Phillip Chen Assembly District 55, Republican


Term limit: 2028


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2055
Fax: (916) 319-2155

District voter registration
Democrat: 55%
Republican: 24%
Other: 21%

District makeup
Los Angeles harbor areas of Harbor City and Wilmington, Carson, most (74%) of Lakewood, west and north portions (33%) of Long Beach, one pier in the Port of Long Beach, and the unincorporated West Carson.

Source: California Target Book


322 manufacturers in AD 55. CMTA members are highlighted

A. J. Oster West, Inc., Yorba Linda

Able Wire EDM, Inc., Brea

Accel Materials, Inc., Brea

Accurate Laminated Products, Placentia

Advance Fire Protection Co., Inc., La Habra

Advanced Mold Technology, Inc., Brea

Aero Pacific Corporation, Placentia

Aerospace Engineering, Corp., Brea

Almil Nutritional Products, Inc., Brea

Alpha Omega Swiss, Inc., Yorba Linda

Altheta, Inc., Brea

Amano Cincinnati, Inc., Yorba Linda

Amergence Technology, Inc., City of Industry

American Acrylic Co., Walnut

American Web, Inc., Yorba Linda

American Wire EDM, Inc., Placentia

Ameron Protective Linings, Brea

Anaheim Manufacturing Company Inc., Brea

Andre's Technology Plating, Placentia

Aries & Taurus Drawstrings Co., Brea

Arnold Electronics, Inc., Placentia

Aseptic Technology LLC, Yorba Linda

Associated Machine Technology, Brea

Astrophysics, Inc., City Of Industry

Athanor Group Inc., Ontario

Atlas Match LLC, Placentia

Auger Industries, Placentia

Austol, Inc., Placentia

B & S Graphics, Placentia

B & W Custom Restaurant Equipment, La Habra

B & W Precision, Inc., Brea

B&B Socket Products, Inc., Placentia

Bamberger Polymers, Inc., Brea

BCP System, Inc., Placentia

Becker's Fabrication, Inc., Yorba Linda

Bedard Machine, Inc., Brea

Belford Patrick, Inc., Brea

Bentley Mfg. Co., La Habra

Binder Works, Inc., The, La Habra

Biomechanical Services, Walnut

Bioseal Medical Packaging, Placentia

Biosense Webster Inc., Diamond Bar

Boecking Machining, Brea

Bradford Derustit Corp., Yorba Linda

Braymar Precision, Inc., Brea

Brea Chamber of Commerce, Brea

Bristol Industries, Brea

Bromar Engineering, Placentia

Bruery, LLC, The, Placentia

Bucc Industries, Inc., La Habra

Business Machine Security, Brea

C & R Grinding, Inc., Yorba Linda

C D C E, Inc., Yorba Linda

C K D Industries, Inc., La Habra

C N P Industries, Inc., Brea

Cabinet Outsource, Inc., Brea

Cal-Ammo, Brea

Caliber Engraving & Development, Brea

California Advertising & Printing, Rowland Heights

California New Craft Products, Inc., La Habra

California Tool & Cutter, Walnut

Car-Go Alternator & Starter, La Habra

Castor Engineering, Inc., La Habra

Central Powder Coating, Brea

Checkmate King Co., Ltd., Walnut

Chevron Environmental Management Co., Brea

City of La Habra, La Habra

Coast Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc., Placentia

Coast Crane Co., City Of Industry

Coast Southwest, Inc., Placentia

Cobra Engineering, Inc., Yorba Linda

Command Access Technology, LLC, Yorba Linda

Component Development, La Habra

Construction Fabricators, La Habra

CPS Southwest, Placentia

Crush Master Grinding Corp., Walnut

CTP Mfg., La Habra

Cyrus Company, La Habra

D/K Engineering, Placentia

Digital Label Solutions, Yorba Linda

Downey Valve Co., Inc., Yorba Linda

E S A Industries, Inc., Rowland Heights

EDM Performance Accessories, Brea

Edro Engineering, Inc., Walnut

EECO Switch, Brea

EG Machine Corp., Placentia

Eisel Enterprises, Inc., Placentia

Electro-Chem Etch Metal Markings, Brea

Electronic Precision Specialties, Inc., Brea

Elite, Inc., Yorba Linda

Encore Composite Structure, Inc., Brea

Enertech Technical Service Corporation, Brea

Eurotec Seating, Inc., La Habra

Evrex Corp., Yorba Linda

Ex Corde Enterprises, La Habra

Excalibur Extrusion, Inc., Placentia

Excello Circuits, Inc., Placentia

