Steven Choi Assembly District 68, Republican


Term limit: 2028


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2068
Fax: (916) 319-2168

District voter registration
Democrat: 31%
Republican: 46%
Other: 23%

District makeup
Suburban Orange County cities of Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, most of Stanton (83%) and Westminster (69%) and a sliver of Anaheim (10%) and Newport Beach (10%)

Source: California Target Book


784 manufacturers in AD 68. CMTA members are highlighted

3 Day Blinds, Inc., Irvine

3 G Fittings, Anaheim

3D Instruments, LP, Anaheim

3D Machine Co., Inc., Anaheim

3D Metal Fabrication Inc., Anaheim

5 Day Business Forms Mfg., Inc., Anaheim

5dt Inc., Irvine

A & D Precision Manufacturing, Inc., Anaheim

A & J Mfg. Co., Tustin

A & R Powder Coating, Inc., Anaheim

A B C Custom Wood Shutters, Inc., Lake Forest

A D C Enterprises Inc., Orange

A J Fasteners, Inc., Anaheim

A S A Engineering Inc., Irvine

ABC Sheet Metal, Anaheim

Abracon Corp., Irvine

AC & A, LLC, Lake Forest

Accessorie Air Compressor Systems, Inc., Orange

Acrylic Designs, Inc., Anaheim

Action Labs, Inc., Anaheim

Active Enterprises, Orange

Add-On Computer Peripheral, Inc., 15775 Gateway Cir

Adept Technology Inc., Orange

Adex Electronics, Inc., Irvine

Adtek Media Inc., Irvine

Advance Manufacturing & Sales, Lake Forest

Advanced Ceramic Technology, Orange

Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Anaheim

Advanced Tech Plating, Anaheim

Advantage Pools & Ponds, Tustin

Adwest Technologies, Inc., Anaheim

AECOM, Orange

AFAB Precision Machining, Lake Forest

Agendia, Inc., Irvine

Air Link International, Inc., Anaheim

Air Tube Transfer Systems, Inc., Orange

All Diameter Grinding, Inc., Orange

All Green Electronics Recycling, LLC, Tustin

All Magnetics Inc., Anaheim

Allbrite Car Care Products, Inc., Anaheim

Allen Mold, Inc., Orange

Alliance Hose & Extrusions, Inc., Orange

Alliance Medical Products, Inc., Irvine

Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc., Orange

Allied Pacific Metal Stamping, Anaheim

Aluratek, Inc., Irvine

AMBCO Electronics, Tustin

America Embroidery, Inc., Tustin

America's Instant Signs, Anaheim

American Circuit Technology, Inc., Anaheim

American Fabrication Corporation, Anaheim

American Foil And Embossing Inc., Irvine

American Ingredients, Inc., Anaheim

American Marketing Authority, Inc., Irvine

Americoat Powder Coating & Mfg., Orange

Aminco International, Inc., Lake Forest

Anaheim Custom Extruders, Inc., Anaheim

Anaheim Precision Sheet Metal Mfg, Orange

Analytical Topo Maps, Inc., Irvine

Anchor Printing, Tustin

Anchor Sign, Orange

Anderson Hydraulics, Inc., Orange

Anderson International Trading, Anaheim

Anillo Industries, Inc., Orange

Annmar Industries, Inc., Anaheim

Anydata Corporation, Irvine

Aperion, Inc., Lake Forest

Apex Technology Holdings, Inc., Anaheim

Apple Paper Converting, Inc., Anaheim

Applied Friction Techniques, Orange

Applied Mfg. Technologies, Inc., Anaheim

Apria Healthcare, Inc., Lake Forest

Aqua Ben Corp., Orange

Aquarian Accessories Corp., Anaheim

Aquatic Co., Anaheim

Arch-Rite, Inc., Anaheim

Arden Engineering, Inc., Orange

AREA Electronics Systems, Inc., Anaheim

Armstrong Robitaille Riegle Business and Insurance Solutions, Orange

Art Strand Company Inc., Anaheim

Artistic Plating and Metal Finishing, Inc., Anaheim

