Jordan Cunningham Assembly District 35, Republican


Term limit: 2028


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2035
Fax: (916) 319-2135

District voter registration
Democrat: 45%
Republican: 32%
Other: 23%

District makeup
A district almost evenly divided between two counties; the southeastern portion (56%) of Santa Barbara County encompassing Solvang, Santa Ynez, Buellton, and the coastal communities of Isla Vista, Goleta and Santa Barbara; the southwestern portion (27%) of Ventura County, encompassing all of the city of Ventura (San Buenaventura) and a little more than half (53%) of Oxnard.

Source: California Target Book


312 manufacturers in AD 35. CMTA members are highlighted

A & F Metal Products, Santa Maria

A S A P Reprographics, Morro Bay

Acme Vial & Glass Co., Inc., Paso Robles

Adelaida Cellars, Inc., Paso Robles

Advance Adapters, Inc., Paso Robles

Air Vol Block, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Alan Johnson Performance Engineering, Santa Maria

Allocco's Food Products/ ITALIAN BAKERY, Cambria

Alltec Integrated Manufacturing, Inc., San Luis Obispo

American Medical Design, Atascadero

Anderson Taxidermy & Guide Service, Inc., Atascadero

Anthony's Christmas Trees and Wreaths, Inc., Santa Barbara

Applied Technologies Associates, Inc., Paso Robles

Arabian Horse World Ag, Cambria

Arbiter Systems, Inc., Paso Robles

Arcadian Winery, Lompoc

Architectural Iron Works Co. Inc., San Luis Obispo

Arrow Screw Products, Inc., Santa Maria

Arroyo Grande Grover Beach Chamber of Commerce, Arroyo Grande

Arroyo Instruments, LLC, San Luis Obispo

Art Craft Paint, Inc., Santa Maria

Asign Co., Grover Beach

Atascadero Chamber of Commerce, Atascadero

Athletic Screenprint Promotions, Atascadero

Atlas Copco Mafi-Trench Company LLC, Santa Maria

B & B Labels, Inc., Santa Maria

Bailey Medical Engineering, Los Osos

Banners & Flags Unlimited, Arroyo Grande

Bianchi Winery & Tasting Room, Paso Robles

Big Creek Lumber Co., Inc., Paso Robles

Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Blueprint Express, Arroyo Grande

Borah's Awards, San Luis Obispo

Borden Precision Products, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Bottelsen Dart Co., Inc., Santa Maria

Brewer-Clifton Winery, Lompoc

Brigham Printing, Inc., San Luis Obispo

California Fine Wire Co., Grover Beach

California Standoff, Inc., Paso Robles

Caliza Winery, Paso Robles

CalPortland Company, Santa Maria

Calportland Construction, Santa Maria

Calzyme Laboratories, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Cass Vineyards & Winery, Paso Robles

Castoro Cellars, Templeton

Cattaneo Bros., Inc., San Luis Obispo

Central Coast Books, San Luis Obispo

Central Coast Distributing LLC, Santa Maria

Central Coast Powder Coating, San Luis Obispo

Central Coast Wine Services, Santa Maria

Central Machine & Tool, Paso Robles

Central Valley Model Works, Inc., Oceano

Chamisal Vineyard, San Luis Obispo

City of Atascadero, Atascadero

City of Grover Beach, Grover Beach

City of Lompoc, Lompoc

City of Pismo Beach, Pismo Beach

City of San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo

Claiborne & Churchill Vintners, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Clautiere Vineyard, LLC, Paso Robles

Cloud Company, San Luis Obispo

Cook Erectors, Inc., Lompoc

Cornucopia Tool & Plastics, Inc., Paso Robles

Cottonwood Canyon Vineyard, Santa Maria

Courtside Cellars, LLC, San Luis Obispo

Courtside Cellars, LLC, San Miguel

Creative Ribbon Of California, Paso Robles

Crills Salt Water Taffy, Morro Bay

Crosno Construction Inc., Arroyo Grande

Crystal Engineering Corp., San Luis Obispo

CT International, San Luis Obispo

Curation Foods, Inc., Guadalupe

D K D Instruments, Nipomo

D.P. Industries, Inc., Templeton

Davis Boats, Paso Robles

Del Industries, San Luis Obispo

Demille, Inc., Malcolm, Nipomo

Den-Mat Holdings, LLC, Lompoc

Depallo & Sons, Pismo Beach

Diamond Metal Tech, Inc., Grover Beach

Dolphin Shirt Co., San Luis Obispo

Donati Family Vineyard, Inc., Templeton

Dove Systems, San Luis Obispo

Eagle Medical, Inc., Paso Robles

Eberle Winery Ltd., Paso Robles

Economic Vitality Corp. of San Luis Obispo County, San Luis Obispo

Edna Valley Vineyard, San Luis Obispo

Eighteen Ninety House, Paso Robles

Elco Machine Co., San Luis Obispo

Elements, San Luis Obispo

Ernie Ball, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Falcon Nest Vineyard & Winery, Paso Robles