Exchanger Works & Fab Co., Placentia

Expedite Shims & Stamping, Inc., Placentia

Extreme Recycling, Inc., Placentia

Fairway Injection Moulding Systems, Walnut

Fastener Express, Inc., Placentia

Fineline Circuits & Technology, Inc., Brea

Fire Sentry Corp., Yorba Linda

Foremost Precision Products, Placentia

Forms For Less, La Habra

Fort & Assocs., Diane, La Habra

Foxlink International, Inc., Brea

Genera Corporation, Brea

General News Print, Placentia

Gil's Steel Rule Dies, Rowland Heights

Golden Pacific Electronics, Inc., Placentia

Goodrich Corporation, Brea

Graph Print, Inc., Brea

Graybar Electric Co., Inc., Walnut

Gunline Tools, Brea

Gury Co., J. C., La Habra

HAI Advanced Material Specialists, Placentia

Haley & Aldrich, Inc., San Diego

HALO Branded Solutions, La Habra

Harbor Truck Bodies, Inc., Brea

Harley & Son, Inc., Placentia

Harte-Hanks, Inc., Brea

Hartwell Corporation, Placentia

Head Gear, LLC, Yorba Linda

Herbal Science International, Inc., Rowland Heights

Hicks & Co., Jim, Brea

Hicks Turf Equipment Co., Inc., Bob, Placentia

Huff Strategies, Diamond Bar

Hydraulic Controls, Inc., Walnut

Hydronamic Engineering Corp., Brea

IAC Industries, Inc., Brea

Icon Plastechnology, La Habra

Idea, Inc., Brea

In-Tech Tool, Inc., Rowland Heights

IN-WIN Development, Inc., Walnut

Industrial Metal Finishing, Inc., Placentia

Infinity Systems, Inc., Yorba Linda

Infotect, Inc., Placentia

J B Industries Corp., La Habra

J C R Aircraft Deburring, La Habra

J-TEC Fasteners, Inc., Yorba Linda

J. B. Bag & Supply, Inc., Yorba Linda

J. B. Tool, Inc., Placentia

J. R. Elliott Enterprises, Inc., Brea

Jacuzzi Brands Corp., Chino Hills

Jade Range, LLC, Brea

Jewelers Touch, Placentia

Joann Marie Designs, Inc., Placentia

K B D, Brea

K-Jack Aero Industries, LLC, Brea

Kelly Paper Company, City Of Industry

Kempton Machine Works, Inc., Brea

Kingson Mold & Machine, Inc., Brea

Kipe Molds, Inc., Placentia

Kirkhill Aircraft Parts Co., Brea

Kugel Komponents Inc., La Habra

La Habra Plating Co., La Habra

La Habra Tool Grinding, La Habra

Label Specialties, Inc., Placentia

Life Science Outsourcing, Inc., Brea

Lights Of America, Inc., Walnut

Lincoln Equipment, Inc., Brea

Link4 Corp., Yorba Linda

Longview Holdings Inc., Placentia

Lotus Labels, Brea

Lowry's, Inc., Anaheim

Lungsal International, Inc., Brea

LW Postnet, Inc., Diamond Bar

M M P Sheet Metal, Inc., La Habra

M R Mold & Engineering Corp., Brea

M S K Automation, Brea

Man Metal Design Inc., Brea

Manufactured Packaged Products Group, Brea

Markwins International Corp, Walnut

Marrs Printing, Inc., Walnut

Martin Rubber Corp., La Habra

Maverick Abrasives Corp., Anaheim

McLeod Racing, LLC, Placentia

MCSS Compressor Service, La Habra

Merco Mfg. Co., Inc., Placentia

Merrill Co., Inc., Paul, La Habra

Metalcraft Mfg., La Habra

Microplex, Inc., Placentia

Mills & Co., Ron, Walnut

Mitchell Grinding Corp. of California, La Habra

MKT Innovations, Brea

Mobility Specialist, Inc., Brea

Modular Display Systems Corp., Placentia

Monogram International, Inc., Walnut

Moravek Biochemicals, Inc., Brea

Moxa Americas Inc., Brea

Ms. Bubbles, Inc., Los Angeles

Nature's Best, Brea

Nelson Case Corp., Placentia

Nelson Stud Welding, Inc., Walnut

Nina's Mexican Foods Corp., Walnut

Niron, Inc., Walnut

Nobel Biocare USA, LLC, Yorba Linda

North Point America, Inc., Walnut

North West PharmaNaturals, Inc., Brea

Nu-Health Products Co., Walnut

O'Brien's Response Management, Inc., Brea

Ocean Interface Co., Walnut

Oppo Original Corp., City Of Industry

Overlay Art Glass, Inc., Yorba Linda

P2 Precision Paragon, Yorba Linda

Pacific Coast Handpiece, Chino Hills

Pacific Gear Technology, Inc., Placentia

Pacific Graphics, Placentia

Pacific Metal Cutting, Placentia

Pacific Plastics, Inc., Brea

Pacific Quality Packaging Corporation, Brea

Pacific Western Sales & Decatur Line, Brea