Ashworth Metal Products, Inc., Anaheim

ASICS America Corp., Irvine

ASR Now, Orange

Associated Electrics, Inc., Lake Forest

Associated Steel Corp., Anaheim

Astro Flight, Inc., Irvine

Astro Packaging, Anaheim

Astro-Tek Industries Inc., Anaheim

Astron Corporation, Irvine

Aten Technology, Inc., Irvine

ATI Chen-Tech, Irvine

Atlas Magnetics, Inc., Anaheim

Atlas Sheet Metal, Irvine

Atmel Wireless McU Technologies Corporation, Lake Forest

ATU Fabrication, Orange

Auto Max Parts Corp., Tustin

Automated Power Technologies, Inc., Lake Forest

Automation Feed Systems Corp., Irvine

Avalon Industries, Inc., Tustin

Avion Graphics, Inc., Foothill Ranch

Aztek, Inc., Irvine

B & B Specialties, Inc., Anaheim

B & C Awnings, Inc., Anaheim

B & C Nutritional Products, Inc., Anaheim

B & E Enterprises, Inc., Anaheim

B J B Enterprises, Inc., Tustin

B Precise Machining, Inc., Irvine

B. C. Wire Rope & Rigging, Anaheim

B/E Aerospace, Inc., Anaheim

BAF Industries, Inc., Tustin

Bal Seal Engineering, Inc., Foothill Ranch

Balboa Water Group, LLC, Tustin

Balda C. Brewer, Inc., Anaheim

Bale Redi-Mix Concrete, Gary, Irvine

Bapko Metal, Inc., Orange

Bar None, Inc., Tustin

Barkley Sheet Metal, Orange

BASF Corp., Orange

Bassani Manufacturing, Anaheim

Bausch & Lomb Surgical, Irvine

Bayside Shutters, Orange

BCR Enterprises, Lake Forest

Bedrosians - Tile & Stone, Orange

Belts By Simon, Inc., Tustin

Bernel, Inc. dba VFS Fire & Security Service, Orange

Berry Global, Inc., Anaheim

Beta Diamond Products, Inc., Anaheim

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Irvine

Biolase, Inc., Irvine

BioPhotas, Inc., Tustin

Bivar, Inc., Irvine

Blue Ribbon Trophy Laserwerks, Orange

Box Of Cards, Anaheim

Brandywine Communications, Inc., Tustin

Braxton Caribbean Manufacturing Company, Inc., Tustin

Breathe Technologies, Inc., Irvine

Brice Tool & Stamping, Inc., Anaheim

Broadley-James Corporation, Irvine

Bros. Optical Laboratory, Orange

Bryton Printing, Inc., Anaheim

Bud-Wil, Inc., Anaheim

Buds Cotton Inc., Anaheim

Burkey & Sons, Inc., Anaheim

Burlington Engineering, Inc., Orange

Burnett Engraving, Anaheim

Business Automation, Inc., Orange

C & S Assembly, Inc., Anaheim

C P Products, Anaheim

Cable Markers Co., Inc., Irvine

Cadillac Plating, Inc., Orange

Caisteal Builders Inc., Anaheim

Cal-West Machining, Inc., Orange

Caliber Mold & Engineering, Lake Forest

Calibre Door Closers, Inc., Orange

California Analytical Instruments, Orange

California Gasket & Rubber Corp., Orange

California Heating Equipment, Anaheim

California Machine Shop, Orange

California Ultimate Designs, Inc., Anaheim

Camisasca Automotive Manufacturing, Inc., Lake Forest

Capital Management Group, Anaheim

CardLogix Corp., Irvine

CBF Labels, Inc., Tustin

CBS Fasteners, Inc., Anaheim

Celoseal Roofing Inc., Orange

Censource, Inc., Orange

Center Quickprint, Orange

Century Precision Machine, Inc., Orange

Chance-i USA Corp., Irvine

Cheek Machine Corp., Orange

Chi's Enterprise, Inc., Anaheim

Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc., Foothill Ranch

Circuit Assembly Corp., Irvine

Circuit Technology, Inc., Orange

City of Lake Forest, Lake Forest

City of Tustin, Tustin

CLARK Security Products, Inc., Anaheim

Classic Printing, Irvine

Cleanroom Film & Bags, Orange

CNC Repos, Inc., Anaheim