Fastenal Co., San Luis Obispo

Fastenal Co., Paso Robles

Fastenal Co., Santa Maria

Ferguson Engineering, Atascadero

Ferguson Heating & Cooling, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Figueroa Machining & Mfg., Paso Robles

Filter Factory, Inc., The, Lompoc

Fintool International, Paso Robles

Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Paso Robles

Forden's, San Luis Obispo

Fort Dodge Chemical, Lompoc

Foxen Winery & Vineyard, Santa Maria

G E Forge & Tool, Inc., Grover Beach

Gateworks Corp., San Luis Obispo

Gavial Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc., Santa Maria

GH Sports, San Luis Obispo

Glacier Ice Company, San Luis Obispo

Goofy Graphics, Morro Bay

Grand Awards, Pismo Beach

Graphic Systems, Lompoc

Graphics Ltd., Santa Maria

Grey Wolf Cellars, Paso Robles

Gromak Industries, Inc., Santa Maria

Gutter Clamps By Al, Nipomo

Haanah Co., Inc., Paso Robles

Hanger Orthopedic & Prosthetic Services, San Luis Obispo

Hardy Diagnostics, Santa Maria

Harmony Cellars, Harmony

Harmony Glassworks, Harmony

Harmony Machine & Fabrication, Inc., Atascadero

Hendrix Machine & Tool, Inc., Santa Maria

Highlander Musical Audio Products, San Luis Obispo

Holbrook's Precision Machining, Paso Robles

Hotlix Candy, Grover Beach

Howard Products, Inc., Paso Robles

Hubbell Machine Co., Inc., Paso Robles

Imerys Clays, Inc., Lompoc

Impo International, Inc., Santa Maria

Independent Electric Supply, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Industrial Truck Bodies, Santa Maria

Jada Vineyard & Winery, Paso Robles

James Cellars, Tobin, Paso Robles

Jay Cee Trophy Co., Santa Maria

Jenike & Johanson, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Joslyn Sunbank Co., LLC, Paso Robles

Journal Plus Magazine, San Luis Obispo

K N B Advertising Specialties, San Luis Obispo

Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards, San Luis Obispo

Kendall Farms LLC, Atascadero

Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc., Santa Maria

Kisco Sales, Inc., Santa Maria

Knecht's Plumbing & Heating, San Luis Obispo

Knowlton Bros., Inc., Grover Beach

Kynsi Winery, Arroyo Grande

L'Aventure Winery, Paso Robles

L. R. Baggs Co., Nipomo

Laetitia Vineyard & Winery, Arroyo Grande

Lahr Industrial Welding, Inc., Santa Maria

Lansco Engineering, Atascadero

Le Vigne Winery, Paso Robles

Lehigh Hanson, Inc., Nipomo

Lemons Headers, Paso Robles

Lesco Automotive Industries, San Luis Obispo

LetterBank, Oceano

Lighthouse Litho & Specialty, Cambria

Lightning Cycle Dynamics, Inc., Lompoc

Lindamar Industries Inc., Paso Robles

Linson Signs, San Luis Obispo

Lochhead Mfg. Co., Paso Robles

Lompoc Record, The, Lompoc

Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, Lompoc

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc., Paso Robles

Magneto & Electric Service, Santa Maria

Main Street Produce, Inc., Santa Maria

Mainland Machine, San Luis Obispo

Make-It Mfg., Inc., Paso Robles

Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates, Inc, San Luis Obispo

Matthew Warren, Inc., Santa Maria

Maximum Motorsports, Inc., San Luis Obispo

McCarthy Steel, San Luis Obispo

Melfred Borzall, Inc., Santa Maria

Meridian Vineyards, Paso Robles

Microwave Applications Group, Santa Maria

Mid-State Concrete Products, LLC, Santa Maria

Midnight Cellars Vineyard, Paso Robles

Midstate Precision, Inc., Grover Beach

Miracle Embroidery, San Luis Obispo

Mission Country Disposal, San Luis Obispo

Mission Tool, Santa Maria

Mitchella Vineyards, Paso Robles

Morro Bay Cabinets, Inc., Paso Robles

Motive System, Inc., Paso Robles

Nanometer Technologies, Inc., Paso Robles

National Reso-Phonic Guitars, San Luis Obispo

Navajo Concrete, Inc., Paso Robles

Next Day Signs, Pismo Beach

Next Intent, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Noll, Inc., San Luis Obispo

North American Fire Hose Corp., Santa Maria

Nunno Corp. Ltd., Paso Robles

Opolo Vineyards, LLC, Paso Robles

Optico Glass Fabrication, Inc., Atascadero

Orbital Sciences Corporation, Lompoc

Pacific Industrial, Grover Beach

Pacific Metal & Manufacturing Inc., Paso Robles

Palmina, Lompoc

Paso Printers, Paso Robles

Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce, Paso Robles

Paso Robles Press, Atascadero

Patio Pacific, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Peachy Canyon Winery, Paso Robles