PacSeal Hydraulics, Inc., Brea

Paper Print, Brea

Penco Nameplate Inc., Brea

Personal Communications Devices, LLC, Brea

Physicians Formula Holdings, Inc., Walnut

PI Manufacture Corporation, Walnut

Pioneer POS Solution, City Of Industry

Pioneer Steel Co., Brea

Placentia Chamber of Commerce, Placentia

Plastek Engineering, Brea

Plastic Fab & Forming, Walnut

Plastic Tops, Inc., La Habra

Pomona Box Co., Inc., La Habra

Port Plastics, Inc., Chino Hills

Positive Solutions Technology, Placentia

Power Probe, Inc., Brea

Power Pros Racing Exhaust Systems, Inc., Placentia

PPR Enterprises, Inc., Brea

Praxair Distribution, Placentia

Precise Industries, Inc., Brea

Prestige Metal Recyclers, Inc., Yorba Linda

Prime Wire & Cable, Inc., Walnut

Printed Office Products, Inc., Brea

Printing Dynamics, Inc., Walnut

Printing Factory, La Habra

Printing Mart, Chino

Pro-MOTION Mfg. & Engineering, Inc., City Of Industry

Professional Displays, Inc., Chino Hills

Professional Printing Services, Yorba Linda

Progress Group, Inc., The, Placentia

PRW Industries, Inc., Placentia

Ramtec Associates, Inc., Brea

Regal Hue Coating, Inc., La Habra

Regional Chamber of Commerce - San Gabriel Valley, Rowland Heights

Reinberger Printwerks, Inc., Walnut

Robinson Mfg., Inc., Placentia

Rotech Engineering, Inc., Placentia

Rudolph International, Inc., Brea

S & S Flavors, Inc., Brea

S C Hydraulic Engineering Corp., Brea

Sabtech Industries, Yorba Linda

Sallinger's Specialty Screenprint, Placentia

Schultz Controls, Inc., Placentia

Sea Shield Marine Products, Inc., Walnut

Settlers Jerky, Inc., Walnut

Shepard Bros., Inc., La Habra

Simple Choices Uniforms, Walnut

Skilling's Mining Review, Walnut

Soderberg Mfg. Co., Inc., Walnut

Sonic Air Systems, Inc., Brea

Southcoast Cabinet, Inc., Walnut

Space Spring & Stamping Co., Brea

Spacewall West, Inc., Placentia

Span-O-Matic, Inc., Brea

Specialteam Desco Industries, Yorba Linda

Specialty Equipment Market Association, Diamond Bar

SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., Brea

Spyder Mfg., Inc., Placentia

Stolo Cabinets, Inc., Brea

Stop Look Sign Co. International, La Habra

Sully-Miller Contracting Co., Inc., Brea

Sundia Corp., Walnut

Sunrise Growers, Inc., Placentia

Sycolor, Inc., Walnut

SYSCO Food Services Of Los Angeles, Inc., Walnut

T N T Printers, La Habra

TEC Lighting, Inc., Brea

Technical Arts, Inc., Placentia

ThermaPAK Technologies, Inc., Walnut

Thomas CNC Machining, Yorba Linda

Total Resources International, Inc., Walnut

Tri-Net Technology, Inc., Walnut

Triumph Structures-Los Angeles, Inc., Brea

Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions, City Of Industry

TWS Inc. - Ted Wickman Steel, La Habra

Tyler Lighting Services, Inc., Placentia

U. S. Optics, Inc., Brea

Unicom Electric, Inc., Walnut

Unit Design, Inc., Brea

Universal Mercantile Exchange, Inc., Walnut

Unocal Corporation, Brea

Uriman, Inc., Brea

V & M Precision Machining, Brea

Valtek Precision, Inc., Yorba Linda

Vanderveer Industrial Plastics, Inc., Placentia

Venezia Stone Fabrication, Yorba Linda

Ventura Foods, LLC, Brea

Vertex LCD, Inc., Placentia

Viasys Respiratory Care Inc., Yorba Linda

ViewSonic, Brea

VIP Rubber Company, Inc., La Habra

Wayne-Earl Mfg., Inc., Placentia

Webb Mfg., Placentia

West Coast Gasket, Brea

West Coast Labels, Placentia

West Coast Prime Meats, Brea

Westec Diamond Tool Co., Yorba Linda

Western Equipment Co., Placentia

Western Mill Fabricators, Inc., Placentia

Western Pad Co., Inc., Brea

Whittier Filtration, Inc., Brea

Winonics, Inc., Brea

Wiston Group, Inc., Walnut

Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc., Brea

Wurth Louis & Company, Brea

YMT CNC Precision Machines, Brea

Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce, Yorba Linda

Zet-Tek Precision Machining, Inc., Yorba Linda