COAST Composites, Inc., Santa Ana

Coast Pneumatics, Inc., Anaheim

Coil Winding Specialists, Inc., Orange

Commercial Door Of Anaheim, Inc., Anaheim

Commercial Metal Forming, Orange

Communication Specialists, Orange

Compass Water Systems, LLC, Tustin

Compax, Inc., Anaheim

Complete Printing Co., Tustin

Composite Fabrications, Inc., Anaheim

Computed Tool & Engineering, Anaheim

Computerized Plastic Molding & Injection Molding, Inc., Irvine

Continuous Coating Corp., Orange

Convergint Technologies, LLC, Orange

Copper Clad Multilayer Products, Anaheim

Copy Boy Printing & Copying, Orange

Copy Right, Orange

Copytron Printing, Anaheim

Corona Orange Foods Holdings, LLC, Orange

Country Estate Fence Co., Inc., Anaheim

Country House, Tustin

County Wholesale Electric Co., Orange

Covidien LP, Irvine

CPPG, Inc., Anaheim

Crabtree Industries, Orange

Craftech EDM Corporation, Anaheim

CryoPort Systems, Inc., Lake Forest

Custom Comfort Mattress Co., Orange

Custom Industries, Inc., Anaheim

Custom Quilting, Inc., Foothill Ranch

Cybortronics, Inc., Irvine

Cytec Engineered Materials, Inc., Anaheim

D & D Gear Incorporated, Anaheim

D & S Industries, Inc., Anaheim

D G Performance Specialties, Inc., Anaheim

D R J Holding, Inc., Lake Forest

Danly Engineering Co., Orange

Data Aire, Inc., Orange

Datamax-O'neil, Irvine

Datum Control Co. Inc., Anaheim

Dave's Interiors, Inc., Orange

Deco Technology Group, Inc., Orange

Decorative Woods Lumber & Mouldings, Irvine

Delight Sunny Beverages Co., Anaheim

Delta Pacific Technologies, Inc., Orange

Denver Signs & Grafix, Orange

Deva, Inc., Tustin

DiamoDent, Inc., Anaheim

Digital Dot, Orange

Digital Print & Copy Group, Tustin

Diversified Signs & Graphics, Inc., Anaheim

Dooley Enterprises, Inc., Anaheim

Dorene, LLC, Anaheim

Dretloh Aircraft Supply, Inc., Anaheim

Ducommun Aerostructures, Inc., Orange

Dunham Metal Processing Co., Orange

Durabag Co., Inc., Tustin

Dynacast, Inc., Lake Forest

Dynalloy, Inc., Tustin

Eagle Health Supplies, Orange

Eagle One Golf Products, Anaheim

Easi File , Lake Forest

Eco Products, Inc., Anaheim

Econolite Control Products, Inc., Anaheim

Edwin T. Seki, Inc., Tustin

Electro Metal Finishing Corp., Anaheim

Electro-Support Systems Corp., Irvine

ElectroGuard, Anaheim

Elegance Entries, Inc., Anaheim

Elite Global Solutions, Inc., Lake Forest

Ellison Educational Equipment, Inc., Lake Forest

EnCore Interiors, Inc., Irvine

Endologix, Inc., Irvine

Endress & Hauser Conducta, Inc., Anaheim

Envoy Group LLC, Irvine

Excel Machine Products, Inc., Anaheim

Excel-Graphix International, Irvine

Executive Tool, Inc., Anaheim

Exodus Enterprises, Anaheim

Fab Tron, Inc., Anaheim

FANUC Robotics America Corporation, Lake Forest

Fast Eddie's Race Car, Orange

Fastenal Co., Anaheim

Fat Performance, Inc., Orange

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Lake Forest

FieldCentrix, Inc., Irvine

Filsol Co., Orange

Fine Arts International, Inc., Irvine

Finescale Co., Orange

Fletcher Coating Co., Inc., Orange

FlexEnergy, Inc., Irvine

Flexicon Pacific, Inc., Orange

Fluid Research Corporation, Rancho Santa Margarita

Foam Concepts, Inc., Anaheim

Foam Plastics & Rubber Products, Anaheim

Focus Industries, Inc., Lake Forest

Formworks Plastics, Inc., Orange

Fortress Group, Inc., Lake Forest