Performance Apparel Corp., San Luis Obispo

Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce, Pismo Beach

Poly Performance, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Poor Richard's Press, San Luis Obispo

Powder Coating USA, Paso Robles

Power-Save Energy Corp., San Luis Obispo

Precision Machine, San Luis Obispo

Premier Business Products, Santa Maria

Presqu'ile Winery, Santa Maria

Pressure-Tek, Inc., Paso Robles

Prince Lionheart, Inc., Santa Maria

Print Masters, Santa Maria

Pro Document Solutions, Paso Robles

Promega Biosciences, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Pryor Industries, Inc., Grover Beach

Quintana Forge, Morro Bay

Quintron Systems, Inc., Santa Maria

R & R Custom Truck Bodies & Equipment, Santa Maria

R & T Embroidery, Inc., Grover Beach

Radco Products, Inc., Santa Maria

Rainbow Printing, Paso Robles

Ranchita Canyon Vineyard, San Miguel

Rantec Power Systems, Inc., Los Osos

Recognition Works, Atascadero

Rifle Fairing, Atascadero

Riverbench Vineyard & Winery, Santa Maria

Robinson's Ornamental Iron, Atascadero

Rosilez Winery, J. Paul, Paso Robles

Rotta Winery, Inc., Templeton

S V P Winery, LLC, Shandon

SAES Pure Gas, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Safranek Enterprises, Inc., Atascadero

Sambrailo Packaging, Santa Maria

San Luis Machine Co., San Luis Obispo

San Luis Marble & Granite, San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce, San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo County Workforce Investment Board, San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo Tribune, LLC, San Luis Obispo

San Luis Print & Copy, San Luis Obispo

San Marcos Creek Vineyard, Paso Robles

Sanders Racing, Eddie, Grover Beach

Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters, Inc., Santa Maria

Santa Maria Times, Inc., Santa Maria

Santa Maria Tool, Inc., Santa Maria

Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce, Santa Maria

Santa Maria Valley EDC, Santa Maria

Santori Woodworking, Inc., Lompoc

SCS Wire, Grover Beach

Sea Smoke Cellars, Lompoc

Seven-Up/Royal Crown Bottling Co., Santa Maria

Signs Of Success, Inc., Santa Maria

Sligh Cabinets, Inc., Paso Robles

Slime, San Luis Obispo

SLO Brewing Co., San Luis Obispo

SLOCO Data, Inc., Grover Beach

Snider Precision, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Soleil & Terroir, Paso Robles

Space Information Labs, Santa Maria

Specialty Silicone Fabricators, LLC, Paso Robles

Statewide Safety & Signs, Inc., Nipomo

Strader Creative Products, Paso Robles

Straight Down Clothing Co., San Luis Obispo

Strasbaugh, San Luis Obispo

Summerwood Winery & Inn, Inc., Paso Robles

Sunflower Mfg., Inc., San Luis Obispo

Sure Fresh Produce, Inc., Santa Maria

T & J Industries, Inc., Paso Robles

Tablas Creek Vineyard, Paso Robles

Taco Works, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Taconic, Santa Maria

Talley Vineyards, Arroyo Grande

Teledyne Reynolds, Inc., Los Angeles

Templeton Feed & Grain, Templeton

Templeton Steel Fabrication, Inc., Paso Robles

The Okonite Company, Santa Maria

The Pictsweet Co., Santa Maria

The Spice Hunter, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Tolosa Press, San Luis Obispo

Toobs, Inc., Morro Bay

Top Shop & Imprinted Sportswear, The, Arroyo Grande

Topco, Inc., Grover Beach

Town & Country Fencing, San Luis Obispo

Tres Hermanas Vineyard & Winery, Santa Maria

True Tube, Inc., Paso Robles

Trus-Pro, Inc., Guadalupe

Turley Wine Cellars, Templeton

UFI Inc., Morro Bay

Ultra Stereo Labs, Inc., San Luis Obispo

University Graphic Systems, San Luis Obispo

V R S Marking, Arroyo Grande

Valentine Backhoe Service, Templeton

Valley Glass & Mirror Co., Santa Maria

Veris Cellars, Templeton

Volk Vineyards, Kenneth, Santa Maria

Wasco, Inc., Santa Maria

Weatherby, Inc., Paso Robles

Well Seen Signs, Atascadero

Wells Precision Machining, Inc., Lompoc

Western Hydro Corp., Santa Maria

Western Quartz Products, Inc., Paso Robles

Wet Dog Designs, Grover Beach

Whalebone Winery, Paso Robles

Wilkins Action Graphic, Atascadero

With The Grain Woodcraft, San Luis Obispo

Woodtech Cabinet Specialists Inc., San Luis Obispo

WS Packaging Group, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Yesterday's Sportswear, Paso Robles

Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Zurn Industries, LLC, Paso Robles