Inc., Rosemead

M.Y118 Fashion, Inc., South El Monte

Mac's Printing, El Monte

Mag-Tran Equipment Corp., South El Monte

Mako, Inc., Monterey Park

Malcolite Corp., Monterey Park

Manufacturer's Service, Inc., South El Monte

Marking Methods, Inc., Alhambra

Marples Gears, Inc., San Gabriel

Martinsound, Inc., Alhambra

Master Designs Sofa, Inc., El Monte

McGuire Industries, Temple City

Meada Corp., El Monte

Meixinyi LLC dba D.K. Bakery, Alhambra

Mikelson Machine Shop, Inc., South El Monte

Mil-Spec Plating Corp., South El Monte

Miller Co., LC, Monterey Park

Miracle Sealants Company, LLC, Arcadia

Mission Fence & Patio Builders, Rosemead

Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Temple City

Monterey Printing, Monterey Park

Mueller Gages Co., San Gabriel

Multi W Systems, Inc., South El Monte

My-Long Sewing Machine Co., Alhambra

Neff Instruments LLC, Monterey Park

New Win Publishing, Inc., El Monte

Odyssey Innovative Designs Co., San Gabriel

Optic Arts, Inc., Monterey Park

Optics Laboratory, Inc., El Monte

Orchid Anzon, Arcadia

Orora North America, Alhambra

P & T Jewelry, Inc., South El Monte

Pacific Brake Bond, Inc., Monterey Park

Pacific Hardware Mfg. Co., South El Monte

Pacific LA Sales Inc., Monterey Park

Pacific Marine Systems, South El Monte

Pacific Times, Rosemead

Palladium Technical Academy, Temple City

Paste Up Supply, Temple City

Pemaco Metal Processing Corp., Alhambra

Phu Huong Inc., Alhambra

Picture Source / Hotelart, El Monte

Planit Enterprises, Alhambra

Plasmatech Co., South El Monte

Platt Quilting, L., El Monte

Print Spot, The, Monterey Park

Printers Parts Of Los Angeles, Arcadia

Prographics, Inc., Rosemead

Pronto Products Co., Arcadia

Quality Computers, Inc., San Gabriel

Quon Yick Noodle Company, Inc., El Monte

R & R Printing & Graphics Corp., Temple City

R P M Printing, Temple City

Ratigan, Inc., J. P., Monterey Park

Relton Corporation, Arcadia

Ria Design, Monterey Park

Riedon, Inc., Alhambra

Rigoli Pacific Co. Inc., Monterey Park

Rods Unfinished Furniture, Inc., Alhambra

Roofmaster Products Co., Monterey Park

Roselm Industries, Inc., South El Monte

Ross Name Plate Company, Monterey Park

Royal Industrial Cover Mfg, South El Monte

San Marino Tribune Co., Inc., San Marino

Sanchez & Sons Cabinets, Inc., San Gabriel

Santoshi Corp., South El Monte

Seaboard Industries, Inc., Monterey Park

Seng Cheang Mong Food Co., El Monte

Sense Fashion Corp., South El Monte

Shantel Medical Supply, Arcadia

Shield Chemicals, Inc., South El Monte

Siam Media, Inc., Rosemead

Sing Kung Corp., Arcadia

Sinicrope & Sons, Inc., Alhambra

Sol-Effect, Arcadia

Sorensen's Custom Metal Polishing, El Monte

Southern California Edison, Rosemead

Southern California Edison, Rosemead

Spanish Galleon, San Gabriel

Sparling Instruments, Inc., El Monte

Special Signs, San Gabriel

SRCO, Inc., South El Monte

Success Printing & Graphic, Inc., San Gabriel

Super Nature, Inc., El Monte

Supreme Steel Treating, Inc., South El Monte

Sweety Novelty Co., Monterey Park

Tee Top Of California, Inc., Arcadia

Temple City Chamber of Commerce, Temple City

The Gill Corporation, El Monte

The Plumbers Warehouse, San Gabriel

Thrifty Ice Cream, El Monte

Time Laboratories, Alhambra

Tools & Production Co., Temple City

Transgo, South El Monte

Tur-Bo-Jet Products Co., Inc., Rosemead

Union Technology Corp., Monterey Park

Unique Medical Supplies, Inc., Alhambra

Valley Monument Co., San Gabriel

Vulcan Industries, South El Monte

Wells Mfg. USA, Inc., El Monte

Westbag, Inc., Monterey Park

Win Fat Food, LLC, Monterey Park

World Journal LA, LLC, Monterey Park

Youbar, Inc., Monterey Park

YTC Summit International, Inc., Arcadia

Zeeni, Inc., Temple City