Fountain Valley Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc., Orange

Franek Technologies, Inc., Tustin

Freedom Innovations, LLC, Irvine

Freehand Sign Co., Orange

Freeman Carton Closures, Anaheim

Friend Metals Co., Anaheim

FSI Coating Technologies, Inc., Irvine

Fuse Co., Orange

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc., Irvine

FXI Orange, Orange

G P Mfg., Inc., Orange

G P Precision Parts, Inc., Anaheim

Gannon Design, Orange

Garden Grove Chamber of Commerce, Garden Grove

Gatekeeper Systems, Inc., Irvine

Gear Manufacturing, Inc., Anaheim

Geary Pacific Corp., Orange

Gene Berg Enterprises, Orange

General Monitors, Inc., Lake Forest

Genesis Computer Systems, Inc., Anaheim

Global Enterprise Manufacturing, Inc., Anaheim

GMP Laboratories America, Inc., Anaheim

Goebel Enterprises, Lee, Orange

Goldenwest Diamond Corporation, Tustin

Goldman Assocs., Inc., Jon, Orange

Graffiti, Inc., Irvine

Grand Meadows, Inc., Orange

Grant Piston Rings, Inc., Anaheim

Graphic Finishers, Inc., Orange

Graphic Press, Anaheim

Graphics West Print & Litho, Orange

Gray Engineering Laboratories, Inc., Orange

Green's Printing, Tustin

Griswold Controls, Irvine

Hall Research, Tustin

Hampton Products International Corporation, Foothill Ranch

Handpiece Parts & Products, Orange

Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc., Anaheim

Harris Freeman & Co., Inc., Anaheim

Heating & Cooling Supply, LLC, Orange

Helco Mfg., Anaheim

HEPA Corp., Anaheim

Hepburn Superior US Chemicals, Orange

Herbalife, Inc., Lake Forest

Hightower Metal Products, Orange

Hill Bros. Chemical Co., Orange

Hollins Auto Machine Co., Orange

Honey Baked Ham, Inc., Irvine

Hsu Research, Inc., Anaheim

Hydro-Scape Products, Inc., Orange

I Source Technical Services, Inc., Lake Forest

I T L Dental, Irvine

I-Omagic Corp., Irvine

Ideal Fasteners, Inc., Anaheim

Image Options, Foothill Ranch

Imperial Alarm Screens-Orange County, Anaheim

Imperial Sprinkler Supply, Anaheim

Impressions Printing, Anaheim

Independent Forge Company, Orange

Industrial Data Systems, Inc., Anaheim

Infinity Graphics Co., Tustin

Inland Litho, LLC, Anaheim

Innovative Graphic Solutions, Inc., Anaheim

Innovative Mfg., Inc., Anaheim

Innovative Organics, Inc., Anaheim

Insignia, Orange

Insulectro, Lake Forest

Intellipower, Inc., Orange

Intense Lighting, Inc., Anaheim

Intercorp, Orange

International Abrasive Mfg. Co, Anaheim

International Door Closers, Inc., Anaheim

International Polymer Solutions, Inc., Irvine

International Sensor Technology, Irvine

International West, Inc., Anaheim

Interplex Nascal, Inc., Tustin

Interventional Spine, Inc., Irvine

Intex Exhibits, Inc., Orange

ISI Detention Contracting Group Inc., Orange

ITT Corporation, Anaheim

J & L Metal Polishing, Anaheim

J & L Printing Group, Anaheim

J & W Printing, Anaheim

J D & Sons, Inc., Anaheim

J J Foil, Inc., Orange

J M P Electronics, Inc., Tustin

J. P. Aluminum Corp., Baldwin Park

JAE Electronics, Inc., Irvine

Jamar Performance Products, Inc., Anaheim

Janteq Corp., Irvine

Jasper Electronics, Inc., Anaheim

JD Packaging Group, Inc., Anaheim

JE Pistons, Inc., Irvine

Jelight Company, Inc., Irvine

Jellco Container, Inc., Anaheim

Jetline Engineering, Irvine

Joe Wells Enterprises, Inc., Orange

Johnson Scale Models, Glenn R., Orange

Jondo, Ltd., Anaheim

Joneca Corp., Anaheim

JSN Industries, Inc., Irvine

K & D Graphics, Orange

Kaiser Aluminum Corporation, Foothill Ranch

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., Foothill Ranch

KBC Networks, Lake Forest

Kehoe Custom Wood Designs, Inc., Anaheim

Kendon Industries, Inc., Anaheim

Kent Industrial (U.S.A.), Inc., Tustin

Kerr Corporation, Orange

Keystone Tape & Supply, Inc., Anaheim

Kia Motors America, Inc., Irvine

King Plastics, Inc., Orange

KMS Bearings, Inc., Anaheim

Knight, LLC, Lake Forest

Kosakura, Tustin

Kwikset Corp., Foothill Ranch

Kyowa America Corp., Irvine

L & M Machining Corp., Placentia

L.A. Spas, Inc., Anaheim

La Jolla Sport U.S.A., Inc., Irvine

Label Impressions, Inc., Orange

Lantic, Inc., Foothill Ranch

Laser Industries, Inc., Orange

Lasergraphics, Inc., Irvine

LCPtracker, Inc., Orange

Letters & Logos Sign Co., Inc., Irvine

LightWorks Optics, Inc., Tustin

LINE-X Of Orange County Corp., Anaheim

Liquinox Co., Orange

Lithocraft Co., Inc., Anaheim

Load Maximizer Group, Inc., The, Orange

Lode Stone Pacific, Anaheim

Lubreco Printing, Orange

Lund Motion Products, Inc., Tustin

Lunera Lighting, Inc., Anaheim

M2 Renewables, Lake Forest

M3 HVAC, Orange

Macrolink, Inc., Anaheim

Magcomp, Inc., Orange

Magnetic Attractions, Irvine

Magnetic Sensors Corp., Anaheim

Magnus Mobility, Orange

Main Graphics, Irvine

Maple Roll Leaf Company, Aneheim

Marbil Industries, Inc., Orange

Marcel Electronics Inc, Orange

MarChem Pacific, Inc., Orange

Marimix Co., Orange

Marshall Instruments, Inc., Anaheim

Masimo Corp., Irvine

Master Arts, Inc., Anaheim

Maxcellint Laboratories, Inc., Lake Forest

Meadow Burke Products, Inc., Anaheim

Measurement Masters, Inc., Irvine

Mechanical Spring Stamping, Inc., Anaheim

Mechanized Enterprises, Inc., Anaheim

Medennium, Inc., Irvine

Mega Brands America, Inc., Irvine

Megabyte Computers, Irvine

Meggitt Defense Systems, Inc., Irvine

MEI-CHA International, Inc., Tustin

Merical Inc., Orange

Meridian Graphics, Inc., Tustin

Merlex Stucco, Inc., Orange

Metric Splicer & Film Co., Inc., Anaheim

Micro Detect, Inc., Tustin

Micro-West, Inc., Orange

Micrometals, Inc., Anaheim

Microvention, Inc., Tustin

Mike's Sign World, Orange

Milbrandt Mfg., Inc., Lake Forest

Millcraft, Inc., Anaheim

Millenworks, Tustin

Miller's Precision Grinding, Anaheim

Minarik Corp., Anaheim

Mission Hockey, Irvine

Monobind, Inc., Lake Forest

Monogram Magic, Lake Forest

Mosey's Production Machinists, Inc., Anaheim

Moyes Custom Furniture, Inc., Anaheim

MRI Interventions, Inc., Irvine

MS International, Inc., Orange

Multi-Pak Packaging, Inc., Anaheim

Nanovea, Inc., Irvine

National Oilwell Varco, Inc., Orange

National Pool Tile Group, Anaheim

National Ready Mixed Concrete Co., Irvine

Neutron Plating, Inc., Anaheim

Newport Flavors & Fragrances, LTD., Orange

NGT Controls, Inc., Irvine

Niedwick Machine Co., Orange

Nissei America, Inc., Anaheim

Nu-Era Urethane Industries, Orange

Nu-Tec Powder, Anaheim

Nursery Supplies, Inc., Orange

O'Neal's Construction, Orange

Oakley, Inc., Foothill Ranch

OCE Printing & Bindery, Orange

Ocular Prosthetics, Inc., Orange

Old California Lantern Co., Orange

Old Town Fiberglass, Inc., Orange

On-Line Graphics & Finishing, Inc., Orange

One-Way Manufacturing, Anaheim

Onset Medical Corp., Irvine

Optimal Print Technologies, Inc., Irvine

Orange Chamber of Commerce, Orange

Orange County Crating, Orange

Orange County Industrial Plastics, Inc., Anaheim

Orange County Plating Co., Inc., Orange

Orange County Screw Products, Inc., Anaheim

Orange County Spring Mfg. Co., Anaheim

Orange Hardwood Architectural Works, Orange

Orange Optical, Orange

Orange Pico Store Equipment Co., Anaheim

Ormco Corporation, Orange

Ossur Americas, Inc., Foothill Ranch

Outdoor Dimensions, Anaheim

Owlink Technology, Inc., Tustin

P J Printers, Anaheim

P V P Advanced E O Systems, Inc., Tustin

Pacific Broach & Engineering Assocs., Anaheim

Pacific Coast Drapery Mfg., Anaheim

Pacific Contours Corporation, Anaheim

Pacific Inspection Co., Irvine

Pacific Sales Co., Anaheim

Pacific Transformer Corp., Anaheim

Pacific West Litho, Inc., Anaheim

Pacific Western Technology, Inc., Anaheim

Pacifico Bindery, Orange

Paper Group Company, LLC, Tustin

Paper Mart, Orange

Paper Solutions Ink Corp., Anaheim

Par Pharmaceutical, Inc., Irvine

Parex USA, Inc., Anaheim

Parker Aerospace, Irvine

Parker, Medical Systems Div., Anaheim

Partner Tech U. S. A., Inc., Irvine

Patio Outlet, Inc., Orange

Penner Partitions, Inc., Anaheim

Performance Marketing, Orange

Performance Powder, Inc., Anaheim

Permlight Products, Inc., Tustin

Perry Mason-Ry, Inc., Anaheim

Petrotherm LLC, Anaheim

Phoenix International Systems, Inc., Orange

Pinnacle Precision Sheet Metal Corporation, Anaheim

Pipe Fabricating & Supply Co., Anaheim

Plas-Ties, Tustin

Plastic Card ID, Lake Forest

PlastoTech International, Inc., Irvine

Poly-Freeze, Inc., Lake Forest

Porcelain Garden, Inc., Irvine

POSitive Concepts, Orange

Positive Machining, Orange

Precision Anodizing & Plating, Inc., Anaheim

Precision Deburring Service, Anaheim

Precision Grinding Co., Orange

Precision Offset, Inc., Tustin

Precision Services Group, Inc., Tustin

Preece, Inc., Lake Forest

Premier Magnetics, Inc., Lake Forest

Presentation Folder, Inc., Orange

Pretium Packaging, LLC, Anaheim

Pride Machinery, Inc., Anaheim

Printer, The, Irvine

Printronix, Inc., Irvine

Printworks, Irvine

Procter & Gamble Company, Anaheim

Production Ready Programming, Anaheim

Progressive Components North America Corp., Anaheim

Progressive Envelope & Printing, Anaheim

Projections Unlimited, Inc., Irvine

Protool Co., Tustin

Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc., Orange

PSSC Labs, Inc., Lake Forest

Pulse Power Systems, Inc., Lake Forest

PWS Motion Control, Inc., Anaheim

Q-Com Control, Lake Forest

Quality Aluminum Forge, Orange

Quality EDM, Inc., Anaheim

Quality Thermal Applications Inc., Anaheim

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies, Inc., Lake Forest

Quest International, Inc., Irvine

Quick Signs, Tustin

Quoc Viet Foods, Inc., Orange

R & B Plastics, Orange

R B Mfg., Inc., Anaheim

R C Industries, Anaheim

R K Fabrication, Inc., Anaheim

R.I. Chemical, Inc., Orange

Racing Beat, Inc., Anaheim

Radarsonics, Inc., Anaheim

Radian Audio Engineering, Inc., Orange

Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp., Tustin

Radius Power, Inc., Orange

Rainbow Industrial Co., Anaheim

Raj Manufacturing, LLC, Tustin

Rami Designs, Inc., Irvine

Rampone Industries, LLC, Lake Forest

Ramsey Machine Services Inc., Anaheim

Rapid Manufacturing, Anaheim

RD Fabricators, Orange

Reborn Cabinets, Inc., Anaheim

Refrigeration Supplies Distributor, Inc., Lake Forest

Reliant Aerospace Structures, Inc., Orange

Renkus-Heinz, Inc., Foothill Ranch

Rhyton Global Automation & SCADA, Orange

Ricoh Electronics, Inc., Tustin

RLH Industries, Inc., Orange

RMA Precision Machine Co., Orange

Rockwell Collins, Inc., Tustin

Rogers Electronic, Inc., C. J., Orange

Ronco Plastics, Inc., Tustin

Roseburrough Tool, Inc., Orange

Roto Dynamics, Inc., Orange

Rover Data Systems, Inc., Tustin

RPM Plastic Molding Inc., Anaheim

RUSSTECH Engineering Co., Inc., Irvine

Ryadon, Inc., Foothill Ranch

S K Laboratories, Inc., Anaheim

S.K.B. Corporation, Orange

S.K.B. Corporation, Orange

SA Recycling, LLC, Orange

Saddleback Signs, Lake Forest

Saddleback Valley Ornamental Iron, Inc., Lake Forest

Saf-T-Flo Industries Corp., Anaheim

Sam Machining, Inc., Anaheim

Santana Deburring, Inc., Anaheim

SCFM Corporation, Anaheim

Schanafelt Mfg., R. A., Orange

Schley Products, Inc., Anaheim

Schneider Electric IT USA, Inc., Lake Forest

Schoolsfirst Federal Credit Union, Santa Ana

Schroeder & Bogardus Die Co., Anaheim

Schulz Tool & Machine, Anaheim

Scope Packaging, Inc., Orange

Score-Right Publishing, LLC, Orange

Scott's Screen Printing, Orange

SDC Technologies, Inc., Irvine

SE Industries, Inc., Orange

Seating Component Mfg., Anaheim

Sechrist Industries, Anaheim

Semi-Kinetics, Inc., Lake Forest

Sentran, LLC, Anaheim

SGO Designer Glass, Orange

Shamrock Scientific Specialty Systems, Inc., Orange

Shaxon Industries, Inc., Anaheim

Shimano American Corporation, Irvine

Shmaze Industries, Inc., Lake Forest

Sierra Woodworking, Inc., Orange

Sign Express, Orange

Sign Mart, Orange

Sign-A-Rama, Inc., Orange

Signco Anaheim, Anaheim

Signedge, Orange

Signsource, Inc., Orange

Signtech Electrical Advertising, Inc., Anaheim

Simeone Assocs., Inc., Orange

Sir Speedy Printing, Orange

Sir Speedy Printing Center, Tustin

Skullduggery, Inc., Anaheim

Sky Cannon, Inc., Anaheim

Slw Enterprises, Anaheim

Smart Support, Inc., Orange

SMC Networks, Inc., Irvine

Sole Technology, Inc., Lake Forest

Solis Precision Engineering, Anaheim

Sonfarrel Aerospace, Inc., Anaheim

Sota Precision Optics, Inc., Orange

Sourcery, LLC, Foothill Ranch

South Coast Controls Corp., Anaheim

Southern Counties Oil, Orange

Southland Fence Co., Santa Ana

Southwest Material Handling, Inc., Anaheim

Southwest Plastic Binding Co., Orange

Sovereign Mold, Inc., Orange

Specialized Products & Design, Inc., Orange

Specialty & Ball Valve Engineering, Inc., Tustin

Specialty Silicone Fabricators, LLC, Tustin

Staco Systems, Inc., Irvine

Stage One Financial LLC, Anaheim

Stainless Micro-Polish, Inc., Anaheim

Stampendous, Anaheim

Startel Corporation, Irvine

Stellar Engineering, Inc., Anaheim

Sterling Medical Products, Inc., Irvine

Strand Art Company Inc., Anaheim

Studio Two Black Diamond Printing, Lake Forest

Sun Rich Foods, Anaheim

Sunland Tool, Inc., Orange

Suntrek Industries, Inc., Irvine

Swanson Anaheim Corp., Orange

Swiss Machine Products, Inc., Anaheim

Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc., Orange

Syneron, Inc., Irvine

Systems Division, Irvine

Systems Integrated, LLC, Orange

Systems Printing, Inc., Tustin

T & J Sausage Kitchen, Anaheim

T & L Vacuum Molds, Inc., Orange

T & T Nameplate & Engraving Co., Irvine

T A M Printing, Anaheim

T E K Bearings & Components, Lake Forest

T Q Systems, Inc., Lake Forest

T R International, Orange

Tahiti Cabinets, Inc., Anaheim

Tandem Exhibits, Inc., Orange

Targus, Inc., Anaheim

Taylor Motor Sports Products, Anaheim

TechnoTronix, Anaheim

TECO Diagnostics, Anaheim

Tenex Health, Inc., Lake Forest

TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA, Irvine

Thermal-Vac Technology, Inc., Orange

Thin Film Devices, Inc., Anaheim

Thompson Building Materials, Orange

Tiger International, Irvine

TimeValue Software, Inc., Irvine

Tivoli, LLC, Tustin

TL Fab, Anaheim

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., Irvine

Totty Printing, Orange

Tri-Precision Sheetmetal, Inc., Anaheim

Tri-State Mfg., Inc., Foothill Ranch

Tri-Tech Precision, Inc., Anaheim

Trident Metals Co., Orange

Trimedyne, Inc., Irvine

Tropitone Furniture Co., Inc., Irvine

TRS International Manufacturing Inc., Foothill Ranch

TSI / Protherm Mfg. Co., Orange

Tucker Sheet Metal Distributors, Anaheim

Tuff Toe, Orange

Turbo City, Inc., Orange

Tustin Woodworks, Tustin

U S Eurotek, Inc., Lake Forest

U.S. Energy Technologies, Inc., Irvine

U.S. Sensor Corp., Orange

Ultracase Corp., Anaheim

Unisys Corporation, Irvine

United Biologics, Inc., Tustin

United Custom Polishing, Anaheim

Universal Alloy Corporation, Anaheim

University Frames, Inc., Anaheim

UPS Store, The, Irvine

USI Electronics, Inc., Anaheim

Valley Building Materials, Lake Forest

Vandal Engineering Inc., Tustin

VaporKote, Inc., Anaheim

Venus Group, Inc., Foothill Ranch

Veris Manufacturing, Brea

Verisurf Software, Inc., Anaheim

Versa-Matic, Inc., Orange

Viasystems Sales, Inc., Anaheim

Victory Foam, Inc., Tustin

VIG Industries, Inc., Anaheim

Viking Technology, Foothill Ranch

Vintique, Inc., Orange

Vision Solutions, Inc., Irvine

Visionary Contact Lens, Inc., Anaheim

VoltDelta Resources, LLC, Orange

VTS Sheet Metal Specialist Co., Anaheim

Walter Foster Publishing, Inc., Irvine

Walters Wholesale Electric Co., Lake Forest

Warrior Custom Golf, Inc., Irvine

Wave Band Corp., Irvine

WDI International, Inc., Irvine

We Do Graphics, Inc., Orange

Weeks Insurance Services, Costa Mesa

Weinraub Enterprises, Inc., Orange

Weis-Robart Partitions, Inc., Anaheim

Wellbore Navigation, Inc., Tustin

WeLLPrint, Inc., Tustin

West American Rubber Co., LLC, Orange

Westamerica Graphics Corp., Lake Forest

Western Case, Inc., Riverside

Western Hydro Corp., Anaheim

Western Press, Tustin

Western Printing, Orange

Western Telematic, Inc., Irvine

Wet Products, Inc., Irvine

Where 2 Get It, Inc., Anaheim

White Pearl, Irvine

Wide Open Industries, LLC, Lake Forest

Wieser Educational, Inc., Lake Forest

Willard Marine, Inc., Anaheim

William Paul Cos., Anaheim

Wills Wing Inc., Orange

Winn Palletmaster, Inc., Anaheim

Wood Gutmann & Bogart Insurance Brokerage, Tustin

Wood Space Industries, Inc., Anaheim

Woodridge Press, Inc., Irvine

Work Zone, Inc., Anaheim

World Club Supply Corp., Orange

World's Best Banners, Inc., Lake Forest

Worthy Tool, Anaheim

WWT International, Inc., Anaheim

Xerxes Corporation, Anaheim

Y2K Precision Sheetmetal, Inc., Anaheim

YKK (USA), Inc., Anaheim

Young Engineers, Inc., Lake Forest

Young's Market Co., Tustin

Zentec Group, Lake Forest

Zimmer Biomet Spine, Inc., Irvine

Zippy U. S. A., Inc., Irvine

Zo Skin Health, Inc., Irvine